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    say when i go to OP my bot in irc, it leaves the channel and rejoins.
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    That's a known problem with 2.0.5 and 2.0.6 when it's connected to certain servers. You can use 2.0.4 instead. There's hardly any difference between those three anyway.

    By the way, could you tell me which server you tried to connect the bot to?
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    i have it connected to mine, at #ExpiredGamer

    Everything else works but Op'ing it. and when you change modes on the channel. it also exits and rejoins.
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    Hey can you help me pls :3, I just want the code to edit and put another command or well, you can help me editing for yourself the code plsss send mi a mail to [email protected] with the answer :3, Plss I want the help Thnks :3
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    The code's right here:
    If you don't have Git, just click on the ZIP button on the top half of the page and you get a .zip file with all the code in it.

    You can send anything you do to it back to me if you want. You could also just ask me if you want something added.
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    Hey, will this work with HeroChat or TownyChat?
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    Hey Well if you can help me with that , Put a Sample Commands From IRC to Minecraft Like Bann Freeze Time Weather Kick Etc, Can you Help me to add?
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    Wanna see /admins [msg] command. Its may be useful for grief abuse.
  9. There's already another plugin for it allows sending commands over HTTP
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    Can you send me the mod to my email pls, read upside , but rafa i want more the commands on this mod :D
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    I couldn't find a way to make it work for TownyChat, but it seems to work well with HeroChat using the default settings and when speaking in Global, although the colors that HeroChat puts on messages aren't passed to IRC.

    Could you be more specific? What would this command do?

    I am thinking of a way to add the ability to do remote commands. I need to figure out a few other things before I get started on that, though.
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    I have some good ideas:

    1)When a player enters a command: /admins text_here , bot sends notice to all admins(&,@,%) on channel.
    in game:
    Player enters a command in chat: /admins Help! Griefer Here!
    on irc:
    -MinecraftBot- A complaint from "PlayerName": Help! Griefer Here!

    2)Is it possible to show plugins messages like Arena Broadcasts, Night/Day PvP timers, show more server info (like world time, weather status) on irc?

    3)Adding some custom irc commands will be good.
    <XtenD> !serverip
    <MinecraftBot> Here you go:
    <XtenD> !soft
    <MinecraftBot> Java 7: <link to java> Minecraft:
    <XtenD> !someword
    <MinecraftBot> SomeInfo.
    Also it should set in the config like:
    !someword: SomeInfo.
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    Its a Good Ideas, amm ... well you can add The Command to send a message to all admins online on the server , or specify user from the irc to minecraft :3?
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    Bot must send notice to all available admins on IRC channel.

    This may be a several methods to configure admins list:
    1) Permissions Check. If user has 'minecraftbot.op' permission. He is listed in the list of admins.
    (The method is inconvenient because the admin can have another nick in IRC.)

    2) Add admins to the configuration file manually.


    (The method is convenient because it allow a difference between nick in the game and nick in IRC. Not comfortable for those who like to change nicknames in irc.)

    3)Using userprefix on irc. When the user has operator (or protect) status on a channel, he is automatically listed as admin.
    Also must be configurable:

    admin-prefixes: '@, &, %,...'

    Adding a bit of flexibility:
    1) Adding startup commands in config.
    (When the bot joins the IRC channel, it automatically executes the specified command. Must be configurable.)

    - msg #minecraft Hello Humans!
    - umode2 +D (Disallow query, helpful for anti-bomb protection.)

    [time:sta:mp] *MinecraftBot joins #minecraft
    [time:sta:mp] <MinecraftBot> Hello Humans!

    2) Ignored users list.
    (Helps protect from unwanted people, pranksters, flooders.)

    - Troll
    - Flooder
    - SomeBadGuy

    3) Anti-Bomb protection.
    a) Using custom irc startup commands like umode2 +D (To close private chats with bot).
    b) Freeze the bot activity when too many requests are handled. (Usefull for protect from irc spamattack bots. !cmd flood (Writting: !players five times per minute)).
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    Well I tested it with the latest HeroChat. It does actually work which is pretty cool. The only problem I have with it is it actually will relay chat from all HeroChat channels, including Staff chat. Instead of simply monitoring the one main channel. So it's good for monitoring all the chat on the server if I don't allow anyone to use it but me. I was trying to find a good web chat. CraftIRC and MonsterIRC don't seem to work properly for me. One will only relay chat one way, the other one the opposite way. Go figure. Thanks =)
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    These are all good suggestions. I've had some of these in mind but I never took the chance to write it down.

    I may actually start working on 2.2.0 sooner than I thought instead of adding things on to 2.1. It may be easier that way. I'll just be busy for the next week or two so I won't have a chance to get much done until then.
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    How well does this work with HeroChat?
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    See post #47, the second post above yours.
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    Awwe :(. Well if we ever get channel support or even a simple parser that removes "[staff]*" strings would be awesome!
  20. Ok i sort of got it to work. when i speak in the irc it shows up in the game, but when someone speaks in the game it does not show up in my web irc client or my downloaded one :/ please could someone tell me how to fix this.
    Other than that great plugin, keep up the good work :)

    sorry, i dident read the other posts. i disabled faction colors and it works fine now, But like the other guy siad please can you try to work a way around it :) thanks for this awesome plugin, keep it up. this is much better cuz craftirc and monsterirc were to complicated for me. Thank you so much for making this!

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    OK. so this plugins works great. The only IRC plugin I have found that works out of about 5 including CraftIRC. It works well, it relays chat back and forth. The only problem is people in the IRC channel that have not been added to the access list lever 5 and above cannot be seen on the server. I have checked through the config and I have not seen anyway to change this. Is this a bug? Or am I just missing something.
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    im having alittle bit of trouble running this in Tekkit which is bukkit 1.2.5, it Starts up just fine and heads in to our irc server and its channel, it will Relay everything in IRC to the minecraft server and chat so we can see, but it will not relay anything back to the irc server? anyone else having this trouble? our irc server is inspircd 1.2, i know the chat peice works for it i can force the bot to say stuff in irc, but i cant get it to relay any ingame messages to irc. did i miss a config?

    -EDIT- its actually not relaying anything i just noticed
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    Which IRC-network?
    Are you OP in there?
    Which channel modes are set in the specific channel?
  25. Read the title ._.

    I'm using 1.5.2 and after some messing around I got the config working a can pastebin a working config just change the server name and channel and your done

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