[CHAT/GEN/RPG] Courier v1.1.9 - In-game rendered mail letters [1.6.4-R2.0]

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    Version: 1.1.9 (changelog)
    Download: Courier v1.1.9
    BukkitDev: Main page
    BukkitDev: Forum (includes roadmaps for future releases)
    BukkitDev: Bugs and suggestions

    NOTE: The main home for this plugin is on BukkitDev! Comments and discussion there, please :)

    Courier - An Item based player to player mail system for Bukkit Minecraft servers
    by defxor
    Allows creation of text note items and sending of letters to players no matter if they're online or offline. The letters are delivered by postmen at intervals specified in the config file, and letters can be stored and handled as any other item for later reading. We wanted something that not only allowed us to pass notes to each other, but also felt like it was part of the regular Minecraft environment.

    We believe we succeeded.

    For more information, see the BukkitDev description page.
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    Thanks! And yes, I've noticed the recurring theme on submitted tickets ;) It's more a question of how to design it to be simple to use and still feel "in character" with Minecraft.

    My plan is to at least have a new-player parcel for the next version.
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    Courier v1.1.1 has been released.

    • When using Enderman as Postman they won't teleport away when out in open areas. This is due to new APIs appearing in Bukkit 1.1-R4 and thus solving Courier's longest outstanding known caveat ;)
    • Updated French translation. Credits to Mogolecho. (ticket #48)
    • Sometimes Courier would catch a NullPointerException but unfortunately immediately create an IndexOutOfBoundsException - disconnecting the client.
    • Will now properly read an old message database from Apple Java 6 if the server admin upgrades to OpenJDK 7, and the message database contains high ascii characters. (This is due to changes in the default charset from MacRoman to UTF8)
    (This was a minor upgrade thanks to Bukkit making it possible to solve the teleportation issue. v1.2.0 is the next major release)
  4. I have a dutch translation if you want it.
    Show Spoiler
    # Config file version is used internally to detect non backward compatible breaks
    # All times are in seconds, distances in blocks
    # Strings can use &0..&f color coding
    # koerier has been tested with Postman.Type 'Enderman' and 'Villager', but will accept all Creature-types
    # Route.WalkToPlayer is not used for Monster-Postmen (they would attack), only "friendly mobs".
    #  - Set to false if Villager-Postmen keep pushing you into lava ;)
      UseFees: false
      Version: 1.1.1
      UpdateInterval: 18000        # Checks for new versions every 5h. A value of 0 disables.
        Send: 10
        InfoFee: "&7koerier: &fde verzend prijs is %s"
        InfoNoFee: "&7koerier: &fhet kost niks om post te versturen op deze server"
        InitialWait: 10
        NextRoute: 60
        WalkToPlayer: true
        SealedEnvelope: true
        Type: 'Enderman'
        QuickDespawn: 3
        Despawn: 20
        SpawnDistance: 10
        BreakSpawnProtection: true
        Greeting: "&7koerier: &fDe postbode is gearriveerd met post voor jou!"
        MailDrop: "&7koerier: &fJe post ligt op de grond."
        Inventory: "&7koerier: &fJe had je handen vol, de postbode heeft de post in je rugzak gestopt."
        CannotDeliver: "&7koerier: &fDe postbode heeft post voor jou, maar had geen toestemming om hier te komen."
        ExtraDeliveries: "&7koerier: &fDe postbode zal nog een keer post rondbrengen."
        NoUnreadMail: "&7koerier: &fJe hebt geen ongelezen post."
        ShowDate: true
        Drop: "&7koerier: &fJe rugzak zat vol, de brief is op de grond gegooid."
        Inventory: "&7koerier: &fe had je handen vol, de postbode heeft de brief in je rugzak gestopt."
        NoText: "&7koerier: &cFOUT: geen tekst om toe te voegen aan de brief!"
        SkippedText: "&7koerier: &cDelen van de ingevoerde tekst kunnen niet getoond worden en zijn overgeslagen!"
        CreateFailed: "&7koerier: &cKon de brief niet maken! Stuur een bericht naar een Admin!"
        NoMoreUIDs: "&7koerier: &cGeen unieke brief-IDs meer over! Stuur een bericht naar een Admin!"
        NoCredit: "&7koerier: &cFout: je hebt niet genoeg geld om de brief te versturen(%s)"
        NoRecipient: "&7koerier: &cFout: Er is niemand om de brief naar te sturen!"
        DidYouMean: "&7koerier: &cKon deze speler niet vinden: %1$s. Bedoelde je %2$s?"          # 1$ = input, 2$ = match
        DidYouMeanList: "&7koerier: &cKon deze speler niet vinden: %s. Bedoelde je een van deze spelers?"
        DidYouMeanList2: "&7koerier:&f %s"
        NoSuchPlayer: "&7koerier: &cEr is op deze server geen speler met de naam %s!"
        LetterSent: "&7koerier: &aBrief naar %s verzonden!"
        LetterSentFee: "&7koerier: &aBrief naar %1$s verzonden! Verzend prijs van %2$s betaald."    # 1$ = recipient, 2$ = fee
        FundProblem: "&7koerier: &cEr kon geen geen geld van je ''rekening'' gehaald worden . Stuur een bericht naar een Admin!"
        NoLetter: "&7koerier: &fJe moet de brief die je wilt versturen in je hand hebben! Zie /koerier"
        Line1: "&f/letter bericht: &7Maakt een brief of voegt tekst toe aan een bestaande brief"
        Line2: "&f/post spelernaam: &7Verstuurt de brief die je in je hand hebt naar spelersnaam"
        Line3: "&f/koerier fees: &7Laat de kosten om een brief te versturen zien, als die er zijn."
        Line4: "&f/koerier ongelezen: &7Aanvraag van herbezorging van alle ongelezen post."
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    Much appreciated - added! It will be included in the v1.2.o release :)

    (I made some small changes you might want to verify though, automatic find/replace on courier? - link)
  6. don't see to much difference, probably color codes :p
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    Is there a way to have new players receive a default starting letter?

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    It will be part of the v1.2.0 release.
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    Yay ;3 (also are you a redditor?)
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    Awesome, great job! Can't wait for version 1.2.0 =)

    Edit: Got a little idea.

    What about having mailboxes? E.g, a player can have a chest with a sign above it saying "Mailbox" at their house and messages would be delivered inside the chest by the postman. If a player received a message it will say "You have a new message in your mailbox"
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  11. awesome and maybe with your name on the sign too so that the postman can recognize it as your mailbox
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    Yeah something like that, I think it could be pretty cool sending messages from house to house.
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    Courier v1.1.5 has been released.

    • Letters can now cost resources to create (ticket #16)
    • Compatible with Bukkit 1.1-R5
    • Dutch translation thanks to spiderbiggen
    • Nothing. This release is mostly to be compatible with Bukkit 1.1-R5. v1.2.0 development is ongoing.
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    this is freaking amazing dude

    ok, big problem with this plugin


    seriously, i had the installed, and loaded up my server, average 19% CPU, like normal, someone joined, and it shot up to 98% CPU usage average. i tested it with me, and other players. you need to fix this, i cant use this plugin while its doing that. did the same with RAM, shot up to using nearly all of it

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    no need to be rude. Courier is working fine for others. If you think that the plugin is causing problems, do the usual troubleshooting steps -- confirm your settings, check the error logs, etc. If the problem persists, then post enough information to allow others to help. It would be useful to know your CB version and other plugins.
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    I'd love to but then we need to find out why that happened first ;) Courier is used on thousands of servers and this is the first such feedback I've got, but if there's an obvious solution it will absolutely get implemented.

    I'll send you a PM on BukkitDev with a link to a debug build of Courier v1.1.5. Maybe we can get something out of the log.
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    im not being rude at all

    also, when i see CPU and RAM hogs, i dont assosciate that with a bug in the program, my first thought is that it wasnt coded to be resource efficient
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    Let's try the second thought then ;) There's a PM with a debug build waiting for you at BukkitDev - Courier is most definitely coded to be resource efficient. The underlying problem you saw might be really interesting to track down the reason for though - I've seen one other developer with a "magic" CPU spike before that there seems to be no explanation for, yet.
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    The plugin is good, I like it. One thing that is messed up though is if you take a map from someones inventory with OpenInv it will glitch out and not finish showing the text.

    One suggestion, would it be possible to make it where it says to hit the enderman or something? 90% of the people I test it with don't know that they have to hit the mob to get it :p
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    Thanks! Could I bother you to post a ticket with a bit more information over on BukkitDev? That is, whether the Letter still contains the correct content (and renders it correctly if dropped and picked up again) etc. It could be similar to other inventory related rendering issues I've seen and if so I will need the new Inventory events currently residing in Bukkit-Bleeding to be merged into Bukkit to fix it. I do want to keep track of it though ;)

    It should be quite possible to change the
    Courier.Postman.Greeting: "&7Courier: &fA Postman has arrived with your mail!"
    node in config.yml ;)
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    Can you include a function like sending a mail automatically to new comers in the next release?
    This plugin is awesome! And the best best part is the enderman :p I love your plugin :D
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    I think you'll be happy looking at the roadmap ;)

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    Courier v1.1.6 has been released.

    • German translation by lordtobiMC
    • "[SEVERE] Could not pass event PlayerItemHeldEvent" appearing in the log (ticket #36)
    • On worlds with no solid block layers ("void worlds") Courier could hang the server when trying to spawn Postmen (ticket #62)
    As far as I know Courier works fine on the v1.2.3 Bukkit beta builds. Please post tickets on BukkitDev if you find any issues.
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    The only problem is that it runs off maps, have 1458 maps is kinda worthless, wouldn't you agree?
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    Sorry, but I'm not sure I follow. Courier uses one single actual map to render all the different Letters.

    (Or do you mean that you cannot easily see the difference between Letters in the inventory using, for example, tool tips? I'm planning on adding that in the future using the new client-server communication channels in Bukkit/MC)
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    If its my server or not idk, if you don't have a map on you it generates one when you get a message. I have 1458 registered maps on my server with only 20 people on it.
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    Courier pre v1.0.0 created one new actual map for each written Letter. Courier v1.0.0 and onwards uses only one :) Unfortunately, the way Minecraft works it's not possible to "get back" the ones that have been used, if you installed Courier already back then, but at least it won't allocate any new ones any more.

    (There's a strict difference between the actual map files in your world folder and map Items you see in your inventory. One actual map file can have any number of map Items pointing to it)
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    I'm using bukkit build 1.1-R3 and using the latest version of Courier and whenever i right click a enderman (or villager) it does nothing and walks around. When i type "/courier unread" it fails to send a enderman at all, nor does it notify you of any messages.
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    The latest versions of Courier are built for Bukkit-R5 and onwards (up to R7). Due to changes in how the event system works it's not possible to be backwards compatible, sorry.

    Btw, /courier unread is never meant to send a Postman. The only real reason for that command is when you've taken delivery of a Letter and then misplaced it without ever having read it. I.e, it marks all unread Letters as undelivered. It doesn't change the delivery schedule at all.

    (The meant-for-OPs-only command /postman does however send a Postman instantly)
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    Ahhh . . . ok anyways 2ND BEST PLUGINS EVER Have a diamond [diamond]
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    please do add the chest mail feature i saw in the dev forum, the other plugin that has similar features (mailbox packages) just isnt good for my server, i would want a letter only mailbox to prevent people from exploiting and macroing in pvp
    Thanks :D

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