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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Valrix, Feb 27, 2011.

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    I'm sad that you do. Essentials is terrible.

    To everyone: As gamer1129 said, I'm working on it. I've been busy with irl chores and such since I've been home and have been given little time to do any programming. When I get chances to do something, I at least try to work on something, no matter how few lines it is. I'm also trying to figure something out to be able to code a bit on my phone so when I'm just sitting around but can't pull out my laptop I can still get work done.
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    "I'm also trying to figure something out to be able to code a bit on my phone so when I'm just sitting around but can't pull out my laptop I can still get work done." Wow. That is dedication O_O I know this sounds dumb but, you are epic :D Thank you for the epic plugin and the work you put into it. :) I appreciate it.
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    Hahaha, well I love programming and I know how much everyone is looking forward to all the updates I'm trying to push out, so being able to work from my phone will also keep me from being bored and actually do what I love when I can't grab my beloved laptop.
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    Think i got bug When i set the node to admins it does not have permission to use this command next i turned to my selected Color lol this bugs me
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    +1 for the essentials jab! :p
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    Alright. I'll try to be as thorough as possible here. I am really not sure why I cannot get your plugin to work. I am using 860, which I thought might have been the problem at first. But after reading a few posts saying that it works for them with RB860, I'm apparently wrong. I have Essentials installed, but I am not using EssentialsChat. I have iConomy installed, which says is hooked into ColorMe, so I tried setting a certain price, like 1.0, and that didn't change anything either. Then I noticed the only players that we were allowed to color, were ourselves (The OPs, i mean), and the players that were previously colored when the plugin was actually working. So, I decided to delete colorme entirely and reinstall it. This time around, I tried giving everyone the colorme.* permission node, and then turned OP only to false. To my knowledge, I've tried everything I possibly can, configuration wise, to get it to start working again, and I've had no luck. Got any ideas?
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    Will this work with Newest Recommended Build #928?
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    I'm not sure, but I'm still working on the re-write of command handling which will also handle how it checks for permissions in a much better way. After that I'll do testing and make sure the permissions nodes are being read correctly.
  11. I was wondering if you could add a color to the prefix and or suffix in a next update please
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    This plugin is only meant to color your name. If you want to have control over a prefix and it's color, I suggest using Prefixer
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    you lie, lol....818....we're at 935 xD still think I'll get this though, lol, it looks colorful...(this is where everyone goes "OH-ho-ho...I see what you did there")
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    I'm working on it's update right now. Looks like I'll have to postpone the /color[me] reload command since each reload sets a new listener. Not resource friendly.
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    lol, I was just messin with you, though I may wait for the update to see new features ( * . * ) lol....someone needs to make a Foreigner reference there....
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    I am going to try this.

    Any way it could be used with the factions plugin?
  17. doesnt work for me :( i am using the 935 build, maybe thats why ?
    I tried with +displayname and i get an aqua color...even though i set my color to red.
  18. Ok Thanks
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    Hello, i have just installed this plugin to my server, and i experienced a small problem... i have alot of plugins so i dont know from where to fix it, like from permissions? or from the plugin itself, or from ichat? iconomy? idk, but heres thes problem:

    when i type /colorme (color), it displays a message in red saying you must pay 0.00 to color your name, but it seems to work when i type something in the chat... it works, i just maby need to delete that message that comes up? btw i have 10$ in iconomies money, so idk why it says it...

    i need help asap please :(

    and if i need hooking or whatever, then explain me because idk about these stuff...

    if it can be changed, then it can be like "your color has been successfully changed", you get what i mean? instead of that price error thing...
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    People may be experiencing issues due to a weird bug I found. I've mostly fixed it and just have a bit more to work on. Once I can, I'll get it out. But internet is hard to access at the moment so I can only push updates when I'm lucky enough to jack someone else's or we go to a friend's place and borrow it for a bit. Sorry guys, just need a bit longer.
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    Do I have to change in Essentials Chat to make it work?
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    This is just what I needed
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    To Be totally fair, this is a fraking epic plugin, if you don't like it please, don't bother to comment about other plugins, why don't you guys just think to yourselves and say *Lame* And not comment, Because when you make rude comments like that, it just shows everybody your a complete jerk. I'm Installing Atm Thanks!
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    No you don't. It's a stand-alone plugin that can work all on it's own, but is supposed to also play nice with other plugins so people can have more options, etc. If you have an issue, I will help when my pills haven't kicked my ass.
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    I'm having a problem with the iConomy support. I set the cost to $10,000 and I have $30.00 in my balance so when I go to purchase a color i get the message it costs $10,000. So i think ok it's working unltill i try typing something and it actually did set it to the color i wanted. booted up my server and said it hooked into permissions and iconomy.. whats going on?
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    That's a bug that's being fixed in the next version.

    Once the next RB is released I can properly test ColorMe, which from the previous work I was able to do, should be perfectly fine, but I want to make sure before I release it. I also hope to try playing with integrated permissions so I won't have to use the Permissions plugin. It's always been a peeve of mine to use another plugin for something that important.

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    I also had a idea where you could have some colors disabled that only admins/ops or certain members could use. and also being able to set different prices for each color would be a awesome way to show off your wealth in-game.

    Edit: even having some Team colors maybe but I guess you could just set those colors to be free. Maybe also have once a color is purchased you can switch between your purchased colors for free.
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    Teams is a bit too far of a reach, but I like the first ideas.

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