Inactive [CHAT] bAntiCaps 1.2.0 - No Capslock! Kick, Warn, Convert to lowercase (configurable) [1000]

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    bAntiCaps - Block Capslock:
    Version: 1.2.0
    Download bAntiCaps

    You all know these guys :mad::
    You want to get rid of these messages?
    This plugin is for you :D.

    (Compatible to all other Chat Plugins, HeroChat, iChat)

    • Autmatic reaction on Capslock-Text

    • Choose/Combine conditions:
      • minimum text character count
      • minimum text word count
      • minimum percentage of characters in capslock
      • herochat channel-commands to filter
      • replace text random with your choosen messages
    • Choose/Combine reaction:
      • send a message to player
      • convert text to lowercase
      • kick
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    message: '&6Do not write capslock text!'​
    kick: false​
    enable: true​
    - I like cookies... num num num​
    - 'My newest research result: Green is not pink!'​
    - Uhhhh, look my sister gave me her new makeup *-)​
    - Where is my dolly?​
    - I like turtles​
    - The cake is a lie​
    tolowercase: true​
    charactercount: 6​
    percentage: 40​
    checkcommands: []​
    wordcount: 0​

    /bAntiCaps- reloads config file (use it after changes in your config)

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    Version 1.2.0
    • New Reaction: Replace Text with random message
    • /bAntiCaps - Reload Command
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    Version 1.1.0
    • New Condition: HeroChat channel commands
    • no filter for OPs
    • permissions (optional)
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial Release

    Request?, i wanna do it. Give me Feedback. I want to hear your opinion. Thanks a lot :).

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    Nice ill give it a try later today.
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    Ill test it out too when I'm home!
    I was thinking about making it too, but saw this! Thanks!
    I'll give you a result later =D
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    Hey beecub ^^ Nice plugin!

    I have a couple of suggestions to announce: you may want to change your readme contents and rename it to "README" without ".txt". You can do that if you open the file in notepad and choose "Save as" then type in the destination field "README" with double quotes and press save.

    You may want to rename your Repository, too. There is a typo "bAnitCaps".

    Furthermore link against bukkit not craftbukkit and relocate your eclipse workfolder. If you place it on your Desktop it could reveal personal informations you may not want to publish. (eclipse saves this info into .classpath)

    I would suggest that you change your tab ident to 4 spaces instead of tabs to get a nice formated result See changing-tabs-to-spaces-in-eclipse for further details. I dunno if you allready do .. set your file-encoding to UTF-8 "Window -> Preferences" under "General->Workspace" "file-encoding".
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    Haha, I like the

    You rage -----> kick xD
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    Never use a plus sign in CB version.
    And also the last changes cannot be in a spoiler, the rest can.
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    Old file, from my template. Missed this :oops:

    Seen it myself, thanks for evidence.

    Not a problem. Google 2 minutes you will find my full address :D. But youre right. Will change it.

    Have this in my other IDEĀ“s. But i never had problems with this in eclipse. But youre right. Again. Changed:)
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    wow.. this plugin is a lifesaver when u had 200+ players.

    Thank you

    hmm, the plugin suddenly stoped working.. dunno what happened, no errors in server.log

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    using it since 3 days on our servers. works fine. tried an server reload?
    Whats your config?
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    I'm using default config with #735

    Will try #733

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    Thanks man, I love you so much. Keep updating this plugin!
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    With default config all sentences with more than 6 words and more than 50% text written in capslock will be converted to lowercase, you know?
    Try to config it more strict 20/30/40% for example.
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    Found the problem. :D

    Your plugin doesn't work with HeroChat :(

    Won't convert.
    btw: /g is a HeroChat shortcut to talk with 'global'

    too bad
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    yes, cause /g is a command, not normal chat.
    had this problem in one of my other plugins too.
    but there is a solution, wait for next version (few hours ;) ), it will work then :)
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    Can you make a permission node or a file to put users in who will not be affected by this? Sometimes i need to write in caps to get the attention of players.
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    no problem (adding permissions, but optional, not necessary)
    next version you get it, wait a few hours ;)
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    Sweet! Thanks so much! Awesome plugin too, the annoying players on my server are quite mad now :p
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    Cool, can't wait :)
    btw: I don't use permissions
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    Its done. Permissions Plugin supported. Optional. Not necessary.

    Also done. Create a new config file. Add your channel commands like example in file (/g or /l, ...).

    Version 1.1.0
    • New Condition: HeroChat channel commands
    • no filter for OPs
    • permissions (optional)

    "checkcommands" - option in config is only working for herochat channel commands. Nothing else, no /m /msg /tell, ... . Seems to be a bukkit bug with pre-command and event.setMessage()? Have to investigate.
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    Now it works :D

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    Hurray, now the stupid regs cant screen on about "I CAN'T GET OUT OF SPAWN"
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    Can you add something a little fun, such as, Choose/ Combine Reaction: Custom Output Text. So every time someone "DOES ALL CAPS". The format might come out to be "I like cookies... num num num," to the channel they are in. But the Custom Output Text should be given multiple configurable text to choose from and each one should be chosen randomly. Thanks for looking over.
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    Yep, going to add this :)
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    Ok, its done,
    i also added a reload command.
    let the plugin create an new config file or look at Example-Config in first post and add new options manually :)

    Version 1.2.0

    • New Reaction: Replace Text with random message
    • /bAntiCaps - Reload Command
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    The attached zip doesn't have the jar in looks like it is the jar. :?
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    reuploaded, now it is the zip with the jar in
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    Still no luck. :/
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    downloaded it again, unzipped on windows and linux, its a zip with the jar in it :/
    what are you doing?^^
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    Let's just delete all of my posts because I'm using a crap zip extractor on OSX that opened the zip...saw a jar, and then opened that too. :/ My bad man. Thanks for a great plugin though.
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    No problem, as long as it is working now :D

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