[CHAT/ADMN] SuckChat 2.0 - We took the suck out of setting up your chat [1.7.2-R0.2]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Cosban, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Why is there no indicator about what channel I am in? Have channels not been fully implemented yet?

    It's an awesome plugin compared to HeroChat. If only channels would work with an indicator...

    Also, the plugin seems to use my group name AND my prefix, I had to set the prefix JUST to a color.
    Only problem is I need a channel indicator! Amazing plugin anways :D.
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    Well, this plugin sucks. :p
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    Fixed. With a build that you didn't download.

    You should be able to use /ch me, or /ch mine to see which channels you are in. There won't be any indicators due to the fact that you can be in multiple channels at once.

    I'm Working with other permissions plugins right now, so hold your panties. :p
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    Mmmk! Thanks.
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    Does it only support permissionsEx?
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    Can we color the tabbed list with this plugin?
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    New update!

    Right now the plugin only supports PEX fully, I have started to implement features from other permissions plugins as well, but it will take a few builds for them to be fully supported.

    What do you mean by color the "tabbed list"? Is that the player list? The channel list?
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    To be honest, "SuckChat" sounds wierd..
    Else, awesome plugin, works perfect! :)
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    what i want my name to say when i type a message is "[Admin]shieldsam" in red, but i don't know how to. any help? kindly include the command i can paste into the config.yml
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    i can not download the plugin :( says that the site is offline and no cached version is available
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    Please go here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/suckchat/pages/setup/formatting/
    The colour code would be &4 I believe.

    Download it from bukkitdev, not by website.
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    yea i just figured that out lol, so i dont get it, your wiki says that i can change how a message is shown in the format section of config....but i do not see a format section i see the message subgroup for the example but not format.

    i want it so that when an admin types it shows their group then their name then message so

    [Admin] LordKitsuna: hi there


    [Mod] ExodusSquared: why you do that

    is that possible and if so how?
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    i want to use this plugin so bad, but I can't see support for channel prefixes/suffixes. Do they exist and just not in the config.yml or docs?
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    Bump for my question, please reply when you can Cosban
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    New build out. Sorry about the delay in dev... real life happened.
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    First to download 1.4 ^^
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    Where is the download link?? The only two I have seen are broken.
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    Added dynmap support
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    do you have a VPS to the server?
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    2.0 information is now loaded into the thread.
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    Moved out of the inactive plugins section.

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