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    mChatEssentials - Essential features for use with mChat
    Version: v1.7.2_3 (Versioning = MC Version 1.7 Release 2 Fix 3) (August 15/11)

    Provides a reload config command (/mchatessentials, /mchatess, /mchate, /mce [reload])
    Provides a /me command (/mchatme *Message*)
    Provides a /who command (/mchatwho, /mwho *Player*)
    Provides a /afk command (/mchatafk, mafk)
    Provides a /list command (/mchatlist, mlist)
    Read Features section for other features.

    • Supports superperms/Permissions 2/3/GroupManager.
    • Reload Command !!
    • Can use Spout
    • Spout Features:
      • Sets "mchat-name-format" to your title.
      • Displays a message above your name saying you are typing.
      • Displays last message above your name for 7 seconds after message was sent.
      • Health message when someone is damaged in Achievement Window.
    Download mChatEssentials
    Source Code
    Permissions Nodes (open)

    mchat.reload (Allows users to use the /reload command) - Yes this means you can reload both mChat and mChatEssentials
    mchat.me (Allows users to use the /me command)
    mchat.who (Allows users to use the /who command)
    mchat.afk (Allows users to use the /afk command)
    mchat.list (Allows users to use the /list command)

    Command Usage (open)

    • Usage: /mchatlist
    • Displays: Formatted list of all players online and tells you how many players are online.
    • Usage: /me *Message*
    • Displays: * PlayerName Message (Using mChat's mchat-name-format)
    • Usage: /mwho *Player*
    • Displays:
      • Various information about the player.
      • Location.
      • World.
      • Formatted Name.
    • Usage: /mchatafk
    • Displays:
      • Tells everyone you are AFK.
      • Nulls all damage to you.
      • Makes it so you cant move.
      • Nulls all damage you give.
      • Sets you as SleepingIgnored.
    • Usage: /mchatessentials reload
      • Reloads config.

    Config Explanation (open)

    Before I start this is not the default config but the one I use on my server.
    Secondly anything with # at the start of the line is a comment and is not actually read by the server (ignore them).
    mchat-colouring: 'dark_blue'
    mchat-spout-enabled: 'true'
    mchat-notifyHealth-enabled: 'true'
    mchat-typingMessage: '*Typing*'
    mchat-HQAFK: true
    • mchat-colouring is used for:
      • All Spout title formatting.
      • More in the future.
    • mchat-spout-enabled is used for:
      • Enabling(true) or Disabling(false) Spout features.
    • mchat-notifyHealth-enabled is used for:
      • Enabling(true) or Disabling(false) The health notification messages.
    • mchat-typingMessage is used for:
      • Changing the *Typing* message to whatever you please. (Supports Color coding (&e for example)).
    • mchat-HQAFK is used for:
      • Enabling(true) or Disabling(false) the Teleportation onMove.

    To-Do: (open)

    1. Configurable: *Typing*
    2. Configurable PM format changer.
    3. Add a /who command.

    Other Stuff:
    [​IMG] Please donate to help support me :D
    Version 1.7.2_3 (August 15/11)
    • Fixed errors from me failing at coding.
    Changelog: (open)

    Version 1.7.2_2 (August 15/11)
    • Message for Nazi AFK settings.
    • Updated to latest mChat.
    Version 1.7.2_1 (August 09/11)
    • Updated to mChat 1.7.10
    • Added a config option for the AFK command.
    Version 1.7.2 (August 06/11)
    • Added playerlist command.
    • Added SetSleepingIgnored to /mchatafk.
    Version 1.7.1_3 (August 05/11)
    • Added full support for all major Permissions plugins.
    Version 1.7.1_2
    • Uhm...
    Version 1.7.1_1
    • Uhm...
    Version 1.7.1 (August 02/11)
    • Initial Release
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    permission nodes? all of them for mChat Essentials.
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    @Boos There is a configurable option in the config to turn off spout features.
    @Sayshal I dont quite understand what your asking
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    It says my users dont have permissions to use /mchatafk
    What are the permission nodes?
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    As Stated above:
    Provides a reload config command (/mchatessentials, /mchatess, /mchate, /mce [reload] = mchat.reload) - Yes this means you can reload both mChat and mChatEssentials
    Provides a /me command (/mchatme, /me *Message* = mchat.me)
    Provides a /who command (/mchatwho, /mwho, /who *Player* = mchat.who)
    Provides a /afk command (/mchatafk, mafk, /afk = mchat.afk)
    Provides a /list command (/mchatlist, mlist, list = mchat.list)
    Read Features section for other features.

    Anything after = are the Permissions nodes.
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    Np. I will now go to work :p Tty All after.
  8. I know, but i dont want to disable all Spout features. I only want to disable Health updates in achievement window, but keep Health updates above player name.
    I want to keep that - ||||||| - above my name and disable that |||||| Boosik in top right corner. Can you add some config option for it please? Because that achievement window Health update is server-wide, so when player 3000 blocks away from me get damaged, it shows up. And its making lags on server.
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    @Boos I believe there is also an option to turn off health notifications if I am not mistaken
  10. Yes, but when i turn it off, it also turns off health bar above players name.
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    @Boos Ahh, Hm Ill work on it for next patch release.
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    You may want to think about doing a new area for permissions I actually missed that myself took me a few to find it (and I read everything in detail lol) I made you a little template below feel free to copy and paste you do enough for the plugins figured you could use help with petty things :D Thanks for all you do!

    Permission Nodes:

    mchat.reload (Allows users to use the /reload command)
    mchat.me (Allows users to use the /me command)
    mchat.who (Allows users to use the /who command)
    mchat.afk (Allows users to use the /afk command)
    mchat.list (Allows users to use the /list command)
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    Thanks and done :D
  14. Nice plugin i like it very much ;)
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    @MiracleM4n me again, asking some questions ;)
    Is there a way to change the afk message just the way one can change the join/leave/kick messages? I want to translate it for my players^^ (Edit⁴: both messages, 'Notch went afk' and 'You are still afk!')

    Okay, and, where does the /me and /afk messages' text color derive from? It's white, but I'd like all messages that are not 'real' chat to be colored grey.

    mChat config (open)
    # mChat configuration file
    # **IMPORTANT**
    # usage of mchat-message-format is restricted to:
    # +suffix,+s, +prefix,+p, +group,+g, +world,+w, +time,+t, +name,+n, +dname,+dn, +health,+h +healthbar,+hb, +message,+msg,+m
    # usage of mchat-name-format, mchat-playerEvent-format are restricted to:
    # +suffix,+s, +prefix,+p, +group,+g, +world,+w, +time,+t, +name,+n, +dname,+dn, +health,+h +healthbar,+hb
    # **************
    # Use of mchat: is only if your using PermissionsBukkit (superperms)
    # ignore it if you don't know what that is.

    mchat-join-message: '&8betritt das Spiel.'
    mchat-date-format: HH:mm:ss
    auto-Changed: 1
    mchat-name-format: '&8+p+dn&8+s&8'
    mchat-kick-message: '&8wurde gekickt.'
    mchat-message-format: '&8+time <+p+dn+s&8>&f +message'
    mchat-colouring: dark_red
    mchat-leave-message: '&8hat das Spiel verlassen.'
    mchat-contrib-enabled: false
    mchat-notifyHealth-enabled: false
    mchat-playerEvent-format: '&8+p+dn&8+s&8'
    mchat-API-only: false

    mChat Essentials config (open)
    # mChatEssentials configuration file
    mchat-typingMessage: '*Tippt gerade*'
    auto-Changed: 1
    mchat-HQAFK: true
    mchat-spout-enabled: false
    mchat-colouring: dark_red
    mchat-notifyHealth-enabled: false

    Edit¹: By the way, I think I can remove some options from the mChat config file? Like the 'mchat-colouring: dark_red ' because it is in mChat Essentials now?

    Edit²: Forget about the /afk and the /me messages' colors, that fixed itself upon server restart. My bad it seems ;)

    Edit³: So I guess maybe the '/mchat reload' command does not reload everything?

    Edit⁵: Yet another little wish: Is it possible to insert line-breaks in front of the word that otherwise would be split by the client because of line length? (Was that understandable; I have a feeling, sometimes, my English is not the yellow of the egg :p)
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    @Kiwii I am still trying to get a working line break character for you :D. I have not forgotten.
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    Well, I forgot I asked that before :)
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    Donald Scott

    Love it, but I have some suggestions. First, make /list show the number of people on server out of the maxium. For example:
    There are currently <number> of <maxplayers> players online!

    Also, The color of /list cannot be customized. The setting in the config does not work. Lastly, Can you make it so the "You are still afk" message is customizable?
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    an easy way of line break would be

    text = |
      more text
    for(String line someText.split("[\n\r]{1,}")) {
    //sending line
    using php cause there is no java :( or i didn't find it
    this works for unix(\n), win(\r\n) and mac(\r) line break.
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    @dunst0 Thanks for that but that will only work for console as regular chat messages cannot be split to a seperate line. I have tried and failed at this already.
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    @MiracleM4n Would it be possible to add basic chat channels?

    Also cant you find the max length per line, save any char over the max to a string then send that to the server after?
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    @MiracleM4n (didnt quite understall the link...whats fill? :S)
    I think hes asking about not cutting the last word in-half over the line.
    So if you parse the entire string that is going to be displayed (so that you get the correct length) as characters and spaces, when the parser reaches the limit could you make it so that it sends the rest of the sentence to from the last valid space. Atleast, i think it is possible.
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    hi, i really like this plugin and have been using it since it first came out.
    but starting yesturday, this plugin causes every-minute-restart of my server.
    there are no error messages or anything. it just restarts every minute.
    i've dont test by removing each plugins and found out that when i remove this plugin, the server works fine.
    this is kidna wierd cause i did not update this plugin(i was already using latest) or change any settings before it happened. it was working fine, and next day it started doing that.
    right now i've temporarily disabled this plugin to keep the server running, but i really miss this plugin.
    i see no other people with this issue yet, so i will add a list of plugins i use as well, in case it conflicts with any of them.
    please, please, look into this
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    Howdy, love the plugin! :) Just a suggestion for the health achievement window - would it be possible to have the icon represent the way in which the player was damaged? Perhaps a split of mob/fall/lava(or fire)/drowning?
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    @Zarius When I am able to change the image to something other than an item I will implement this.
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    Mm can you add a distance on the me command? Like local.
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    The me command.

    EDIT: ITs very RP and adding distance makes it more RP :D
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    Perhaps the waterblock for drowning, sapling (or dirt) for falling, and a bone for mob death?

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