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    mChat - Chat formatting plugin
    Version: v 1.8.7 - (Versioning = MC Version 1.8 Release 7) (Nov 10/11)

    If you like mChat please vote it up by clicking the image below finding MChat and Thumbing it up :D.

    I Has BETTER Jenkins: HERE

    Source Code

    Click Me ---> mChat BukkitDev Page!!!! <--- Click Me

    Plugins using API (open)

    To-Do: (open)

    • Get more API suggestions?

    Next Release Info (open)


    Other Stuff:
    [​IMG] Please donate to help support me :D

    mChannel Now has its own thread

    Version 1.7.12 (Sept 14/11)
    • Updated a lot of things.
    • Fixed a lot of things.
    • Added Censor.
    • Added Call Home function. (Ask SwearWord)
    • Added PEX Support.
    • Added Jenkins (dev.d3gn.net:8080)
    • ....Ill update tomorrow...
    Changelogs: (open)

    Version (Sept 02/11)
    • Added +reason, +r variable to the kick message. (Displays the reason for the kick).
    Version 1.7.11 (August 28/11)
    • PNode for colouring in chat (mchat.coloredchat <---made it color for all you damn lazy Americans (Canadian = colour).
    • Added "+Groupname,+Gname,+G", "+Worldname,+Wname,+W" for Group/World name aliases (Check info.yml)
    Version 1.7.10_5 (August 16/11)
    • Fixed Permissions loader Faulz.
    Version 1.7.10_4 (August 15/11)
    • Finnally filled in the API spoiler.
    • Minor API changes. (Deprecated some methods)
    • Minor Local changes.
    • Added 2 more Colour Code types.
    • Added Custom Variables.
    • More Misc updates thanks to @Nijikokun .
    • PM for more Info.
    Version 1.7.10_3 (August 12/11)
    • Minor API changes.
    • Minor Local changes.
    • Nothing much you dont really "Need" this update.
    Version 1.7.10_2 (August 11/11)
    • Fixed bPermissions causing errors. (Damn you codename_B)
    Version 1.7.10_1 (August 09/11)
    • Fixed NPE on startup.
    Version 1.7.10 (August 09/11)
    • Merged mInfo, mChat once again.
    • Added an API switch.
    • Changed reload command to inlude both config/info.
    Version 1.7.9_3 (August 05/11)
    • Added full support for all major Permissions plugins.....again.
    Version 1.7.9_2
    • Uhm...
    Version 1.7.9_1
    • Uhm...
    Version 1.7.9 (August 03/11)
    • Made separate mchat plugin.
    • Added +location,+loc to formatting.
    • Dropped Permissions 2.x/3.x support.
    • Code cleanup.
    • Updated to Spout....More features to come...
    Version 1.7.8 (July 29/11)
    • Removed PM features.
    • Fixed API (Tie to mChat.API.parseChat(player, msg) = message-format or mChat.API.parseChat(player) = name-format).
    • Added join message formatting.
    • Other code cleanups.
    • Added a sample plugin that ties into the API.
    • Fixed inheritance issues.
    Version 1.7.7_2 (July 27/11)
    • Added configurable *Typing* message
    • Made Achievement Window more redundant.
    Version 1.7.7_1 (July 27/11)
    • Added configurable PM to Achievement Window
    • More code cleanup.
    Version 1.7.7 (July 27/11)
    • Added (/mchat pm {playername} message = mchat.pm)
    • Changed they way Health notifications work.
    • Made things easier for future dev work.
    Version 1.7.6_3 (July 27/11)
    • Very finite changes. (Code cleaning)
    Version 1.7.6_2 (July 27/11)
    • Why because I felt like it!
    Version 1.7.6_1 (July 27/11)

    • Fixed (/mchatme, /me) permissions.
    Version 1.7.6 (July 27/11)
    • Added (/mchatme, /me)
    • Added Health notification messages
    • Made Bukkit contrib features optional.
    • Not sure what else........
    Version 1.7.5 (July 26/11)
    • Removed /mchannel for use in another plugin.
    • Added an API like that of iChat.
    • Made source....DONT LAUGH AT ME..available.
    • Added custom join/leave/kick messages.
    Version 1.7.4_7 (July 24/11)
    • More NPE fixes.....Itll never end.
    Version 1.7.4_6 (July 23/11)
    • More NPE fixes.
    Version 1.7.4_5 (July 23/11)
    • Hopeful NPE fixes.
    Version 1.7.4_4 (July 21/11
    • PLAYER_CHAT error fixes.
    Version 1.7.4_3 (July 20/11)
    • Players who aren't in the public channel aren't outputted to other plugins.
    • When a player talks while not in the public channel their name is prefixed with their channel.
    • More BukkitContrib Fixes.
    Version 1.7.4_2 (July 20/11)
    • Hopeful DynMap fix.
    Version 1.7.4_1 (July 19/11)
    • Bumped versioning in case people dont look.
    • Lots of bug fixes but no new features.
    • Fixed Console not getting messages.
    • Fixed null message.
    • Fixed....Dont remember...It was late.
    Version 1.7.4 (July 19/11)
    • NPE fixes.
    • Commands being used by console fixes.
    • Config format changes.
    • BukkitContrib feature fixes.
    Version 1.7.3 (July 18/11)
    • Added reload config command.
    • Added channels.
    Version 1.7.2 (July 14/11)
    • Added Last message sent name thingy.
    Version 1.7.1 (July 14/11)
    • Officially Changed to mChat.
    Version 1.6.1
    • Initial Release.
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    Sorry was at work. Will work on printing to console now.

    Will also fix all NPE's and any other problems.

    There shouldnt be an NPE onPlayerQuit this is what I have for that event:
        public void onPlayerQuit(PlayerQuitEvent event) {
            Player p = event.getPlayer();
            String pName = p.getName();
            String msg = event.getQuitMessage();
            event.setQuitMessage((msg).replace(pName, plugin.parseNameFormat(p)));
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    Any plans to add local chat? Or chat channels?
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    Already has it :p. /mchannel CHANNEL allows you to join a channel but only if you have permissions for it (mchat.channel.CHANNEL for channel CHANNEL) /mchannel public <-- is the default channel.
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    any plans for /ignore <player> command?
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    Once I clean up the coding I will add a few more features.

    *Updated to 1.7.4*

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    will mchat.channel.* allow anyone to create/join any channel?
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    For Permissions 2/3 yes but for superperms no.
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    i'm using PermissionsEx, I think that runs off the same permissions 2 stuff? not sure though.
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    It should than.
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    1.7.4 was giving me an extra chat line for every normal one with my name, a colon, and 'null' (no colors). Like:

    [Admin] Bronski: Hi (<colors are fine)
    Bronski: null (<no colors)

    And I'm not sure which plugin is doing this, but on 1.7.3 and maybe the latest too, if I do a /reload on the console, chat reverts back to no formatting (might be PermissionsBukkit's fault though).
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    I see what I did wrong let me fix it.

    *Silent Update*

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    *mouths the words "thank you" without speaking*

    Seems better :p
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    Hopefully works better :p
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    Quick question, I noticed that in the config the "mchat-name-format" is "+p+s+dn&e" -- I know that "+p" is prefix and "+s" is suffix -- But what is the "+dn&e"? Based on my knowledge I would assume the "&e" is yellow text color, but what is "+dn"? "+n" is name... But I see no explanation for "+dn"

    EDIT: Unless "+rn" in the explanation is supposed to be "+dn"? Typo?
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    Sorry Typo in the OP. +dn, +dname is the players DisplayName as used in/by other plugins.
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    Ah, thanks for clearing that up. :)

    I also noticed the typo is in the config file as well, just pointing that out. :p
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    *Silent Update* (There will be lots of these that will just include code improvements changing auto-Changed to 2 and then reloading using /mchat reload or /reload will fix config. (It will automatically change back to 1 LEAVE IT THERE :p).
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    Providing those groups inherit from each other then you can inherit a mchat.prefix.blah: false
    So each inherit sets the previous mchat prefix to false.
  20. Installed mChat and am getting an error, i can't identify the problem with:

    15:09:42 [SCHWERWIEGEND] Error occurred while enabling mChat v1.7.4 (Is it up to date?): null
            at net.D3GN.MiracleM4n.mChat.mChat.loadConfig(mChat.java:116)
            at net.D3GN.MiracleM4n.mChat.mChat.onEnable(mChat.java:73)
            at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:126)
            at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.enablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:878)
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:272)
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(CraftServer.java:162)
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(CraftServer.java:146)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(MinecraftServer.java:284)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:271)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(MinecraftServer.java:148)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:335)
            at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:422)

    # mChat configuration file
    # Use of mchat: is only if your using PermissionsBukkit (superperms)
    # ignore it if you don't know what that is.
    # usage of message-format is restricted to:
    # +suffix,+s, +prefix,+p, +group,+g, +world,+w, +time,+t, +name,+n, +dname,+dn, +message,+m
    mchat-date-format: HH:mm:ss
    mchat-name-format: +p+s+dn&e
    mchat-message-format: '+p+dn&f: +message'
            gruen: '&a'
            grau: '&7'
            blau: '&9'
            rot: '&c'
            gelb: '&e'
            weiss: '&f'
            gruen: ''
            grau: ''
            blau: ''
            rot: ''
            gelb: ''
            weiss: ''
            gruen: ''
            grau: ''
            blau: ''
            rot: ''
            gelb: ''
            weiss: ''
    I am using superperms 1.1..
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    how do i make it so it doesnt say [GOD] before every name?
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    @dietwawa: The [GOD] is a configurable option in the God Powers plugins.
    @PeirreW: It is group: not groups:
    @xezesis: I dont quite understand what you are saying
  23. eek, thanks. Maybe the plugin should should out a nice error message :) Thanks for the plugin!
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    how goes the progress in making it output to the console and dynamic map?
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    It is now outputting to console and what do you mean by dynamic map?
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    ah oops, thought i was already on 1.7.4 will update as soon as i get home

    dynamic map wasnt recieving the chat either (might be fixed if console is fixed)
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    Keep me updated on the status of dynamic map support (As I dont use it).
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    will do (youll know by 0200 gmt lol)
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    MessageChanger allows you to set system messages to whatever you like (including null), which is where the conflict is. Currently the code is not checking if msg is null before trying to using replace.
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    Ahh.....Fail.... :p Changing now.

    *Silent Update* (Fixed NPE caused by me not checking for null, Silent Update also means that its not mandatory and version is not changed)

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    ah is this why im sure i am on 1.7.4?
    im not sure about other server admins, but i check the titles of all the plugins we use to see if the version has increased, then the change log to see if the change is something needed then i read the last page or tow to see if theres any bugs or mentions of incompatabilitys (we have around 50 plugins so its not a fast process)

    i urge you to increase the version number when you change/update the plugin, if it wasnt for the fact im watching this one like a hawk at mo (the console bug is an annoying one i cant wait to apply the fix when i get home) i never would of see this post

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