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    CATEGORY: Chat

    NAME: Prefixchat

    WHAT I WANT: I want a plugin that allows you to have prefixes and channels. By default I would like to have 2 channels; Local [L] and Shout etc. Shout would be global (multiple worlds too please). The prefixes I would like to be compatible with PermissionsEx. The prefixes I would like to be able to create myself in a config.yml or maybe even a prefix.yml. Then maybe make that a groups prefix. I also want commands that can do this. Please make it so the prefix and channel tag show in all channels with the players username. Please make it so you can configure the layout with variables called: %prefix% %channeltag% %name% %message%. Please allow color code support and allow me to set a timer on shout for the amount of time players have to wait before they do it (spam protection). Also have a configurable block range for local.

    COMMANDS: maybe /chat reload (this makes the plugin itself restart to apply any changes to the server without restarting the server itself.) /chat setprefix <player> <prefix> (I think it is pretty obvious what this command does.) /shout <message>

    PERMISSIONS: prefixchat.* (all permissions for prefixchat) prefixchat.setprefix (set a players prefix with command) (allows you to /shout) (permission to talk locally)

    WHEN I'D LIKE IT BY: PLEASE HAVE IT BY WEDNESDAY (Sorry I'm in a rush. If you want, comment for later if you CAN'T do it by then.)
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