Inactive [CHAT/ADMN] StopTalkingAutoBan [Reloaded!] Alpha1 - Intelligent Anti-Spam System [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    StopTalkingAutoBan(S.T.A.B) - Spam monitoring, as it should be!


    Original v2.1.1
    Reloaded: Alpha1

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    This plugin was developed specifically to stop spam on your server as fast and effecient as possible.

    STAB is fully configurable. Ranging to from the messages that are sent to the user upon kick or ban, to tweaking the sensitivity of STAB.

    Currently by default, all builders get 1 offence for spamming. If that offence is used up, they will be banned from the server on their next offence. (Warnings may be turned off in the plugins config file)

    STAB also features it's own RemoteConsole system. Allowing admin to watch their servers from home without having to deal with pesky SSH or Command Line! Just simply type the ServerIP and stabRcon port number and hit connect! You will now be able to send commands, see whos currently logged in, chat in game, and kick/ban players, without ever logging into minecraft!

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    Documentation and Instructions:
    • Permissions and Configuration Options

    • Logs the IPs and Usernames of every player that joins.
    • Logs the chatlog with DisplayName and AccountName.
    • Watches each player individually for both Chat and Command Spamming
    • Lag Calibration/Anti-Lag
    • Intelligent system for detecting players that spam in game.
    • Fully Multi-threaded
    • Lots of configuration options to make the experience perfect for your server.
    • Easy to use both in-game, and in console.
    • Permissions support, but not required.
    • MCBans Support
    • PlayerLogging
    • RemoteConsole
    • On-The-Fly Editing of Configuration Options
    Download The Plugin

    If you enjoy this plugin, feel free to click the button below.
    Doing this will allow me to continue development and support each build.
    Any amount is GREATLY appriciated, even if its $1...
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    Finals tomorrow - next tuesday. After that, expect big things.
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    So, /msg and /tell can be unlocked?
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    Little tip: Quit all threads onDisable. If you don't do that it will have a NullPointer to the PermissionsManager (Don't know what you're using that for anyway, why not player.getPermission("whatever");)
    It's saying PEX isn't enabled.
    That's because the plugin was enabled, before the reload. After the reload, it has to re-enable, but it will have another instance, causing your threads to get a null, causing crazy log spam and DC for everyone.

    I advice you do
    1. Quit all threads onDisable()
    2. Start new threads for every player onEnable()
    3. Check if variables aren't null before using them.
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    1.) This is already been done, sorry to burst your bubble.
    2.)Once again, this is already done.
    3.) The null errors are due to when I originally started creating this plugin. (I was still trying to get used to the way the plugin system works for Bukkit at the time.) I used PEX as the permission system and I never got around to removing/redoing the original code to handle this better. v1.2.7 has a lot of this fixed, and will be testing over the week on a 100 slot server. If issues come up, they will be fixed BEFORE 1.2.7 is pushed out.

    Thanks for the help!
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    How exactly? I cannot find how to D:
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    You have to wait for STAB v1.2.7
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    Okay, thanks a lot.
    Waiting for 1.2.7 then, tell me when it's out.
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    I love this! Its my most recommended for your server to stop spam!
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    I think ALL servers should use this plugin! Good Job!!! :D +1
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    I have this annoying issue that the plugin reset the config file every time the server isn't properly shut down (I think at least). This results in innocent people getting banned again because of the low 2 message limit. :/
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    Found this bug today while working on 1.2.7. And it has(or at least should) be fixed.

    STAB2.0 will use a new style of config anyways. And will be much more user friendly.
    I will also be creating a small program to generate a config for you :)

    v1.2.7 is done. Letting it run all night, and if no errors show up, I will release it first thing in the morning!

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    v1.2.7 OUT!

    Please make sure to read the changelog.
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    How do you set a timeout when people logout? So that when they logout they have to wait 5 seconds to log back in, I haerd this is possible with STAB. Also when you get kicked? Please tell me :)
    Also how do I setup ANTISPAM for logging in and out 1000x (spam)
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    Does this version help against spammers with hacked clients that send 1000 sentences in 3 seconds?
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    Is it possible to turn off the entire command spam feature off, or at least make it a lot less sensitive?
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    Currently no. But there will be soon.....:)
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    Please make that in a dev version soon :)
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    Help! stab.exempt doesnt cover command spamming. My players arents spamming commands but it says they are.. -.-
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    Any way to disable to command warning all together? its quite annoying and im not going to type in the 5000+ commands in the whitelist.txt :( . Everything else is great and love the PL till that was added.
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    Has been fixed, will push in about an hour

    1.2.7r pushed out. Command Spamming sensitivity added, and ability to disable it.

    2 permission nodes added
    - stab.exemptBan
    - stab.exemptKick

    They are self explanitory

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    Pretty efficient.
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    Leon Philips

    I'm sorry, this plugins banned almost all my players since the update...I am reinstalling it when it works again but for now I am uninstalling it. commands-bans/kicks shouldend act this way...:'(

    Okay.. I used the previous build, No problem's anymore! ;)
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    Make sure to use 1.2.7r, and if it is too sensitive, adjust the trigger numbers.
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    Thanks that works out much better.
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    Leon Philips

    I got that, but inside a worldguard blocked-command area it fails (Permissions too!)
    I think it is worldguard who does the banning becouse it blocked commands.
    Sorry for not telling in my first post, Did not thought about that while typing my post.:oops:
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    If I remember correctly, world guard isnt working correctly with 1337+ (could be wrong, just what ive heard). And personally Ive never used it, but what you said would make since.
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    Still banning people for spamming commands even though i disabled it in config..
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    Just fyi my world guard works just fine with b1575 with WG 5.3

    Same here even with the r version. Soon as i updated everyone started getting kicked for commands, even when disabled and commands in the whitelist.

    Reverted back to old version. command thing still needs work..

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    Definitely the top anti-spam plugin out there!! Good job man!
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    Using PermissionsEx.
    I have both the permission nodes, yet im still not able to put in commands over 3 per 10 seconds or w/e.

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