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    DisableChat - Turn chat on/off!:
    Version: v0.1

    This plugin allows for a player to turn off chat. I had trouble finding this for my server due to the fact that some plugins like Buycraft and Apply have it, but they have other features I don't really need as well. This is just a simple plugin that turns off chat, and turns it on for players. This is useful for players on your Towny/Factions/other server if they are receiving too much chat.

    * Adds a simple command to turn chat on/off
    * Completely disables receiving messages if chat is off

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    Source Code

    Version 0.1
    * First Release
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    Can you customize the message displayed when you're unable to chat?
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    Is this any differnt from clicking ESC, going into youroptions, multiplayer option, and then turning chat off from there?
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    Tag me when you do so I can update!

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