[CHAT] ColorMe v3.8.1 - Add color to player names. GROUPS! [1.5.1-R0.2]

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    ColorMe - Add color to player names
    Version: v3.8.1

    <font color="#ff0000">BukkitDev: Click!</font>


    This plugin aims to modify the chat with colors, prefixes and suffixes.
    You can set the color/prefix/suffix for individual players or create groups and add players to them.
    There are several supported third-party plugins and other supported things like Spout or an economy system.

    It's a rebirth of ColorMe and Prefixer from @Valrix
    I'm happy to hear about your opinion, just leave a comment with a feature request, bug, improvement or just a personal opinion.

    As a reminder I want to say that I worked very long on this and really appreciate a 'thank you' in form of a donation! (See details on the bottom)

    Demonstration (Video and Presentation)

    English (thanks @Gavanand Kali for this!)

    German presentation by Flocki4everything

    Czech presentation by videote123

    Russian presentation by mantislic

    Google slideshow with all information
    Slideshow (like a PowerPoint presentation)

    * Add colors to a player's name in chat, above the head and in the tab list
    * Prefixer and Suffixer integration. COLORING WITH THE '&' character!
    * Group system! Support for PermissionsEx, bPermissions and GroupManager, or use the own implemented system
    * Multi-world support
    * Economy support via Vault
    * Spout support (colored nickname above your head!)
    * TagAPI support - colored nickname above the head without using Spout!
    * Bukkit Permissions support (recommend is bPermissions)
    * Get/Set/Remove colors from command-line
    * Players are notified if their name color is changed and the new color is displayed
    * Tab-list support
    * Mix colors
    * Create own colors
    * Rainbow and random color support
    * Use colors in the chat and on signs colors, too
    * Automatically color the text
    * Feature for new color on each join
    * Length limitation (max & min) of prefixes/suffixes
    * Word blacklist
    * Completely localized, change any message
    * NEW Let other plugins use ColorMe values!
    * NEW Choose your own chat formatting!
    * NOTE: This plugin sends usage statistics! If you wish to disable the usage stats, look at /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml!


    Having issues with ColorMe?
    Maybe your question is already answered!
    Take a look at the FAQ
    If you still got problems, create a ticket!


    See the config (fully commented) here: Click

    Commands & Permissions

    Only the bukkit permissions are supported! I highly recommend that you use a plugin for permissions like bPermissions!
    If no permission system is found, all commands are for OPs only!
    If you want to use ECONOMY, please use Vault!

    <font color="#ff0000">See the extra site for commands and permissions here</font>

    Custom colors

    There is a thread where you can share your custom colors!


    [​IMG] English (default) by xGhOsTkiLLeRx

    [​IMG] Russian by Coffeemann

    [​IMG] German by xGhOsTkiLLeRx

    Feel free to share your localizations and they will be added here, just leave a comment with a link to a translated localization.yml!
    Thanks for contributing!

    Download/Source Code/Dev Builds

    [​IMG] (Latest recommend version on Dropbox) - - <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    [​IMG] (Latest <font color="#ff0000">dev</font> builds/bleeding edge builds) - - <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    [​IMG] (Source code hosted on Github) - - <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    Future Plans (a.k.a. ToDo)
    * Per world color Done
    * Rainbow color? Done
    * Groups color Added in 3.5

    Make sure to take a look at the always up to date ToDo!


    ColorMe has got an API.
    If you are interested into using the API, take a look at the API site.

    Known Bugs
    * Tab list doesn't work all the time.
    * Strange player names due to coloring on Windows? Use ANSICON


    Version 3.8.1
    * Errors will be logged into debug.log when enabled
    * Fixed error with groups
    * Allow spaces for group prefixes and suffixes, too
    * Build against latest bukkit

    Version 3.8
    * Global defaults are working again
    * Use Sun coding conventions
    * Improved various features
    * Fixed various smaller bugs
    * Fix for tab shortening
    * Try to avoid conflicts with other sign related plugins
    * Added German and Russian localization to main page

    Show Spoiler
    Version 3.7
    * Fixed NPE with TagAPI
    * Fixed error with tabList
    * Fixed for bPermission 2.10
    * BREAKING: Added new chat formatting, you decide where each "variable" should go
    * BUT: Still supporting old, legacy format
    * Heavily improved blacklist, no more bypassing!
    * Improved GroupManager support
    * Mavenized the plugin
    * Added feature to remove the name above the head (request)
    * Updated Metrics
    * TagAPI support is now on by default
    * Small cleanup (code and localization)
    * Tweaked autochatcolor
    * Added minimum lenght of prefixes and suffixes
    * Made support for Factions optional

    Version 3.6
    * Fixed Async error
    * Fixed GroupManager NPE
    * Added support for group colors in PermissionsEX, bPermissions and GroupManager
    * Added support for replacement, use the values and it will be replaced by ColorMe
    * The name above the head will now use the first color from random/rainbow/custom color
    * Added autoChatColor feature
    * Fixed colored bracket
    * Native support for Factions and iChat

    Version 3.5
    * Added mixed colors. Combine them via a '-'
    * Added own colors. (colorme.self.custom)
    * Support of group prefix and suffix -> PEX, bPermissions & GroupManager supported!
    * Fixed caused lag
    * Added support for signs (colorme.sign) and chat (colorme.chat)
    * New color on join option
    * Display the global suffix/prefix all the time
    * Blacklist of words (suffixer.nofilter and prefixer.nofilter)
    * Length limitation of prefix/suffix
    * Remove chat brackets
    * Fixed random color
    * Improvements (should reduce lag, too)
    * Free usage with prefixer.free, suffixer.free, colorme.free
    * Update config if wanted (clears empty lines)
    * Only write players into the file, who actually modified something
    * Soft-Mode -> Just provide name coloring when EssentialsChat, bChatManager, ChatManager or mChatSuite are present
    * Added coloring the name above the head with the TagAPI (colorme.nametag)
    * AsyncPlayerChatEvent -> Update for Bukkit 1.3.1
    * Varoius spell fixes
    * Added debug mode (and log file)
    * TagAPI permission (colorme.nametag)
    * SoftMode; write your own plugin name
    * Added mixed colors (bold-blue for example) (permission: colorme.self.mixed, config value,
    * Add ability for prefix/suffixes with a space (example: This_is_a_long_prefix)
    * Own group system

    Version 3.4.1
    * Support update for 1.1 R6

    Version 3.4
    * Added multi-world support for ColorMe
    * Fixed various bugs
    * Newest version of statistics
    * Added localization
    * Enable/disable plugin parts
    * New permission for each color
    * Enable/disable colors
    * Enable/disable displayname, playerList and playerTitle
    * Support of new color, MAGIC
    * Per world values, default value & global default values
    * New commands (see above)
    * New permissions (see above)

    Version 3.3
    * Added rainbow and random color
    * Big code improvement, cleanup
    * Possibility to force config update
    * Adjusted messages
    * Added native Tab-list support.
    * Fixed NPE with usage statistics

    Version 3.2
    * Spout support
    * Added colour alias

    Version 3.1
    * Added automatic update of the old config

    Version 3.0
    * Updated the whole commands
    * Uses Vault as economy base

    Version 2.4.1 (last Version by Valrix)
    * Patched the "name swap" bug. Thanks Zelif!

    Version 2.4 by Valrix
    * Fixed NPEs when using /reload
    * Setting your own color is now OP-only by default

    Version 2.3 by Valrix
    * Now supports native Bukkit permissions in place of Permissions.
    * Leaner code & overall clean-up
    * Improved command handling
    * Improved resource management

    Version 2.2 by Valrix
    * Thanks to help from Drakia, ColorMe should now work with iChat, EssentialsChat, etc.

    Version 2.1 by Valrix
    * Updated to work with newest iConomy (v5) *Requires v5*
    * Numerous code improvements

    Version 2.0 by Valrix
    * Fixed the bug where you couldn't remove or set colors at times.

    Version 1.9 by Valrix
    * Fixed the bug with setting someone else's color.

    Version 1.8 by Valrix
    * Fixed a bug with saving prefixes.

    Version 1.7 by Valrix
    * Added Permissions support
    * Added iConomy support
    * Added ability to manipulate player name colors through command-line
    * Many code improvements and tweaks to improve performance

    Version 1.6 by Valrix
    * Added hasColor() method for hooked plugins to check if the player even has a color at all. Mainly for convenience.

    Version 1.5 by Valrix
    * Support to be hooked into, details above.

    Version 1.4 by Valrix
    * A few code improvements, this update is optional since it still works with latest RB.

    Version 1.3 by Valrix
    * Changed priority to HIGHEST, should prevent other plugins from overriding name color, even though they shouldn't be doing so in the first place...

    Version 1.2 by Valrix
    * Fixed a bug with removing the color from the name (now nicer)
    * Only OPs can change another player's name, even if non-OP is set so players can't run around changing each other's names.
    * Changed command to /colorme to keep it from clashing with any other plugins.

    Version 1.1 by Valrix
    * Fixed code to work with new command handler
    * Updated code to fix the "Too many open files" bug
    * Added config file with option to allow non-OP players to set name color

    Version 1.0 by Valrix
    * Release of ColorMe


    @Valrix for his awesome plugin! I'm glad you allowed me to fork it!
    Thanks to all the testers with the 3.5 dev version!


    Feel free to use this banner!! :)


    Statistics (from MCStats)



    I worked really hard on this plugin and I'm very happy about any donation.
    Support me & buy me some beer, this makes me happy and keeps me interested in this plugin.
    Donation chain: -> I receive some money -> Buy coffee -> Work longer -> Faster Updates -> Your benefit!



    This plugin is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) license!
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    this is really cool but im new at this so how do i install it onto my bukkit server with all of the features.
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    Whats the diffrence betwen this and the old colorme?
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    When players login color is white but it changes back after awhile why is that?
    This is with commandbooks online list
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    Hmm, make pls an example and provide me more information! Thx.
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    The color change is not taking effect. I am running these plugins: CreeperHeal, Essentials, HelpPages, PermissionsEx
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    Thx for your reply.
    Please post your essentials config section
    # +------------------------------------------------------+ #
    # |                   EssentialsChat                     | #
    # +------------------------------------------------------+ #
    To http://pastebin.com

    And make sure you use the new command & That you have got the permission!

    /color me <color>
    /color <name> <color>

    Please post your players.color, too, at pastebin!

    Thank you.


    Make also sure that in the Essentials Config
    change-displayname: true
    is true!
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    Hello at all!
    Update is out.

    3.1 adds support for an automatic update of the old config
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    Moved to releases.
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    my name says its colored after i do the command. i do /who and i get booyaman in red but when i talk it is in white
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    Check your chat plugin config (mChat, HeroChat, EssentialsChat) and make sure you use displayname instead of only name!


    Update released.

    Version 3.2
    • Spout support
    • Added colour alias

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    thanks sorry im kinda bad with the whole chat think i use chatter ill post my chat config here

    name-format: '[$prefix+group$suffix&f] +name'
    text-wrapping: true
    censor-list: []
    date-format: HH:mm:ss
    message-format: '[$prefix+group$suffix&f] +name: +message'
    nether-name: +world nether
    log-everything: false

    what should i change?
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    @booyaman Change the name parts to displayname
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    also if chatter isnt the best chat formating plugin do you recomend anything? i dont want channels and i dont use essentials.

    it still does nothin :/ i changed the name to that but still nothing

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    It's now this?
    Show Spoiler

    name-format: '[$prefix+group$suffix&f] +displayname'
    text-wrapping: true
    censor-list: []
    date-format: HH:mm:ss
    message-format: '[$prefix+group$suffix&f] +displayname: +message'
    nether-name: +world nether
    log-everything: false

    Restarted your server? Recolored a player? Wrote something in the chat?
    If yes, please tell me:

    Chatter version
    CraftBukkit build
    ColorMe version
    and the other plugins you are using
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    thanks i fixed it :D

    list of colors??

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    /color list
    Read the next time pls.

    Use also /color help
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    Hello guys!

    Update released (v3.3)
    • Added rainbow and random color
    • Big code improvement, cleanup
    • Possibility to force config update
    • Adjusted messages
    • Added native Tab-list support.
    • Fixed NPE with usage statistics

    It's highly recommend to run "forceUpdate" once!!
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    Love this plugin glad your now coding it. Feature request

    I beg for config to disable rainbow/random :) or permissions required for it. My eyes are bleeding from it with 50 players using rainbow at same time

    feel free to slap me if this is already possible.
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    Will add a possibility to define which colors are valid ;)
    Seems like rainbow is very popular? :p
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    Yes rainbow is so popular with players!
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    Wtf i can't use /colorme color nickname, /color me, /colorme get (you dont have permisions)
    can only use /colorme list adn /color help
    since today! dont understand =(

    also i have just colored nickname not messages
    NO Chat plugins!
    essentials (without essentialsCHAT)
      radius: 0
      # If set to the default chat format which "should" be compatible with ichat.
      format: '<{DISPLAYNAME}> {MESSAGE}'
      #format: '&7[{GROUP}]&f {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&f {MESSAGE}'
      # You can also have group-specific formats, uncomment to enable:
      #  Default: '{WORLDNAME} {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&f {MESSAGE}'
      #  Admins: '{WORLDNAME} &c[{GROUP}]&f {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&c {MESSAGE}'
  29. Good plugin, I want to add the color by groups ... so no I have to manually all players who are in a group.

    A greeting!.
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    Strange - the permissions are still the same! (Or for OPs)
    Check your permissions config pls.


    Group colors are on the ToDo ;)

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