[CHAT/GEN/RPG] Courier v1.1.9 - In-game rendered mail letters [1.6.4-R2.0]

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    Version: 1.1.9 (changelog)
    Download: Courier v1.1.9
    BukkitDev: Main page
    BukkitDev: Forum (includes roadmaps for future releases)
    BukkitDev: Bugs and suggestions

    NOTE: The main home for this plugin is on BukkitDev! Comments and discussion there, please :)

    Courier - An Item based player to player mail system for Bukkit Minecraft servers
    by defxor
    Allows creation of text note items and sending of letters to players no matter if they're online or offline. The letters are delivered by postmen at intervals specified in the config file, and letters can be stored and handled as any other item for later reading. We wanted something that not only allowed us to pass notes to each other, but also felt like it was part of the regular Minecraft environment.

    We believe we succeeded.

    For more information, see the BukkitDev description page.
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    v0.9.1 changelog

    • "New players can't receive mail right away" (found by GICodeWarrior)
      • Player name searching is now done within online playerlist as well
    • "Letters don't render completely when picked up" (ticket #1)
    • "Announce postman arrival" (suggested by GICodeWarrior)
      • Two new configuration strings have been added for Postman greeting as well as information when mail is dropped to ground
    • %loc (and %pos) found by themselves inside a message will be replaced with current [X,Y,Z] location
    • Lazy name matching
      • Inbuilt Bukkit lazy name matching is used to suggest "Did you mean?" if no exact match is found
      • NOTE: If more than one match is found, a new permission - courier.list - is required to see the full list (default OP)
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    Indeed you did! I did search through the request forum when I released it but unfortunately I didn't see your thread - else I would've replied in it. I do agree with some of the suggestions posted on BukkitDev on how to take this forward which seem to fit with your RPG vision as well :)
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    You could ad a optional feature that letters are deleted 1 hour after someone read it. Until you have a good Idea to remove them. And I have 1 question: Is the limit of 65.000 maps that 65.000 maps have to be on the server at the same time or just 65.000 maps have to be created?

    A Limit for how much letters can be sent would be amazing, too.
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    65536 maps created in total, ever, per world. I'm going to write up more information on the BukkitDev page since there has been several suggestions - it's actually not trivial. The MapID handling in Minecraft is positively horrible and not at all suitable for this kind of trickery really ;)

    (I can't "delete" a Letter and get the MapID that was created back. I can only, from Courier's point of view, reuse already existing MapIDs when I deem them to have expired)

    v0.9.2 changelog

    • "No deliveries after reload" (ticket #5)
    • "Postmen are spawned outside even if it's raining" (ticket #4)
    • Previous version had to be reloaded twice for default additions to the config to become active (thanks to GICodeWarrior for pointing it out)
    • Nothing. This was a quick fix due to ticket #5 being considered high priority.

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    What exactly happens when there are to many maps? Sorry for so much questions. Oh and is there a function to set how much letters can be sent each hour / day etc.?
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    How awesome is that? Great concept, thanks for making it!

    Edit.: For the map- problem: I guess it's not a problem if the plugin starts to delete the first maps when the limit is reached since they're most likely old. Really old.
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    The proper title for the new RB system is [1.0.1.-R1]
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    When the counter reaches 65535 Minecraft will simply refuse to create any new maps :) Regarding limits I have Economy support (through Vault) implemented in a dev branch and it will be in the next version I release. I haven't thought about adding other forms of limitation though, but if there's a need I will think about it.

    Thanks! :) And yes, some sort of reuse is necessary. I'm saving the date each letter is created already and it will probably be a configurable duration, with some sort of failsafe for really busy servers.

    (I guess I should give up in trying to get you all to comment on BukkitDev instead? ;))
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    I like da good ol' forums, sorry. :oops:
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    Really awsome work, keep it up :)
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    Have you ever thought about a Mailbox? I just love this plugin
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    And moved to releases.
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    permission which is supported?
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    Courier uses the built in permission handling in Bukkit, any SuperPerms capable plugin will work.

    v0.9.5 changelog

    • Economy support for postal fees
      • This is the major reason for this release. Set UseFees to true in the config and make sure to have Vault and your Economy plugin of choice installed.
    • "Deliver directly to inventory" (issue #4)
    • "change default permission for courier.send to op" (ticket #7)
    • "long usernames don't fit current 'Letter from'" (ticket #6)

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  18. hey please help, i love this plugin but i dont see a postman or any post or maps or anything,

    our perms are correct and we get the message "postman has arrived"

    but still no postman.... :(
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    This will NOT work if you have mob spawning disabled in places that you're standing. The idea for this is awesome, but unfortunately, WorldGuard, Alerter and other plugins can prevent the postman from appearing at all. As much as I love this plugin, my towns are all mob spawn disabled, rendering it useless.
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    its posibale to add a postman player
  21. yeah factions i presume is stopping this, will need to find a work around as this plugin is very wanted and cant have factions also.

    wait the postman is a mob? if so which mob? and howcome all other mobs except monsters can spawn in my city...

    still no postman :(
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    I must confess we don't use any spawn protection on our server and I had simply not considered the problem. Courier uses Endermen as Postmen (in my twisted mind it fits the Minecraft universe well since they teleport and carry things already) - but they're completely pacified and I'm thus halfway done with an override that I've tested works with at least WorldGuard and should work for other protection plugins as well as long as they aren't canceling spawns at top ("Highest") event priority.

    ("Override" as in it will allow only those Endermen that are pacified Courier Postmen to spawn of course)

    edit: The tickets to follow are "don't assume spawning succeeded" and "override mobspawn deniers")
  23. ok thanks for this info, im going to make a work around using essentials and factions, im going to allow endermen to spawn everywhere and see how it rolls :) will report back
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    Nice. Going to give this a try...

    "My dearest Martha,

    It is hot as hell here and the Creepers are unrelenting. We lost some good men today, but the sheep shearing season is almost over."

    /Jebediah, Minecraft 1876
    /Ken Burns
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    I've uploaded a tentative v0.9.6 that (mostly) attempts to override mob spawn protection. Before I make it a full release I'd like to hear your opinion though, since I've only tested it briefly with WorldGuard myself. If you want, please download it and report back here. Thanks.

    If it works as intended and no new bugs have crept in I'll release it as 0.9.6 on the BukkitDev page as soon as I've heard from you :)
  26. whats with a place you can choose, where the postman starts his walk- or you do a human npc called postman :D

    maybe a place, where he stands if nothings left to do? :eek:
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    Sure thing! I'll test it out today. Thank you very much.

    Well, it's working. He spawns in protected zones now, but he seems a bit erratic in the way that he moves. It could be that the area has a lot of fences or something but approaching him seems to send him teleporting off to another location nearby before I can reach him.

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    Thanks for testing! What protection plugin was it you tested with?

    (The teleportation problem is unfortunately known, the APIs I need to fix it are planned to be in the next release of CraftBukkit. Until then go indoors into a more closed off space :))
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    WorldGuard, although I am debating on going back to Alerter once PK updates it for 1.0
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    Ok. If you do and it changes the success of the override I made please make sure to let me know :) Until then, thanks for the verification!
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