Inactive [CHAT/MECH] DimensionDoor v2.1.1 Multiworld management made easy [1.3.1-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by grandwazir, Jun 28, 2011.

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    I posted a list further up in the thread. I'll add it to the main post now as well.
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    can u add something like a nether portal that ppl must go thru to get to another world and that u cat take with u items from one world to another . say u got diamonds and stuff in one world and nothing in another world u cant take ur diamonds with u to the other world they stay in ur inventory in that world.... sorry for my bad english i hope u understand.
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    Permission Support? Also having actual physical portals would be nice.
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    Do you have plans to allow more flags - World-Wide Fire spread disabling?
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    @grandwazir : Could you please add the seed at the end of the create command ? =)

    /dd create [world] [type] [seed]
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    Also luke it is case sensitive

    can you add a command so that the worlds have different invitorys on your character?

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    Short answer: Just Use this:

    Trying to implement a whole plugin into a lightweight world manager is a bad idea.

    @Mausterio - I actually like that this plugin doesn't provide any builtin portals or teleport mechanisms. If you need those functions builtin you have multiple other choices for plugins. This is one of the very few plugins that does small easy to setup world management.
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    Well it would still be nice to have permissions :p

    Nvm. =3 Just caught it in posts.

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    what is the permissions?

    Why not with flat??add is too please :D

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    Permission nodes are in brackets after the command in the main post on the first page.
    I'll look into adding this for the next version.
    I don't understand what you mean here.
    Not currently. Worldguard would do a much better job at this than I could. I am not against additional features though as long as they are things you would expect to the world manager to handle. Isolated chat across worlds is a feature for example that is best implemented at this level rather than in another plugin.
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    That's the thing, we don't use WorldGuard. and a simple flag to disable fire spread would be much appreciated. I realize it's a very small plugin to do it as a standalone, but that's why I'd prefer it just be included as a per-world option.
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    This is a great plugin, except I have the same problem as Lukeroge: the spawnMonsters flag is not working. I used /dd info to make sure it was false and monsters are still spawning on my world. I even removed all of the other plugins on the server and it still did not work.
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    Many thanks ! =D

    I think he's asking for a new type : Flat World.

    You know, something like that : /dd create freebuild FLATWORLD
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    I think it would be good if you could set passive health regen per world. However I am also running into monsters spawning when the flag is turned to not spawn (also w/o mods and after a restart) Aside from that though, I absolutely love this plugin, thank you very muchly!
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    I can not reproduce this on my server. I have my second world set has monster free and that is working fine. Is it your main world or an additional world?
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    This works great, but I'm having a tidbit of an issue. Normal players can't use the "/dd teleport [world]" command. I'm not running any permissions mods, we just got normal players and OP's. Any way I can fix this?
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    Only way I could fix it is to make the teleport command not require op - would make sense as well on a server like yours. I'll make the change with next version (will have time on Sunday).
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    You should make an Op version and an NonOp version of the plugin, concerning the "/dd teleport [world]" command.

    Because I use Stargate so that players can teleport through worlds with it.

    ( I create a world, I "/dd teleport" to it, and I create a Stargate in it for players. )
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    why did this happen!!!!!!

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    DimensionDoor does not touch your world data - it is impossible for it to reset your worlds.
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    well i have to restart everything now :(
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    Heh, I started doing this as well. Stargates is a great solution to the issue.

    Thank you for responding so quickly and effectively. Thanks all in all sir. ^.^
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    This has been added in the latest version. You can use ether words or numbers as your seed and DimensionDoor will convert it if necessary. I use the same technique Notch does so the seeds should match the ones you can create in singleplayer.

    Next week I am considering adding ChunkGenerator support.
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    Thanks for the "seed" update ! =)

    Just one thing :

    When we create a world, it don't pay attention to the server settings...

    For example, I have this in my :
    When I "/dd create" a world, it have spawnAnimals and spawnMonsters set to true, and pvp set to false... =/
    So I have always have to "/dd modify" the new worlds I make to set it false.

    ( I think there's the same problem in MultiVerse... )

    Is it fixable ?

    Idea :

    You should add this to the "/dd create" command :

    /dd create [world] [type] <seed> <pvp> <spawnAnimals> <spawnMonsters> <isolatedChat>

    So we could type this :

    /dd create test normal 404 true false false false
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    At the moment it uses the default world settings as a template. I would not be keen adding more to that command though it is already long enough. One way to do it would be to just check what the settings are on the current world and mirror those, but it is still going to leave you with situations where it won't be exactly what you want.

    Is it that much of an issue though? You only have to do the dd.modify once when you set it up.
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    No, it's not really grave, but I though it would be better for the plugin if it could take a look at the to set pvp animals and monsters to true of false (if possible of course...).
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    I've added this in the latest version.
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    But now, It seems that spawnAnimals is inverted with spawnMonsters.

    There's Animals and no more Monsters where spawnMonsters is true and spawnAnimals is false. =/

    And Vice-Versa.

    Could you fix that ?

    Edit : I just discovered that when I teleport to another world, it conserve the biome of the world I was before.

    But it does the same with Multiverse, so I think it's a CraftBukkit bug...

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