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    HeroChat The Chat Channel Plugin (v 4.10.3)
    Download HeroChat
    Source Code on GitHub This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
    Redmine (Issue/Feature Tracker)

    Permissions 3.0
    Rcjrrcjr has been working quite hard on this upgrade to Permissions. However, it currently still suffers from a number of bugs. The most important of these which directly affects HeroChat is the non-functioning of prefixes and suffixes. There are less-than-pretty workarounds, but I'm refraining from fully supporting an update until Permissions 3.1 is released which should include a number of significant bug fixes. When this does occur, however, I have a build ready for you guys that should work. You can download it here. Again, I highly suggest not using this until Permissions 3.1 is released unless you really don't care about prefixes and such.

    See you when I get back!

    Is your config resetting when you make changes?
    If you make changes to the config while the server is running, you need to use the /ch reload command to make the changes stick. I wish this message wasn't necessary, but people only seem to read things in big, bold, red text (if at all).

    Have a problem? a feature request? Go here.
    HeroChat now has its very own redmine found here. If you have an issue or would like to suggest a new feature, I urge you to file it via redmine. I will be checking this much more often than this thread from here on out.

    Show your thanks! Maintaining plugins like HeroChat is very nearly a full time job. If you enjoy my plugins and appreciate the support I provide, then please consider providing some support of your own. Donating even a tiny amount keeps me motivated and makes me feel loved so go ahead and donate!

    What is HeroChat? HeroChat brings a multiple channel system to Minecraft. Through the use of highly customizable channels, even the largest of servers can have manageable and readable chat.

    • Chat channels
      • Highly configurable
      • Public, private and password protected channels
      • Configurable custom message formatting including colors and health bars
      • Channel moderation
      • Local channels
    • Ignore lists
    • Regex-based censorship
    • User setting persistence
      • Automatically saves your settings when you log out
    • Permissions integration
      • Prefixes and suffixes
      • Restrict joining and speaking in channels
      • Restrict important commands
    • CraftIRC integration
      • Relay messages between Minecraft and IRC
      • Configurable links between in-game and IRC channels
    How do I install it? Take a look at the installation and configuration wiki found here.

    How do I use it? Take a look at the usage wiki found here.

    A Message to Users
    Thanks for all your support! I will do my best to keep this plugin updated and bug free. If you have any issues or feature requests, feel free to either leave a message here or find me in #herochat on EsperNet.

    Extra special thanks to my donors: TheYeti, playnight

    Change Log
    Show change history (open)

    Version 4.10.3
    • Fixed players not rejoining private channels when Permissions isn't loaded first.
    Version 4.10.2

    • Fixed a bug with {group} when not using Permissions
    Version 4.10.1

    • Fixed a bug with CraftIRC join/leave events ignoring the join-messages option
    • Added the {group} tag
    • Added the {groupprefix} tag
    • Added the {groupsuffix} tag
    Version 4.10.0

    • Added the separate-chat-log option
    Version 4.9.0

    • Renamed the global craftIRC-tag option to craftIRC-prefix to avoid confusion
    • Replaced the channel specific craftIRC-tags option with game-to-IRC and IRC-to-game to allow one-way communication
    Version 4.8.11

    • Added color support for the irc-tag
    Version 4.8.10

    • Fixed a bug with privileged channels and reloads
    Version 4.8.9

    • Added the local-distance option to set the local distance on a per-channel basis
    Version 4.8.8

    • Removed debugging code I left in accidentally
    Version 4.8.7

    • Fixed an infinite loop with certain censors
    Version 4.8.6

    • Updated for CraftBukkit 612
    Version 4.8.5

    • Updated for CraftBukkit 602
    Version 4.8.4

    • Added a permissions check before rejoining channels during a /ch reload
    Version 4.8.3

    • User settings are now saved before /ch reload does its thing
    Version 4.8.2

    • Added one-time tells to the /tell command
    • Added the {receiver} tag for use in tell formats
    Version 4.8.1

    • Changing focus now ends /tell conversations
    Version 4.8.0

    • Added the cross-world-chat channel option
    • Separated user data into multiple files
    • Added the /ignore alias for /ch ignore back in
    Version 4.7.6

    • Minor improvement to command handling
    Version 4.7.5

    • Minor fix for certain command specific help pages
    • Added global toggle (toggles all channels) to /ch toggle
    Version 4.7.4

    • Minor internal change to how format tags work
    • Minor change to how messages are sent to CraftIRC (allows player specific tags such as {prefix})
    Version 4.7.3

    • Fixed issue with CraftIRC messages being repeated in IRC
    Version 4.7.2

    • Fixed a bug where /qm g ? would show the command help rather than sending a message
    Version 4.7.1

    • Fixed a minor formatting bug regarding join/leave messages in the console
    Version 4.7.0

    • Added the /tell command to create private conversations
    • Added the incoming-tell-format and outgoing-tell-format options to the config
    Version 4.6.0

    • Added the /ch toggle command to allow temporary enabling/disabling of channels
    Version 4.5.0

    • Added custom replacements to the censor feature in the format 'censoredword;replacement'
    • Added the 'herochat.color' permission to allow players to use colors on the fly in their messages
    • Added the mute (per channel) and gmute (global) commands
    • Revamped help menu
    • Added command specific help. Type /<command> ? to use it (ie. /ch create ?)
    Version 4.4.3

    • Fixed a bug when creating a channel with all 5 arguments provided
    Version 4.4.2

    • Improved command handling
    • Fixed a bug where commands longer than the actual commands were being accepted
    • Removed the {color.COLOR} tags - use the usual &c colors now
    • Replaced the {color.CHANNEL} tag with {color}
    Version 4.4.1

    • Fixed a bug with colors in message formats containing underscores
    Version 4.4.0

    • Added regex based word censor
    Version 4.3.7

    • Fixed any and all line wrapping issues (thanks to Bukkit for fixing MC's color line-wrapping bug)
    Version 4.3.6

    • Added the reserved channel name list back in
    • Fixed a potential issue with the /<channel> <message> shortcut command
    Version 4.3.5

    • A default configuration file is now created if you do not have one
    Version 4.3.4

    • Removed the DEBUG message I left in
    Version 4.3.3

    • Fixed line wrapping issues related to Finnish characters.
    Version 4.3.2

    • Fixed the ignore feature
    Version 4.3.1

    • Quick messaging now also relays to IRC
    • Added an option to configure the format for game->IRC messages
    Version 4.3.0

    • Added CraftIRC support!
    Version 4.2.1

    • Updated the help command to reflect the password additions
    Version 4.2.0

    • Added passworded channels
    • Updated /ch create command to allow passworded channel creation
    Version 4.1.6

    • Fixed a bug related to negative health values.
    Version 4.1.5

    • Fixed an error when using custom display names.
    Version 4.1.4

    • Added full error reporting to Permissions issues.
    Version 4.1.2

    • Added licensing information to source and original post.
    Version 4.1.1

    • Finally found the cause of the line wrapping bug. It's fixed now.
    • Implemented stricter version checking for Permissions. HeroChat will disable itself it the right version isn't found.
    Version 4.1.0

    • Added a message for the plugin's onDisable() method.
    • Re-implemented the old quick message feature.
    • Added world specific channels.
    • Fixed the /ch reload command.
    • Added the {world} and {healthbar} tags.
    • Added an overloaded sendMessage for other plugins to use.
    Version 4.0.2

    • Minor change to make HeroChat compatible with future Permissions version names
    Version 4.0.1

    • Fixed a bug when creating channels without specifying a color
    • Decided on a more logical version naming scheme
    Version 4.00

    • Major internal rewrite
    • Added error handling around Permissions to help identify issues with Permissions configs
    • Temporarily removed iChat support
    • Updated for new versions of Permissions
    • The old /ch channels command is now /ch list
    • The old /ch list command is now /ch who
    Version 3.21

    • Another attempt to fix line wrapping.
    Version 3.20

    • Fixed an issue with the /ch remove command.
    Version 3.19

    • Minor adjustment to line wrapping.
    Version 3.18

    • Moved command handling to onCommand.
    • Removed replaced old quick messaging behavior with /qm <channel> <message>.
    • Reworked /ch create command.
    • Added special /ch help create menu.
    • Updated to add Permissions 2.4 support.
    • Removed GroupManager support.
    Version 3.17

    • Fixed banning and kicking players again.
    Version 3.16

    • Players are no longer able to speak in a channel after being kicked or banned from it.
    Version 3.15

    • Added configurable option that defines the tag used to prefix all plugin messages - defaults to [HeroChat]
    Version 3.14

    • Added support for {healthbar} tags in prefixes and suffixes
    Version 3.13

    • Added support for GroupManager. Permissions should still work though!
    Version 3.12

    • Minor internal changes
    Version 3.08

    • Updated to meet new Bukkit standards
    • Fixed long constructor spam
    Version 3.07

    • Added support for other plugins to send messages to channels without a Player object
    • Bug Fix: another attempt to work around the local chat location issues
    Version 3.06

    • Bug Fix: other plugin commands should work again
    Version 3.05

    • Bug Fix: accidentally forgot to set loaded channels to saved
    Version 3.04

    • Added checks for cancelled events.
    • Bug Fix: channels are now only saved if the "saved" option is added
    Version 3.03

    • Bug fix: local channels should REALLY save and work correctly - seriously.
    • Bug fix: the /ch reload command no longer crashes the client
    Version 3.02

    • Bug fix: local channels should now save correctly.
    Version 3.01

    • Bug fix: fixed missing permissions check when automatically joining channels the first time a user enters the server
    Version 3.00

    • Added optional join/leave messages.
    • Channel moderators can now delete their own channels.
    • Channel moderators can now ban users preemptively, even if they aren't online.
    • All user settings are now saved across logins.
    • Removed the /ch auto and /ch default commands as they are now obsolete.
    • Configurations are now stored in a different file with a slightly different format. Old data.yml files are converted automatically to assist in this change.
    Version 2.67

    • Bug fix: issue with /ch list
    • Bug fix: issue with /ch mod
    Version 2.66

    • Bug fix: fixed an issue where players couldn't toggle off their personal autojoins
    Version 2.65

    • Bug fix: forgot to include plugin.yml in the jar last build
    Version 2.64

    • Fixed censor color code formatting
    Version 2.63

    • Cleaned up code a bit
    Version 2.62

    • Improved line wrapping so the last color of the first line is reapplied for each subsequent line
    Version 2.61

    • Players can now add channels to auto-join with the /ch auto command
    • Minor bug fixes
    Version 2.53

    • Actually removed channel joining messages when plugin is enabled (silly typos)
    Version 2.52

    • Removed channel joining messages when plugin is enabled (or externally reloaded)
    Version 2.51

    • Fixed rejoining default channels when reloading the plugin via Essentials
    Version 2.50

    • Added health bar support from iChat (iChat required)
    • Bug fixes
    Version 2.42

    • Minor bug fix to improve player nickname support
    Version 2.41

    • The join, leave and ignore commands can now also be accessed using /ch join, /ch leave and /ch ignore, respectively
    Version 2.40

    • Fixed major bug with /ch reload command
    • Message formatting now uses Player.getDisplayName() instead of Player.getName()
    Version 2.33

    • More bug fixes (fixed channels not being checked for join permissions when attempting to autojoin channels at startup)
    Version 2.32

    • Various bug fixes
    Version 2.31

    • Prefixes and suffixes can now be user-specific
    Version 2.30

    • Slight configuration file restructuring (I promise this will be one of the last times this occurs)
    • Channels can now have restricted join and speak privileges based on permission groups
    • Channels can choose to override the default format string
    • Minor bug fixes
    Version 2.20

    • Console logging added.
    Version 2.10

    • Fixed bug so that message formatting works properly
    • Hidden channels are now hidden from the channel list even if you're in them
    Version 2.00

    • Massive restructuring of code
    • Redone config files - make sure to read the new configuration section
    • Channel moderation added (/ch kick, /ch ban, /ch mod)
    • Custom message formatting added
    • Local channel distance is now adjustable
    • More bug fixes
    Version 1.10

    • Added the /ch reload command
    • Improved suffix support
    • Improved multi-line message support
    • Various minor bug fixes
    Version 1.00

    • Initial public release!
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    How do i make it when some one joins a channel they leave the one they were in :D ?
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    waiting herochat 5 for permissions 3.1.6--->bpermissions
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    Im looking to switch to bpermissions/PEX - bukkit permissions, very soon as opposed to permissions 3.1.6
    Wondering if this plugin works with it? Sorry If I missed it on the first page.
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    They will not. PermissionsBukkit and Permissions use totally different APIs. Even with SuperpermBridge, they won't likely add support because it makes plugins depend on the old way of doing things. Configuration and permission are seperate things now, like they should be.
    It will not require a massive recode, and is likely to be how the feature is implemented. This is the proper way to do prefixes based on Superperms, anyway.
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    Hey, idk if this has been answered, but is it possible to do this?

    [g][Owner]1born2kill: Hi!

    Instead of [g]1born2kill: HI!
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    Using permissions 2/3 yes. its in the op on how to do this.
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    Suddenly today the commands stopped working, i use /ch help, nothing happens. i use /ch list, appears something like this: List of channels: but none channels below, i use /ch reload, nothing happens, but in the console i get no errors? Help!!
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    does this plugin have faction tag support for factions?
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    i bet you have some sort of errors on startup..
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    Read the Instalation and Configuration Wiki about formatting. You need to use Permissonions 3 or PEX to get prefixes working, at the moment using PermissionsBukkit with SuperpermBridge doesn't support prefixes (asking SuperpermBridge for a prefix just returns nothing because Superperms doesn't do options like prefixes).

    Check your config.yml file; it sounds like HeroChat couldn't load it. Do you get any errors on startup or any other time? Please post the full error inside a spoiler or pastebin, and also your config file. Also, do you run on a hosting service or on your own machine? Did you recently change anything (that you know of)? Was the server running the whole time this happened or was it restarted? All these questions need to be answered for us to get an idea of what might be wrong.
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    I get no errors at startup, it says something like
    [INFO] [HeroChat] 4.10 enabled
    [INFO] [HeroChat] Found permissions!

    And then it opens the other plugins, I host my server on my own machine. I didn't change anything in the config file, but i change so many other plugins tho. And I can't remember if the server was running or no, but suddenly this happened. :(
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    Well.. that blows I have all the chat configured using mChat... Cause I use PermissionsBukkit and SuperPermBridge.. so for now I can't do it? :/
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    If you are using mChat why are you also using HeroChat? Did you mean you wanted to switch to HeroChat?

    HeroChat currently doesn't support prefixes and suffixes using SuperPerms, no. This is because the latest version of HeroChat released came out before SuperPerms was build into Bukkit.

    The new version is likely to have support, but we'll have to wait until that comes out.

    If you use using SuperPerms, PEX has support for both SuperPerms for Permissions 3.x plugins (so I'm told - I'd go check it out), so if you use PEX to manage your permissions instead of PermissionBukkit you'll get all the features. I'm going to look into this at some point myself; it may be a worthwhile change while we wait for a HeroChat 5.0

    Is there anything in your config.yml file at all? I'm not entirely sure how HeroChat would react, but perhaps the config file is blank? Also, did you modify any permissions?

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    No it just that my server has now Over 50 People, and its getting hectic because the chat spams.. I'm looking for a lightweight Chat Plugin that can handle Local Chat, and Global Chat, while I'm able to use mChat
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    I've got a few questions...
    Is this like EssentialsChat where it kills other chat plugins?
    Is HeroChat compatible with another chat plugin that supplies prefixes? (jChat/mChat)
    Is this compatible with bPermissions?
    Is this worth having on a server if i ONLY want Channels and censorship? (There are "younger" players on my serv)
    Are the prefixes in this plugin able to do this without any other chat plugins for color?
    {Owner} SPAMCraft1: Test
    And this:
    [Default] Larry: Test
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    My their very nature, Chat plugins are not compatible with each other, especially full-on solutions like mChat or HeroChat. You should only ever really use one plugin that affects chat, unless the plugins where specifically designed to work with each other.

    HeroChat supports prefixes and suffixes (including color), but it uses the old Permissions 3.x system because it has not yet been updated for Superperms. A solution to this (I am told) is to run PEX, which provides both a Permissions 3 interface with working prefixes and suffixes, but also it sets nodes through Bukkit's Superperms so plugins which have already converted to the new system will work as well.
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    Getting unsupported operation spams with any permissions plugin except 3.1.6 (deprecated)

    pd: where to get dev builds?
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    Nice plugin, But I can't change the color and he doesn't work for "Factions"
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    Hey guys sorry if I missed it but is there any way to get rid of the channel names? I want the public chat to just be the persons Prefix and their name which I have worked out but I would like to get rid of the channel names. Thanks
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    Is it possible to have support for permissionsbukkit included here so the plugin can see groups properly?
    Also, two "Unsupported operation"s everytime anyone says anything in chat..
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    Channel name is done by the {nick} field, so remove that from the message format for the default channel.
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    Didn't work for me, I got [DEFAULT-NICK]
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    Cosmic Break

    how do i make this work with CraftIRC, the setup guide is outdated...
  25. For those that want Faction support I would look at this!
    Very nice plugin for channel creation etc, and doesn't overwrite your current Chat settings.
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    Disregard my last question I got it fixed :D Thank you.
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    it doesnt give me the .jar file when I download it...? can someone help me I've been trying for some time now...and I just can't get it to work.
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    Ok so one guy said it works with PEX, the other said it doesn't work with any permissions except the old one. So does it work with PEX or not?
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    I have it running right now with PEX, and is working great. no issues.
    Prefixes and colors working well.
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    Works fine with PEX here as well.
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    thx lol
    and thx

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