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    HelpMessage v0.4a
    Helping people without lifting a finger!
    BukkitDev Thread

    Hello everyone. This is my first (released) plugin for bukkit. I designed this to help curb the constant stream of questions admins and mods have to deal with regarding ingame mechanics and server-specific information such as plugins.

    HelpMessage is fully customizable - you can set any number of messages, and they will be displayed at random at a preset interval. You can change the interval, the color of the brackets around "HelpMessage", the color of the title, the color of the message, and the name of the plugin itself (for ingame purposes).

    Currently, only ops can change settings/messages, but I will be including permissions in the next release.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Be sure to check out my other released plugin, TreasureHunt, and help me get it moved to releases! See my signature!

    <font color="#339966">/hm</font> - displays information on the interval and number of messages currently loaded by the plugin.
    <font color="#339966">/hm <messageid></font> - display the message identified by the id.

    Op Commands:
    <font color="#ff0000">/hm delay <seconds></font> - set the interval between help messages.
    Ex: /hm delay 300
    <font color="#ff0000">/hm add <message></font> - add the message to the list of messages
    Ex: /hm add To go to spawn, type /spawn.
    <font color="#ff0000">/hm remove <messageid></font> - remove the message from the list of messages (message IDs are displayed in the chat tag for the message broadcast, i.e. [HelpMessage 12] is the 12th message).
    Ex: /hm remove 12
    <font color="#ff0000">/hm check <messageid></font> - same as the /hm <messageid> command. This will probably be deleted.
    <font color="#ff0000">/hm display <messageid></font> - broadcasts the specific message to everyone. (The interval will start counting from zero again. This does not affect the last displayed message in a sequential system.)
    Ex: /hm display 2
    <font color="#ff0000">/hm bracketcolor <colorid> </font>- sets the color of the brackets in [HelpMessage].
    Ex: /hm bracketcolor 2
    Ex: /hm bracketcolor a
    <font color="#ff0000">/hm titlecolor <colorid></font> - sets the color of the title in [HelpMessage].
    Ex: /hm titlecolor 6
    <font color="#ff0000">/hm messagecolor <colorid></font> - sets the color of the message after the tag.
    <font color="#ff0000">/hm title <title></font> - sets the title of the plugin to the entry (no spaces allowed). I.e. IngameHelp or HelpingYou or whatever.
    Ex: /hm title HelperBot
    <font color="#ff0000">/hm sequential <true/false></font> - sets the plugin to display sequentially(true) or randomly(false).
    <font color="#ff0000">/hm save</font> - saves the current message list and settings to the yml file.
    <font color="#ff0000">/hm load</font> - loads the message list and settings from the yml file.

    Planned Features:
    * Permissions support
    * Better color handling, i.e. accepting DARK_GRAY as well as 0-f.

    Known Bugs:
    * None!


    Version 0.4a
    * Bugfix - NPE on first run of the timer from having no messages in the list
    * Bugfix - Index out of range exception if running sequential and having removed messages while the last message read was near/at the end of the list

    Version 0.4
    * Updated to CB 1337.

    Version 0.3a
    * Updated to CB 1185.
    * Made special improvements to the plugin to allow it to broadcast despite the current build's broadcast bug.
    * Added a function to display the messages sequentially instead of randomly.

    Version 0.3

    * Released!
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    Let me know if you'd like any additions to the program if you use it. :)
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    How do i change color can u make an example pls ?[sheep]
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    The download does not exist!
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    Version 0.3a released!

    Sorry for the long response time, lol. But I added that to the description.

    Fixed, let me know if it happens again, I don't have a solid long-term host for the files.

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    Thank you!
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    It would be awesome to make it so it only does that when they ask the question. like mods type in an answer and tags. When some of the tags are met it answers the question
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    You mean like...making it so when someone says key words it spouts something out?

    Also, you can make it display messages to everyone with /hm display 7 or whatever if you know the message numbers and are opped. I need to get it hooked up to permissions so you can allow people to use that command.
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    Plugin works fine in 1240! Will finally be adding those permissions nodes today, starting with PermissionsEx. Come back in about ten hours when I wake up (I just got off 3rd shift :))

    I'll also be making major improvements to this plugin soon, such as the ability to use colors in your messages.
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    Love the plugin! It's simple to use and it seems to work.
    When you implement permissions, if you could make it so we can disable those messages from being shown to certain members, i.e. VIP's etc.
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    Ok So i Downloaded it Now... I downloaded it and i dragged it into my plugins directory. Then I reloaded my server and typed /hm the response was 'Unknown Command Type 'help' For help'
    Im currently on 1317 does this mess up anything?
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    how do we set how often they are announced
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    '/hm delay 60' or whatever number of seconds.
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    thnx shouldt of asked, shouldve read the commands lol, sorry
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    Great plugin man, i like the ability to add messages ingame. Very awesome :D
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    Thanks :) I'll be updating this when I have time to allow for colors in the messages too.
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    Updated to current build (which I realize won't be the CB for long, but I'll keep it updated after this).
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    It's been throwing NPE for a few builds now... Running v0.4 under CB build #1392...
    09:16:27 [WARNING] Task of 'HelpMessage' generated an exception java.lang.NullPointerException
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    Hope that's of some assistance... If I can help in any other way let me know!
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    Thanks! Just need to wait for it to approve on bukkitdev now :p

    All available and works a treat in #1492! TY!

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  21. say i would want to make the message "go to spawn by typing /spawn" yellow.
    i would type first "/hm add go to spawn by typing /spawn"
    then i would type "/hm messagecolor 6" (because 6 gets you yellow.)

    However when you change the color of anything in this plugin it changes everyother message too.
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    Yep, that's correct. I'm going to be adding support for &a or &4 for colors in the next version, which I'll probably release tomorrow. Btw, this plugin still works fine in the newest build.
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    :) awesome but idont get it lol so ye..... or well :(
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    Wow nice plugin

    there is a way to remove the id of message near the HelpMessage?

    [HelpMessage 0] My first text

    I want [HelpMessage] My first text

    thank you
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    Is there a way you could make it so that you could turn off the automessages? I want the plugin mainly for the /hm display feature for FAQs that i program in.
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    How do I change the announce message?

    I don't want it to say HelpMessage, I want it to say Timer:
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    I haven't worked on this in a while because it hasn't needed it, but I believe the command is /hm tag Timer:

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