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    CantSpeak - Shut them up!
    Download: v 0.2

    I recently started to learn java and this is my very first selfmade programm. So dont be to hard, I apreciate constructive feedback though :).

    Need some silence? Just enter /CantSpeak and they will be quite. Perfect for maintenance or clear communication between mods/admins in certain situations!

    • Easy and lightweight. Just one command.
    • Permissions
    • De- and activates the chat for certain persons and groups.
    Permissions (open)

    "cantspeak.set" - required to use the command /cantspeak
    "cantspeak.talk" - bypass the cantspeak mode.

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    Thank you for this great plugin. :D
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    Awesome! I'm learning java too :D
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    youre welcome :D
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    Please upgrade to latest RB

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