Inactive [CHAT] ChannelChat v0.6 beta - Dynamic, LightWeight, Simple Chat Channels [1.1-R1]

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    ChannelChat v0.6 beta
    Dynamic, Light Weight, Simple Chat Channels​

    Look at the ProjectPage.

    Tag Examples (open)
    Base format: <name> message
    Channel will be "Global" to keep it simple

    no tag: [Global] <name> message

    tag '[g]': [g] <name> message

    tag 'g': g <name> message

    Using Colors:

    tag '`1g': g <name> message

    tag '`1[g]': [g] <name> message

    tag '[`1g`f]': [g] <name> message

    Using Factions:
    no tag: [faction Global] <name> message

    tag '[g][{FACTION}]': [g][faction tag here] <name> message

    "Secret" World Tag:
    tag: '{world}': [WorldNameHere] <name> message
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    I don't know, try it and see?

    If it doesn't I can fix it. :)
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    Works for me on 2060 :)
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    Can you please allow something like !(Message) instead of #G(lobal) (Message)
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    ... What would ! do...?
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    Like if you type !(Message) it will be send globally, so everyone on the server hears it.
    Now we need to use #G (or#Global) (Message) wich is not really usefull cause people wont remember it. Our server really needs it so thx if you could pls add it ;)
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    If you're in the Global channel, all you have to do is chat normally... # is only to talk in a different channel without switching channels.
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    I mean, i dont want people to go to global chat. Only use localchat and if you want to yell, using !(message), now it works fine, but its easier to use !(message) then #G (message). I just would like ! working as an alias for "#G ".
    Thx for understandment
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    That's not really a goal of this plugin... If you only want a local and global chat, try looking at LocalChat. Which... I'll be updating now. I didn't realize I haven't updated it!
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    Localchat looks inactive, i'd love to use it but LocalChat also has no way to shout, i wanted to use bChatManager first, but this one wont work for me ):
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    What do you mean it doesn't have a way to shout?

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    I mean that you wont have to change your channel but can just send a quick message like with #(alias) (message) but then instead of #(alias) (message), !(message)
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    Did you not read the quote?
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    Oh, excuse me. Didnt saw it at the good way :p.
    But it says its for bukkit CB 1060, any chances of updating?
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    Doing that right now.
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    Thanx for quick help ;)
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    I am using this with permissions chat manager, factions module, ect ect.

    Whenever I join the game and type something I end up with black text. I have chat manager enabled so I have permission group prefixes. How do I fix the black text issue?
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    I wouldn't know... That wouldn't be caused by this plugin.
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    I take it you dont know how to configure it with permission groups?
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    I wonder how i can add moore channels becouse when i type the create kommands nothing registers in the config channels.yml how do i do this? Thank you for this great plugin.
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    You have to use the console or put them in the config.yml yourself.

    Players make channels that are not saved.
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    Is the prefix length set to 1 char, like in "!" for global or can it be set to like "g:" ?

    and, if using Essentials, must the essentialschat plugin be installed alongside channelchat?
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    what do you mean for "prefix"? Also, it's recommended you don't use other chat plugins with ChannelChat, but EssentialsChat might/should work with ChannelChat...
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    Sorry, I got this one mixed up with LocalChat. I meant, if it's possible for you to add so we can change the chat channel alias, like changing #g to g: or /g like this:
    g:hello world!
    /g hello nether!
    I know /g is a bad idea since it is bound to conflict with a command, like /help if used for a help channel, but that's up to the server admin to decide, imo.

    But, another thing, I keep getting the string "[world]" after every channel tag, like [g][world]<username>:<text> but I haven't got the string "[world]" in neither the channel tag nor essentials or factions config files.

    Anyway, this is by far THE simplest chat plugin I've seen and I LOVE IT!!
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    No, this wouldn't be possible.

    Multiverse? A plugin putting in your world tag? I am not sure. There's quite a few plugins that add your current world into the format.

    Thank you. I'll try to get an update in by next week.
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    Hmm ok, I'll look into the problem with the [world] tag. I have a request tho, if it's not already implemented and I missed it. You can set focus on a channel, without joining it, would it be possible to automatically join the channel if you set focus to it, and not are a member of it already. And, when joining a channel, does the "<player> joined" message always show? Would be great to turn that off.

    Yep you where right; it was Multiverse , thanks!

    Another issue;
    I have channelchat + factionchannel + factions plugins installed. I get this when I type in general chat:
    (SafeZone is the faction)

    [SafeZone#G] <fjutte> testing
    Now, shouldn't it be like this? At least, that's what I want it to look like:

    #G [SafeZone] <fjutte> testing
    My channel tag is '#G' to easier know which tag to use when chatting, like "#g hello!"
    It is no differentce if I use the default format of '[G]', it only skips the '#' sign

    If I change the channeltag to 'General', it outputs this:
    [GSafeZoneeneral] <fjutte> wtf?!
    I have no other chat plugins, I even tried running my server with ONLY factions, factionchannel and channelchat.

    It seem that the tag Factions is looking for is "[FACTION]" and NOT "[{FACTION}]" as stated in the factionchannel.yml:

    enabled: true
    name: Faction
    tag: '[{FACTION}]'
    listed: false
    alias: f
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    fjutte : This is caused by the lack of a format plugin. FormatChannel was created specially for ChannelChat.
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    No, I use formatchannel to.. does formatchannel have it's own config,. because no file is created by the plugin :/
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    The config for FormatChannel is located in the modules folder of ChannelChat. However, if your issue lies with factions tags not being where they should, then you should probably look at the configuration for factions.
    I have tried helping people before (that weren't even using FormatChannel) and they had the exact same problems.
    If I recall correctly, they solved it by changing the chat options in Factions.

    From what I can tell, faction tags are being mixed up/in with the channel tag/name. Neither which my plugin interferes with. :/
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    so what if your plugin doesn't create a config file? now, that's not another plugins fault, right? ;) see your plugin's devpage for more comments
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