Inactive [CHAT] DisableMessage I - This disables the bad messages! [1.3.2-R0.1]

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    DisableMessage- This disables the bad messages!
    Version: II
    BukkitDev: DisableMessage

    This plugin disables the regular messages of Minecraft without a config or some user work!

    • Disables the join message
    • Disables the quit message
    • Disables the death messages
    1) Put your downloaded JAR-file in the plugins-folder
    2) Start the Server
    3) Enjoy the void! :)

    Download here DisableMessage!

    Version II
    • Release Version
    • Adding the disabling of the death messages
    Version I
    • The not released Pre-Version
    • Adding the disabling of the join and qiut message

    I can't edit my first post and can't insert a new link... :eek:

    DisableMessage III:
    * Fixing the name and version that is displayed in the console of version II

    Here you can download the new DisableMessage:

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    Can this thread be deleted? I don't need it anymore (and I don't update it too) because all my plugins are on BukkitDev! :D

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