[CHAT] ColorNames v1.2.2 - Make your name stand out [1060]

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    ColorNames - Make your name stand out!
    version: v1.2.2

    ColorNames is a simple, no-extras plugin for coloring your name with bInfo and/or in-game.

    Note- ColorNames' coloring is checked first, then bInfo.
    Note- I do not know what other plugins like bInfo will work, but if they emulate it they might.

    • Hook into bInfo prefix/suffixes!
    • Change the color of your name IN GAME with /color <color>!
    • Change the color of your MESSAGE with /colormessage <color>!
    • Make a random colored message every time you type with /colormessage random!
    • Color recognition- You don't have to type in the number!
    • Color blacklist!
    • Use superperms nodes to allow changing of colors!
    • Superperms not required! Above defaults to OP.
    Commands: (open)

    • /color <color>
    • /color <color> <name>
    • /colormessage <color>
    • /colormessage <color> <name>
    • /colormessage random <name>

    Permission nodes (open)

    Note: They correspond to the commands above
    Note: Superperms, not the plugin Permissions
    • colornames.changecolor.self
    • colornames.changecolor.others
    • colornames.changemessagecolor.self
    • colornames.changemessagecolor.others
    Note: The wildcard * works, used like colornames.changecolor.* or just colornames.* for everything.

    Download : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18830644/ColorNames.jar
    Source: https://github.com/khyperia/Plugins/tree/Main/ColorNames/src
    Note: I may not keep source super-up-to-date, so don't be alarmed if its a day behind
    Config howto: Just replace 'true' with 'false' on any color that you don't want to be able to be used

    • Fix bug by making names generate on-chat. (This won't screw with other plugins, as it still will be using displayname)
    Bugs: (open)

    • [minor] When externally changing your nickname, such as essentials /nick, the color of your name gets reset to default (white w/o permissions, prefix/suffix with it)

    version 1.2.2
    • Fixed /colormessage random "internal error" (dumb NPEs)
    • Fixed message that came up when you colored your own name. (the 'other guy' and 'myself' messages were backwards)
    • So I guess I could say I also fixed message for coloring other's names.
    version 1.2.1
    • Removed plugin permissions support
    • Added superperms support
    • Added color blacklist (and config.yml)
    More changelog: (open)

    version 1.2
    • Added message coloring
    • Added random message color
    version 1.1
    • Added ability for changing others colors
    • Added name recogition, ie. "kHyP" would equal "khyperia"
    version 1.0

    • Initial release
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    since i don't use permissions, it will default to op.
    since the people that play on my server can't change it themselves can i change it for them?

    EDIT: i saw now that you have plans fot making that possible, nvm my question then :)
    i will download when you got that made possible, nice plug in :)

    also, will the color be changed in the chat too?
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    Im actually coding right now, in the planned section you can see the command /color <color> <player>. This lets you change others' name colors. It will probably be done in about an hour, but Ill post when its done.

    Yes, that is what the plugin is about. If you mean the server log, yes, I think it will too, as I *think* that uses DisplayName, or that may be a plugin that I have that I didn't realize. Also, if the /list command that you are using uses DisplayName, those will show up colored too. (a good way to check if you have something like Essentials change your nickname, then use the list command. If it shows up as your nickname, and not your actual name, then it uses DisplayName)

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    oh sorry i meant, will the color appear above the player???
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    oh, geez, I dont know. If you have essentials, you can get a friend and give them a nickname, and if the name above their heads is that nickname, then yes, it will change color. If its still their normal name, then I have no idea if its even POSSIBLE to change that name.
    (I dont have anyone on my server at the moment, so i cant check)
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    ok, would have been cool ^^
    tnx for answering anyways :)
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    Version 1.1 is out! note: its /color <color> <name>, NOT, i repeat, NOT /color <name> <color>
    It wont give you errors, it just says player not found and lists available colors (which are error messages if you type one or the other in wrong)
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    Please make this compatible with iChat! :)
    Whenever I try to use the /color (color) command, I can no longer see my chat message until I leave and log back in.. and then my name is back to the color it was at before. ;P
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    I just dowloaded Ichat and ran it, it was compatible. Sure, you needed to, like in its faq, change name to displayname, but not having that didnt cause the message not to show up. Are CB, ColorNames, and Ichat all up-to-date? Are you SURE? If you can give me some more information on how to reproduce to problem, it would help a lot. Are you using permissions 3.x? Are there any errors in the console (or log, either works)?
    All this plugin does is take the existing displayname, strip it of colors, and replace it with a color tag in front and white tag in back. (for the message coloring I put a color tag in front of all of the message)
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    Can you make it last after rejoining server and server restarts?
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    Doing it now.

    Edit- Sorry, cant. Its my first plugin, and save files are a little too complicated for me at the moment. Maybe later. (goes back to console full of errors)

    Edit 2 - Acually, Im resetting player color on server join, so Ill get rid of that and youll be able to retain color on rejoin (not on server restart/reload)

    Edit 3 - Darn it. Why would I have to re-write ALL of my code to fix that? I dont think its going to happen...
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    K cool.
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    Could you add a blacklist of colors :p?
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    Sure, why not. Today or tommorrow. However, I havent figured out how to save data ye... WAIT! I know how to do a config! ba-ha! Blacklist will be in the config. Yay!
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.

    changelog has to show last two versions without a spoiler
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    Does not work.
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    You don't work.
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    RazorFlint Good Comment :D
    Maybe Color Save On In And Chat ?
    Becose It's Bord To Write Every Time Wen I'm Connect
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    I Tried To Do Savefiles, But It Didnt Work So Good. Maybe When Im A Little More Skilled With Plugins. Also, Cap Those First Words! Yeah!
  22. Could you add GroupManager support?
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    I have bInfo and it doesn't work for me.

        prefix: '%WHITE%Guest'
        suffix: '%WHITE%'
        node: bInfo.guest
        prefix: '%GREEN%TreePuncher'
        suffix: '%WHITE%'
        node: bInfo.resident
        prefix: '%LIGHT_PURPLE%Moderator'
        suffix: '%YELLOW%'
        node: bInfo.moderator
        prefix: '%RED%Admin'
        suffix: '%YELLOW%'
        node: bInfo.admin
        prefix: '%GOLD%Donor'
        suffix: '%GOLD%'
        node: bInfo.donor
        prefix: '%GOLD%Donor50'
        suffix: '%GOLD%'
        node: bInfo.donor50
        prefix: '%GREEN%Owner'
        suffix: '%GOLD%'
        name: '%WHITE%'
        node: bInfo.owner
        prefix: '%GRAY%Immigrant'
        suffix: '%GRAY%'
        node: bInfo.trainee
    format: '%PREFIX%%SUFFIX% - %NAME%: %MESSAGE%'
    ColorNames Config.yml:
    #Set to true if you want to allow that color, false if not
    WHITE: true
    BLUE: true
    LIGHT_PURPLE: true
    GOLD: true
    GREEN: true
    AQUA: true
    DARK_AQUA: true
    DARK_GREEN: true
    DARK_GRAY: true
    DARK_RED: true
    YELLOW: true
    DARK_BLUE: true
    RANDOM: true
    BLACK: true
    DARK_PURPLE: true
    RED: true
    GRAY: true
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    You need to put in %displayname% instead of %name%
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    Hello. I am the owner of my server so have Admin/Op/['*'] control but for some reason I can only change my own name. For example, If I type /color Green playername the message I recieve is "You have changed your color to green", and yes my name has changed to Green but playername is still unchanged.
    As you say if I do the command the other way round as in, /color playername Green I get the message "Green not found".
    Is it something I have done I am wandering. I don't think it is though as it is a real simple plugin and mistakes are pretty hard to make with it.
    I am on CB build 1060 and use HeroChat 4.10.3 and Phoenix Permissions 2.7.3 if that helps.
    Thanks very much.
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    If you mean the name above people's head, that is impossible to change. Believe me, many rage threads have been made. Spout is your best bet there.
    You are correct, this is the wrong way.
    I looked through my code, and if you do not have the permission "colornames.changecolor.other" it defaults to self, even if a player was entered. In the plugin.yml, I have the "others" permission default to op, while "self" defaults to everyone, so this should not be a problem. Maybe if you added "colornames.*" to your permissions, I dont have "*" as a permission node. It *should* default to op, but maybe bukkit is screwing up. I dont know...
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    I will try adding the "colornames.changecolor.other" to my Admin permissions and let you know if that fixes it.
    Thanks for your help. :)
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    Any way to make it so names stay colored even on player logout?
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    when i use /color it says "sorry dave but i cannot let you do that "
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    Hi, when I tried your plugin, it works, but does not command me! I gave the command / color ... and wrote to me in this chat (I op)Bukki sad. Bukki you want access to command, but Bukki can notlet you. Bukki will leak tears: '(... You do not know why please? :(

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