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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Hamster1001, Apr 7, 2022.

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    Minecraft version :1.8
    What I want:
    Spy chat/

    "&8▍ &7Spy&8 ▎ &c[Command] &rPlayer&7 » /gamemode 1"
    "&8▍ &7Spy&8 ▎ &a[Chat] &rPlayer&7 » hi!"
    Perm "MC.commandspy"
    command "/spycommand toggle"
    Perm "MC.chatspy"
    command "/spychat toggle"
    Staff Chat/
    "&8▍ &4Staff Chat&8 ▎ &rPlayer&7 » &9Hi"
    "/staffchat <msg>"
    "/staffchat toggle" <Participating in staffchat? On Off>

    Perm/ "MC.staffchat"
    General Chat/
    "/clearchat , /cc"
    To clear chat
    Perm/ MC.clearchat
    To mute chat
    Perm/ "MC.mutedchat.bypass"
    "/slowchat [seconds per msg]"
    To slow chat
    &4&l(!)&c Chat is slowed now!
    Perm/ "MC.slowchat.bypass"
    "/broadcast <message>"
    "&8▍ &2Broadcast&8 ▎ &atest"
    Perm/ "MC.broadcast"
    "&8▍ &6Ping&8 ▎ &aYour ping is &e100ms."
    Perm/ MC.Ping
    "&8▍ &6Ping&8 ▎ &fPlayer&a's ping is &e100ms."
    Perm/ MC.Ping.others
    1-sending messages too quick
    "&8▍ &6SERVERNAME&8 ▎ &cPlease wait &42 seconds &cbefore sending another message."
    Perm/ MC.Chat.2sec
    "&8▍ &6SERVERNAME&8 ▎ &cPlease wait &44 seconds &cbefore sending another message."
    Perm/ MC.Chat.4sec
    Perm/ MC.Chat.bypass
    2-sending same msg
    "&8▍ &6SERVERNAME&8 ▎ &cPlease do not repeat the same message"
    3-spam commands
    "&8▍ &6SERVERNAME&8 ▎ &7Please wait a few seconds."
    4-sending "t" in chat
    "&8▍ &6SERVERNAME&8 ▎ &cPlease dont spam t. To check your ping, please use /ping"
    5-Sending CAPS msg
    &4&l(!)&cCan not send message in chat
    #more features
    1-in Join delete chat + custom msg
    2-blocked words + commands (put it in config)

    replace it with ********
    3-message + commands logs in plugin files
    4-auto announce msgs <time in config>
    5-/rule , /rules >> open gui with with 3 books like in the following pic with title and desc and move them etc..
    and can be used only in lobby world if used in another world send a message in chat (please put it in config with multi lines)
    for example
    6-Symbols replace
    for example
    7-cant use chat colors + symbols in chat etc..
    8- first and last login + command /playerinfo <name>
    9-command /staffmode info

    to check
    Slowed chat: YES/NO
    Muted chat: YES/NO
    Toggle Spy: Chat/Commands/Chat and Commands

    When I want it ? as soon as possible

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    I have a plugin similar to this! Check it out, I am working on a new update to include some of the features you requested

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    ok im waiting for an update but can since u add MOTD in ur plugin can u add this feature where u can hide the maximum number of players + when u put the mouse on it it shows a message ?
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    What do you mean? I can surely look into adding this feature, so if I’m understanding inside the motd you want to add hover messages? Or how so?
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    yes hover message when u put ur cursor on the player counter + fake total players
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