Inactive [CHAT] ChannelChat v0.6 beta - Dynamic, LightWeight, Simple Chat Channels [1.1-R1]

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    ChannelChat v0.6 beta
    Dynamic, Light Weight, Simple Chat Channels​

    Look at the ProjectPage.

    Tag Examples (open)
    Base format: <name> message
    Channel will be "Global" to keep it simple

    no tag: [Global] <name> message

    tag '[g]': [g] <name> message

    tag 'g': g <name> message

    Using Colors:

    tag '`1g': g <name> message

    tag '`1[g]': [g] <name> message

    tag '[`1g`f]': [g] <name> message

    Using Factions:
    no tag: [faction Global] <name> message

    tag '[g][{FACTION}]': [g][faction tag here] <name> message

    "Secret" World Tag:
    tag: '{world}': [WorldNameHere] <name> message
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    Yes the channels, Local, Global, and World are only 'chattable' via /chat CHANNELNAME msg

    But the 'alias' in the channels config should work for the same premise correct?
    i.e. /l -> /chat local
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    No. Aliases work in place of channelname.

    /chat ALIAS
    /cc ALIAS

    I do not shorten commands themselves, unless you count the hash shortener.

    I will not add support for shortened commands, as commands are annoying to account for with other plugins. This is why I invented #CHANNELNAME/ALIAS
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    I would love to be able to use the alias as a command, if you find it feasible please do so, I would love the addition. If not I'll just create a module to wrap it for me, up to you.

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    If you want to make the module, go ahead. I refuse to clutter up the already cluttered Commands. I don't see why you don't want to use #ALIAS message though.
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    Trust me, it's not I that's requesting this, but my players, otherwise I would've not requested it cause I know how busy you are.
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    I see. Tell them to think like twitter. :) (That's what a few people do)

    If that doesn't work... Have fun making it. It wouldn't be too difficult.
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    You seemed rather disappointed when I compared it to twitter :p
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    I am still disappointed at it.
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    Thanks a lot for the channel colours :)

    Would it be hard to implement support for nation channel in the towny module?
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    I have a suggestion:
    Could you add support for something like SimpleClans Chat Combabillity v2?

    Because by using MyTitles i dont see the Chat Channel and thats not easy to read then
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    Interesting, but I'll tell MyTitles to fix their end... ;)

    No. I'm just cleaning the code... (A lot)

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    MyTitles went unsupported, but I've been working with a plugin dev to custom make a plugin based on MyTitles and he added an option for my to make it compatible with ChannelChat. He will release it when it's ready for public.
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    If you make a new channel would it be possible to automatically join that channel and change your focus to it so you can talk in it right away? That way you wouldnt have to type /cc join [channel] then /cc set [channel] It's a little inconvenient and Im having a hard time explaining it to my players since it takes so many steps to do
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    Tell him to check the github for MyTitles, for how I fixed it. You don't need an "option." ;)

    config.yml ->

    auto-set-on-join: true
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    my config generated empty for some reason so I didnt see that option
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    That would be a bug I'm working on.. It *used* to work so I didn't really notice before releasing it.

    Really fixed config.yml generation

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    Humble Request: Support Towny ;)
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    What exactly is not supported?
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    Believe I mentioned this before, but a request:
    More control for admins. Kick players from channels, force change their channel, etc.

    We get a few people talking in our global chat that never changes back to our per world chat, so we end up kicking them until they change.. not really an efficient way of telling someone to change channels, but it is for the moment our only option.

    edit: And silent join/leaves from channels!
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    ah yes. will work on that soon
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    You can now connect to us on IRC!
    Channel: #ChannelChat

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    I bring to you... CensorChat

    Bringing server-wide censorship to your channels.

    Various things planned for this... version 1.0 is *very* basic. 1.1 will have a hook into the /cc reload command.

    I'll also have commands at some point. It's gonna be good. :)
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    Really great plugin, thanks a lot for this.
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    am i able to set 2 channels to auto join.

    since i don't want people to be allowed to create channels etc, yet i want them to be able to talk in both channels.

    how do i give someone a permissions to ONLY join/leave/list existing channels, without being able to create?

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    you can set as many as you want to "auto join."

    In the jar, modify (while the server is offline)
    ChanChat.create: default: false
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    i managed to get round this by adding

    - -ChanChat.create
    - -ChanChat.reload
    - -ChanChat.admin
    to every user and adding
    - ChanChat.create
    - ChanChat.reload
    - ChanChat.admin
    to the 'admin'
    am i correct that only the admin will be able to do anything. (other than speak in/join channels)

    also i wanted to use you're channelcolor plugin, but im using essentialschat, and it's group formatting, so i don't know how to stop them from conflicting.
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    Your guess is as good as mine

    I wouldn't know... No time to look into it today.
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    ok, thanks for the reply.

    just gonna say, this is my favourite chat plugin.
    LOVE IT!
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    Is there a way to set a default channel?
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    Not at the moment, no.
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