[CHAT/FUN/RPG] Thor v.2.4.1 - The power is your hands! [1.5.1-R0.1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by number1_Master, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Cheers Mon, i really appreciate it!!
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    How to Install this mod?
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    How can i use the thors hammer? /tohr's hammer. And then?
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    I am truly sorry for the late reply; I was on vacation.
    When you type /thor's hammer (or /thors hammer), a golden axe (by default) will be able to strike lightning on click.
    When you type /thor's hammer -d (or /thors hammer -d), a golden axe (by default) will be able to strike lightning, causing damage to any mob / player.
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    Is there an actual hammer for the /thor's hammer command? Because nothing appeared for me. Isn't there like a block or a tool or something?
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    By default, a gold axe is the hammer.
    Since I play Minecraft survival strictly, I do not believe in giving someone an item out of no where. You have to get the item manually / spawn it in yourself.
  7. How could you possibly go wrong with thors hammer? I APPROVE THIS PLUGIN!!![cake]
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    There will always be a moron in the world which will screw up Thor's hammer!

    Do you still need to know how? Sorry, I missed your comment.
  9. I was saying that it was a good i sea and that i like it
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    I know, that is why I liked your post :D
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    can we get a /thortp? for teleporting with lightning effects?
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    Sure, I will add that feature to the next update!
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    i need help installing this mod plz im new to the whole mod thing and dont know how to install them could u plz help
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    It isn't hard. Just drag and drop it into your plugins folder.
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    well hey i liked this plugin but then mc updated im having some trouble im the owner right when i get out of gm i start burning and my food instantly drop anyhelp al the hammer dident work only the join and rage quit.. help please
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    Thor does not edit players' food bar nor set players on fire randomly.
    When you say Thor's hammer isn't working, what do you mean by that!
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    Majestic Majid

    what does the thor hammer even do? nothing? it would be awesome if it gave you a hammer you could hold :D bw is there a plug in like that?
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    Thor's hammer does NOT give you a hammer. By default, the hammer is a golden axe (unless you changed it in the config.yml). You have to get spawn the hammer or make it legitly.
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    i cant use it it says. if u get this message please contact number1_master
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    O yes thanks for reminding me. I have fixed that, however I'm adding a special feature and waiting for 1.7 :)
    This can be ignored ... the command still seems to be working :)
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    Telling me it doesn't work doesn't help me ... and did you even read this:

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