Inactive [CHAT] IRCTransport 0.13.0 - Minecraft Chat/IRC Integration[1.2.3-R0.2]

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    This Bukkit plugin replaces minecraft chat system with a connection to an IRC Server. All IRC Connections happen Bukkit server side, so either run your own IRC server, or make sure that you are allowed to use mutiple connections on the IRC server of your choice.
    Available settings:

    Put these in IRCTransport/plugin.yml file with appropriate values.

    verbose: false
      initial_userlist: false
      initial_topic: false
      address: localhost
      port: 6667
        enabled: false
        trust: false
      nicksize: 16
      webirc_password: [email protected]$$w0rd
      prefix: '[MC]'
        - channel: '#minecraft'
      chat-irc: '&9[&b${CHANNEL}&9] &3${NICK}: &f${MESSAGE}'
      quit: '&3${NICK} &fleft'
      private: '&2${NICK}&f to you: &f${MESSAGE}'
      part: '&3${NICK} &fleft'
      rename: '&3${OLDNICK} &fis now &3${NEWNICK}'
      kick: '&3${NICK} &ckicked by &3${OP}: &${REASON}'
      join: '&3${NICK} &fjoined &b${CHANNEL}'
      list: 'On &9[&b${CHANNEL}&9]: &3${LIST}'
      topic: '&9[&b${CHANNEL}&9] &3Topic: &f${TOPIC}'
      action: '* &3${NICK} &a${ACTION}'
      hit the ground too hard: hit the ground
    The server address setting is mandatory. All other settings are optional.

    Normal Settings:

    Your config.yml will look a lot like this:
        - channel: '#minecraft'
    Available commands:

    /join #channel [key]
    /leave #channel
    /channel #channel -- changes your active channel
    /msg user -- send a private message to a user
    /nick new_name  -- change your display name.
    /names -- shows users in your channel
    /me action to perform -- performs an irc action
    /topic -- get or set the channel topic
    /whois -- gets information about the nick

    • Minecraft chat is replaced with an IRC session.
    • Private messaging works in game.
    • IRC channels are joinable in game.
    Version 0.13.0
    • Leaving a channel sets another channel active.
    • Disabling IRC <-> Minecraft color code mapping (for now).
    • Added message customization support.
    • Added basic translation support.
    • Added trust all SSL option.
    • Fixed bog on player join.
    • Added WebIRC support.
    • Added Metrics
    Version 0.12.0
    • Works with Bukkit 1.1 (and 1.2)
    • Fixed bug in DeathMessage
    Version 0.11.2
    • Fixed /msg showing usage everytime.
    Version 0.11.1
    • Fixed nullUSERNAMEnull bug.
    Version 0.11
    • Fixed a potential reload bug
    • Changed from using to using IRCTransport/config.yml
    • Added /whois support.
    • Added nick persistance.
    Version 0.10
    • Added nickanme prefix and suffix options.
    • Fixed Automatic reconnect after plugin is disabled or server is stopped.
    • Added Error message for nick name already in use.
    • Fixed a null exception when the console tries to use irc commands.
    • Channel parts (leaving a channel) are now announced.
    • Channel kicks is now announced.
    • Added some handling for "Connection reset" errors.
    Version 0.9
    • Fixed PlayerJoinEvent/PlayerQuitEvent changes
    • Added channel key support.
    • Added auto join key support.
    • Made system messages yellow.
    Version 0.8
    • Actually fixed bug that 0.7 was supposed to fix.
    • Added irc.password and irc.port configuration options.
    Version 0.7
    • Fixed bug where IRC agent would reconnect after player disconnected.
    Version 0.6
    • Attempts to reconnect to IRC server on connection failure/disconnect.
    • Minecraft color to IRC color support in chat.
    • Color conversion code refactored.
    Version 0.5
    • Fixed a nickname change bug.
    • IRC color to minecraft color support in chat.
    • Removed TSLPC.
    • Channel topic support
    Version 0.4
    • Added /me support
    • Added /names support.
    • Added channel is invite only error message.
    • Changed output messages to use logging.
    • Fixed bug in nickname changing.
    Version 0.3
    • Renamed PlayerBot to IrcAgent.
    • Fixed join message detection.
    • Changed package name to hef.IRCTransport as per request.
    • Changed build system to Maven.
    Version 0.2
    • Player's name displays correctly when their name is changed.
    • Nick change notification added.
    • Nick already in use handling changed.
    • Active channel is switched on channel join.
    • Channel join messages.
    • Channel autojoin now a setting.
    Version 0.1
    • Basic irc features are functional in Minecraft.
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    Wow. I have been chasing this error down for a while. I have updated the documention to reflect the actualy default port number. Thank you so much for posting the solution.
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    Could this possibly be integrated with HeroChat to still have prefixes, colors, suffixes, etc in-game? Similar to CraftIRC which integrates with HeroChat.
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    sorry if this has been answered already, but what happens if a player joins the game and their nickname on the irc server is take already?
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    You're welcome, glad I could help
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    They get a number appended to there name.
    Ratchet becomes Ratchet1
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    how to change the encoding? I from Russia, and when I write Russian letters that I have to place letters "????" Help!!​
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    First off - great plugin! I was looking for something like this.

    Would be possible to include Permissions 3.0 (I was using 'iChat' with it) prefixes/suffixes when posting to IRC/clients, however?
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    First good plugin.
    Ive found a problem with names starting with numbers when connecting to the irc server.
    For Eg. 1DaWolf Erroneous Nickname

    If anyone knows how to get hybridircd to accept these clients that would be great.
    If not could we get it to change 1 to one 2 to two ect... afaik it's only the first digit thats causing the issue.

    One thing i would like to see is console commands from irc form chan ops

    Possible fix to i have this running at the moment, seems to be working well so i thought i would share.
                    else if (code.equals("432")) {
                        if (_autoNickChange) {
                            nick = getName();
                            OutputThread.sendRawLine(this, bwriter, "NICK IRC" + nick);
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    Double Plus Good! Tks for the plugin.
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    You might look at the irc.nickprefix and irc.nicksuffix. They don't accept characters like =+*&^%$#!. It would be nice to be able to use them.
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    I have a big issue with your plugin (it's big for me but probably not a problem for most of users).

    When I type accentuated characters in IRC, minecraft users get nothing (the char is deleted), and when minecraft users type accentuated characters IRC gets "?" .

    Can you help me solve this please ?
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    Thanks for this plugin! Having each user log into IRC seperately makes it easy to see at a glance who's online.

    Still works fine in the 1.8 dev builds of Bukkit!
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    Any ideas if its possible to do the CGIIRC(webirc) trick that mibbit and other clients use, when I have a mibbit client connect to my IRC network it pulls the user's IP not the mibbit IP.
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    It's probably about time, I looked into internationalization. I'll see what I can do.

    I hadn't heard of this. seems to have the implementation details. I wish I could find an RFC though.
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    I'm so sorry actually it's probably a problem with my client (pidgin) or my server (inspircd) because I've just installed qwebirc and it looks fine with that.

    Edit : it was my client which was not set up correctly
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    Great plugin, exactly what I was looking for. Two questions/requests:

    1) Is it possible to turn off the channel topic displaying when you join the server? It kills my MOTD. If not, would like to request feature.

    2) Is it possible to have the server send server events (player death, etc) to the IRC chat? Would be a really fun feature for anyone who is out of game, but connected to the IRC channel.

    Thank you for the help/considering these features/awesome plugin!
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    I had previously hacked WEBIRC support into the plugin (along with some other hacks specifically for my servers). I've recently found myself with an abundance of free time and am setting up a proper fork of IRCTransport so I can keep up with your updates easier, and will send a push request to you with it once I've cleaned it up (and checked on some other bugs I've found), if you'd like.
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    I want to bump both of these suggestions. We are loving IRC Transport on our server, but everyone keeps asking for server events so they can still be apart of the fun when they are logged out.

    Also, I had issues with the MOTD as well. When you have a channel topic most of the MOTD does not display. I would love to turn this off so that I may set a separate channel topic with news for people who are just in the IRC channel and not the game.

    One other suggestion, have you thought of developing a spin-off plugin that was an actual IRC server? That way when you launch your bukkit server, you are also launching your IRC server, and then when a player connects to the game their client also works as the IRC client? I am currently using beyondIRC to host my own IRC server and would love to just integrate the whole thing into bukkit.

    Thanks again for such a great plugin!
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    As a friendly note to all who intend to use this, the EsperNet IRC network -the hub of Minecraft on IRC- regards IRCTransport as a direct violation of EsperNet bot policy. It spams the max connection alert, and is -in effect- a proxy. In using thisplugin to connec to EsperNet, you will be accountable for violating EsperNet's terms.

    Please do not mistake me for a network Operator, as I'm just a regular on EsperNet IRC. the information stated above, however, IS from one of the EsperNet Operators, and should be taken to heart. (I'm not sure how this applies to other networks, but I would consider it wise to check the relevant network's bot policy before engaging in any potentially...troublesome activity.)
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    This is all very true, IRCTransport is acting as an IRC proxy.

    My original intention was for Minecraft admins to run their own IRC server, so I didn't originally consider the implications of connecting to an existing large IRC network. As this has become a popular use of the plugin, I intend to add support for the WEBIRC extension to the IRC protocol. At least 1 fork has already done this.

    I couldn't argue with what an admin says, but I didn't see any anti proxy policy on EsperNet's acceptable use policy. There FAQ specifically mentions that Mibbit is ok, as it is proxying connections via WEBIRC. If I get proper WEBIRC support added to the plugin (there is a technical complication with the irc lib I am using), you may (or may not) find that IRC server admins are more accepting of connections from IRCTransport IRC agents.
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    It is unlikely that IRCTransport will be usable with 3rd-party IRC networks (i.e. ones not run by the person using IRCTransport), even with these changes. The WEBIRC protocol itself requires that the network trust the provider being given access. In Mibbit's case, it's very unlikely that they would ever abuse this trust as many networks would then remove Mibbit's WEBIRC access and possibly ban all use of Mibbit, which would be very bad for business. There are no such assurances when giving a WEBIRC block to random people on the internet, though.

    That said, however, I can see WEBIRC being useful for those that do run their own server (in the original intended use of the plugin), and while EsperNet is highly unlikely to grant a WEBIRC block, I can't speak for every network out there.

    As a side note, we have a published bots policy to make our position on the operation of chat relays clearer:

    (as you can guess, we have had trouble in the past with people attempting to use IRCTransport)
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    Oh, excellent. It's in writing!

    And I can imagine that the bots would be just a few amongst all the quirks that come with being Minecraft's "official" IRC network. Such joys. :)
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    Does IRCTransport support mirroring kick/banning players from the irc channel to in-game?
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    would like to request a /query command so ingame player can change into private message mode instead of use /msg for every message.
    and another bot that represents the server/console (with customizable channel, so console output is not streamed into main channel)
    thank you for the nice plugin ^^
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    can you please update it to 1.8.1 / CB 1337 ? It would be much appreciated. :D
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    Iv'e been running version 0.10 on b1337jnks for a while. If you have any problems feel free to report them.
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    Oh, sorry. It didn't work for me. I tried /me and it didn't work. Some things didn't work. It didn't generate a folder.
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    The configuration doesn't follow standard bukkit configuration semantics yet.
    Check the Server console messages, you have to add some entries to
    Version 0.11 uses a config.yml.
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    so to get it working, I need to add the entries to the

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