Inactive [CHAT/MECH] DimensionDoor v2.1.1 Multiworld management made easy [1.3.1-R1.0]

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    is it possible to make it endlessly night (for a monster fighting world)
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    It is available on BukkitDev.

    DimensionDoor does not alter chat messages in any way. Another plugin is adding the world names.

    Dropped items in creative mode shouldn't even hit the floor. Are you sure all the protections on?

    As a hunch try putting the server in a folder with no special characters in the name.

    Skylands is no longer a valid environment in Bukkit. Check the documentation on the main page for valid environments.

    I am confused. So you want to use the word mine as a name and have deleted a world with the same name but is instead creating a word called games? Please list steps on how I can reproduce this bug.

    The server will sometimes hang on startup if there is a problem connecting to the database (for example if a firewall is dropping all the connections instead of rejecting them) otherwise there should not be a problem. You will need to post a server log for me to be able to help you.

    Players will be automatically moved to the main world if the world they were in is unloaded. That is what Bukkit does by default.

    There isn't really a scenario where you should be editing DimensionDoor.db, you run the risk of corrupting the whole thing. Instead you should just add a world like this.

    /dd create empty e:NORMAL g:CleanroomGenerator:.
    Changing the chunk generator of already existing worlds is not supported due to the odd behaviour it would cause.

    Currently this is not possible. The teleport command is only really designed to be used by administrators to get to the world and setup a portal to for players to access it using another plugin. I can look into adding per world teleport permissions in the next version.

    Check the documentation on the main page for details under world protection. It is only active for creative worlds. If you are looking for truely seperate inventories look at a plugin called MultiInv.

    Not currently. You would need to use another plugin to lock the time of a world. CommandBook can do that for example.

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  3. What kind of plugin should i use if i dont want players to use /dd teleport command? :O i thought players are ment to use it^_^ lol.

    is there plugin to create portals to warp to other world or something?
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    This plugin only does world creation and management, while Nethrar does that *and* creates portals. You can use this to create worlds, but you'll still need to add those worlds to Nethrar's worlds.yml file if you want portals between the worlds to work. Otherwise, there sould be no conflict.
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    Hi. I'm sorry, I'm a noob, but I'd like to import a world save I downloaded off of the Internets, but when I try to it just gives me a new, randomly generated world. Any tips?
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    I'd have to wait for Bukkit to provide attribute to set it for worlds, otherwise yes.

    DimensionDoor should work fine with it as it is able to handle worlds which are loaded by other plugins without difficulty. You may however encounter some problems if you want to use custom world generators if Nethrar loads the world before DimensionDoor.

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    By the way, there's also "spawn-npcs" (true/false) and the new type "FLAT".
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    Is it possible to have 2 separate worlds, and 1 nether split between them?

    Also if you can do this, will the nether portals in each world need to be remade to connect to the nether?

    Thanks for your time!
  11. As far as I know without getting a specific gate-type of plugin like CreativeGates or sommat, even if you link two worlds to use one nether (which from what I've heard is Bukkit's default behavior, I have another plugin that's supposedly keeping that from happening -- configured it months ago, dropped it in and haven't had any problems since) the nether gates would all connect to just one of your existing regular worlds. Unless I am gravely mistaken, you would need a gates-plugin to somehow identify which gates go to a different world. Under that assumption alone I believe that's beyond the scope of what DD can do.
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    When will this update to 1.1
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    You have multiple worlds which are all connected to one nether? What plugin are you using for that?

    (Basically I'm trying to make the default nether portals from each world connect to one nether to save space and what not.)


    I have reread your post multiple times and I think I semi-understand you now... (lol)
    For example, if you have 2 worlds, A and B, and A is your default world (; Should there be 4 files? A, A_nether, A_the_end, and B? Meaning any end/nether portals in world B will redirect to world A's files?

    Sorry this is out of the scope of the plugin but you seem to have more back-end server info than I can find on the Wiki! Thanks!
  14. To be honest I have NO idea how The End works yet. I assume it'll work the same as the Nether does ATM based on the directory structure, but I haven't tried, tested, poked_with_a_sharp_stick, anything yet. However, yes, you're right. Bukkit automatically creates and associates default named 'world' with 'world_nether' and 'world_the_end'. If you create a new world, you get '<new_world>' as a directory, with no associated _nether and _the_end directories. This is because they all link back to the default world's. So yes, all the portals in world B should redirect to world A's nether and end. But again, the portals in world A's nether and end will ONLY link you back to world A.

    As an aside to anyone looking for this to not be the case and to have individual Nethers as one would normally expect, I use PortalLink to fix this behavior. Don't know if this is updated to fix the end or even with 1.1.0 yet. I've been lazy. I don't upgrade until SpoutCraft does. Gives devs some time to update their plugins and for me to tell my users hush and go play on the vanilla server I set up for them in the downtime.

    I think I've covered everything I know but if you need anything else, feel free to PM me rather than having us spam up the thread here for non-interested parties.
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    Thank you so much for your time and insight!
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    Since the new variable in the "level.dat" file is named "generatorName" and is equal to "default" or "flat", I think we should type a command like "/dd create <name> [e:environment] [s:seed] [g:flat]" to generate a flat world.

    It's just an idea but, is it possible ?
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    When i make a new world with the nullterrain plugin, im not able to enter the world
    it says:
    Error: Hole in the floor
    now, that error comes from worldedit, i know,
    when it teleport with /dd teleport i fall all the time when i set gamemode to 1 there is not ground or anything xd
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    Bug : I've created a world with "/dd create world_skylands s:123456789 g:SkylandsPlus" but it totally ignored the seed and took a random one. =/
  19. GW might be able to figure it out from description alone, but were I you I'd include the console log of what happened as you did it (preferably of you doing it from the console as well if at all possible) and the output of a /dd info of the world. Lastly, are you sure world_skylands didn't exist (but wasn't active within the server) before you tried to create it?
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    What does "clear-item-in-hand" ?...

    I can't see what item is removed while returning to a survival world...
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    This is a confirmed bug. It will work as expected for seeds which are strings but otherwise not. It will be fixed in the next version,
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    It clears whatever item you have in your hand when you return. Additionally that seed bug is fixed on GitHub and will be released shortly.
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    I'm hoping this works fine with the new 1.1 RB? anyone?
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    All my plugins tend to work fine when Bukkit upgrades. It is usually safe just to try it and see.
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    Okay, so maybe it doesn't work, because nothing is deleted...

    "clear-action-bar: true" and "clear-item-in-hand: false" will delete the items in the action bar, like excepted.

    But "clear-action-bar: false" and "clear-item-in-hand: true" will do nothing. =/
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    the link showing how to configure Bukkit Persistance doesn't really show how to configure it...
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    We found a way to move items from the creative world to the survival. Not posting details here in the offchance that it might save some server's economy.

    Very speedy response to the issue by the dev on github though, bravo!
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    When I try to unload the level "Main", nothing happens. When I try deleting it from the server folder or renaming it, the game generates a new one. I understand that this would be useful to prevent the server for having no worlds at all, but is it possible for this plugin to have an optional "override necessary 'Main' world" function, potentially changeable in the config? I'd like to get rid of it as people new to the server always spawn in it and I have to manually teleport them to the world in which we actually make things...

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