Inactive [CHAT/GENERAL] RulePromote - Promote Players By Knowing Wrong Words From The Rules [1.1-R7]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Soxra, Mar 4, 2012.

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    RulePromote is a plugin which lets players who login the first time on the server promote theirselves. They have to know one or two wrong words which are standing in the Rules. For example one word in the Rules on the website and one word in the Rules ingame. If they know the words they can type/promote after this they have to input the wrong words with /rp [Word1] [Word2]. After this they get promoted to the group selected in the config.yml.

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    Thanks :)
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    It's funny, I've literally just started crafting a new server together and I was looking for this exact utility. Perfect timing ;)
    I'll give this puppy a try and give you my feedback.

    thank you :)
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    OMGOSH I tryed this plugin, works, SO AWSOME! Very Good Work, Recomend Everyone who has a good RPG or Survival server to get this plugin! I also like how its noob friendly. Awsomez work mate! :)
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    Good Plugin! Could you Change it that the message will doesn't shown if the Player had promote herself?
    Because I had tested it and the Message will shown on every Login and not only when you don't have rights.
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    When I do /rp [word 1] [word 2] It says that it had worked, and It promotes me to 'Null', when I set it to promote me to Member.

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