Inactive [CHAT/ADMN] StopTalkingAutoBan [Reloaded!] Alpha1 - Intelligent Anti-Spam System [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    StopTalkingAutoBan(S.T.A.B) - Spam monitoring, as it should be!


    Original v2.1.1
    Reloaded: Alpha1

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    This plugin was developed specifically to stop spam on your server as fast and effecient as possible.

    STAB is fully configurable. Ranging to from the messages that are sent to the user upon kick or ban, to tweaking the sensitivity of STAB.

    Currently by default, all builders get 1 offence for spamming. If that offence is used up, they will be banned from the server on their next offence. (Warnings may be turned off in the plugins config file)

    STAB also features it's own RemoteConsole system. Allowing admin to watch their servers from home without having to deal with pesky SSH or Command Line! Just simply type the ServerIP and stabRcon port number and hit connect! You will now be able to send commands, see whos currently logged in, chat in game, and kick/ban players, without ever logging into minecraft!

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    Documentation and Instructions:
    • Permissions and Configuration Options

    • Logs the IPs and Usernames of every player that joins.
    • Logs the chatlog with DisplayName and AccountName.
    • Watches each player individually for both Chat and Command Spamming
    • Lag Calibration/Anti-Lag
    • Intelligent system for detecting players that spam in game.
    • Fully Multi-threaded
    • Lots of configuration options to make the experience perfect for your server.
    • Easy to use both in-game, and in console.
    • Permissions support, but not required.
    • MCBans Support
    • PlayerLogging
    • RemoteConsole
    • On-The-Fly Editing of Configuration Options
    Download The Plugin

    If you enjoy this plugin, feel free to click the button below.
    Doing this will allow me to continue development and support each build.
    Any amount is GREATLY appriciated, even if its $1...
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    can't wait for the update and hopefully mcbans support. I really like this plugin, but as sayshal said, the logs are getting 'spammed' a bit with STAB.

    Things like [STAB] Starting ChatThread for player 'XXX' and stopping aren't really necessary. Perhaps add a debug mode for if you want it?
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    Thats the plan!
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    When I try and use /tell or /me commands I get a warning for spamming.

    I assume it has to do with mChat, but I am curious to know if you are aware of the issue?

    Chat Plugin - mChat
    CB Build - 1337
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    Does it warn you every time you use the command?

    Its supposed to only warn you if you have greater than one 'spam tick'
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    It is every time you use the command. I haven't tried other commands as I couldn't play around with it too much at the time. For example I waited about 1 minute before I typed anything and tried to type "/me is happy" and the message didn't send and I was warned to stop or I would be banned. I had other players try this and they got the same warning. If it matters, I was OPed on the server and still couldn't do it.
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    Ill look at it tonight/tomorrow and see if I can figure out why..

    I still plan on adding better mChat/HeroChat support. I just need to figure out exactly how I plan on going that route.(Same goes with mcBans. Documentation is crap, so it makes it hard to hook the API to ban/kick players using it when you dont know where to even begin with it)

    Things left to do before release:

    - Implement HashTable to hold users in the offencelist.txt, instead of a Vector. This is allow much quicker access and better efficiency.

    - Add any more commands that you guys want to be considered spam.

    - Whatever else I find or gets recommended to me.

    Things already complete for next release:

    - Added option to disable 'most' of the console output. (Output is ENABLED by default)

    - Fixed bug where typing commands would cause STAB to warn the user on command use, even if they weren't spamming.

    - Trying out a new format for the ChatLog. Let me know which one you like better...

    - If /stab is typed by admin/OP it will bring up the same thing that /stab help does

    .............More to come. But ive slept since then, will keep everyone posted.


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    Well, got a spammer the other day and the plugin did just not work for him (didn't work for 2 spammers). Here is a part of the log.

    (sorry for the language!)

    2011-11-20 07:00:13 [INFO] Yummyhen [/] logged in with entity id 607272 at ([Awesomeland] 215.5, 89.62000000476837, 89.5)
    2011-11-20 07:00:13 [INFO] [STAB] Starting ChatThread for player 'Yummyhen'
    2011-11-20 07:15:19 [INFO] <Yummyhen> FUCK^[[0m
    2011-11-20 07:15:19 [INFO] <Yummyhen> FUCK^[[0m
    2011-11-20 07:15:19 [INFO] <Yummyhen> FUCK^[[0m
    2011-11-20 07:15:19 [INFO] <Yummyhen> FUCK^[[0m
    2011-11-20 07:15:19 [INFO] <Yummyhen> FUCK^[[0m
    2011-11-20 07:15:19 [INFO] <Yummyhen> FUCK^[[0m
    2011-11-20 07:15:19 [INFO] <Yummyhen> FUCK^[[0m
    2011-11-20 07:15:19 [INFO] <Yummyhen> FUCK^[[0m
    2011-11-20 07:15:19 [INFO] <Yummyhen> FUCK^[[0m

    and so on.... (about 9500 times)
    2011-11-20 07:15:23 [INFO] <Yummyhen> FUCK^[[0m
    2011-11-20 07:15:23 [INFO] <Yummyhen> FUCK^[[0m
    2011-11-20 07:15:58 [INFO] Yummyhen lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
    2011-11-20 07:15:58 [INFO] [STAB] Yummyhen has disconnected. Stopping their ChatThread!

    However, if I type in 3 times I get kicked (as it should)

    any idea why it didn't work?
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    Love this plugin, but it banned like normal 6 when they talk like normal. Maybe a LITTLE bit too fast.. :confused:
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    plz add features: block spam teams like //set or /say
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    You can adjust the sensitivity in the plugin config file.

    A lot of commands have already been implemented but I will add these as well.

    Im sorry for the lack of updates for the last couple of days. Went out of town for Thanksgiving and did not have internet or a PC with me. Expect that update this week!!

    Also, Ive been PMed a few times about getting the source code and here are my plans BEFORE I release it.... If you would like to work on this project, please shoot me a PM or hit me up on AIM at "perimeter29"(without quotes). I am looking for a few experienced developers to help out with this since my free time has been lacking...

    An FAQ is in the process of being created in the FIRST POST and will be appended to as needed. Please read it BEFORE asking me questions.

    The FAQ has been posted. I will link copy it here. But the updated version will always be in the first post!

    Show Spoiler

    • Q: Can I get a copy of your source code so I can add ____?
    A: Currently no. The coding is not organized enough yet in my opinion to be public. I want to create a few interfaces that will allow developers to hook into my plugin or expand it based on it's multi-threaded features before making it OpenSource. If you have a feature you'd like to add feel free to send me a code snippet or a detailed plan on your idea/addition. Full credit for this WILL be given in this thread, as well as in the code.
    • Q: I love this project and would like to be involved! What can I do to help?
    A: First off, thank you for your support. It means a lot to me. This all depends on your level of expertise. As a user/server hoster all I can ask of you is to stay updated with the latest versions, report bugs frequently and shoot out some ideas.

    • Q: I'm a developer and would like to help out with STAB. What do I need to do?
    A: As a developer, you WILL NEED to talk to me personally. Either through PM, AIM, or Skype. NO EXCEPTIONS. I will need to see some of your work and show that you are not just a leech and actually know HOW to program. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask BUT keep them in private(AIM,EMAIL,PM,SKYPE). I'd prefer it if this thread stays on topic.

    • Q: I'm a developer and I'm curious as to how you set ____ up in your code. Is there any chance I could see your methods?
    A: Sure! I love helping out fellow developers! Shoot me a PM and I'd be happy to share some code snippets! Although, if you ask me for an entire class, or you are rude/demanding expect the same attitude in response.

    • Q: When can we expect to see STAB vX.X.X?
    A: This is probably the most common question that I've been getting asked, and honestly all I can say is 'i dont know'... With my schedule with school and other projects it becomes hard to give exact deadlines but I do strive to do the best I can with keeping people updated with whats going on.

    • Q: What are the current plans for STAB. What about STABv2.0?
    A: Currently I plan on doing ONE more release before STAB2.0. This release will feature most requests that have been asked for, as well as a few more bug fixes and random other goodies. STABv2.0 will be my biggest release yet. And will feature TONS of new material. Including:
    - A HUGE rewrite
    - Switching over some of the player arrays to HashTables for better performance and memory usage.
    - Creating a binary search tree to store player data in real-time.
    - Small Database/Server integration for MySQL/HTML5.
    - JavaScript/Applets that allow you to track server stats on a website, as well as a mobile version.
    - Android application for sever stats and admin.
    - Importable interfaces, allowing developers to use my algorithms and features, focusing on a lightweight and a pure multi-threaded experience. (This includes player search, traversals of stored player information, smarter lag-calibration, and a few other goodies)

    • Q: You are an a**h*le!
    A: I'm sorry, but I really don't care. I'm here to provide my skills to the community, not impress you.

    • Q: This plugin is AWESOME! Thank you so much! How can I help encourage development?
    A: Once again, THANK YOU! I wont lie, I love being praised for my work. It is my main drive for this type of stuff. If you really want to help out, a small donation is GREATLY appreciated! Anything helps!


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    Ross Gosling

    Request Feature

    exempt from banning node
    exempt from kicking node


    Basically it can keep your power hungry moderators in line if they think they're funny =L and then you have a reord of them being annoying also =)
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    My plan for that will be 2 permission nodes.

    I dont really get what your second part is saying.... lol

    and another thing I will be adding is a command to add an offence to a player.
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    Ross Gosling

    lol, i just meant you might have a moderator who thinks its funny to spam chat so with the nodes they would still get kicked over and over so they might stop and it would keep a record of the mod being annoying so you can enforce punishment =)
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    Agreed. Thanks for the great idea! I'm hoping to get things finished up tonight. Might push out tonight or tomorrow afternoon/night. Just need to implement this(10 minutes of programming if even..), and I'm wanting to improve the command system, we'll see what I can do... Pretty hard to figure it out when Im not home ;)
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    Download link is broken.
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    My fault. Helps if my webhost would have notified me that my payment was due...

    All should be good now.
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    Great. Love the plugin idea, it's one of the ones on my 'required' list now :)
    Just a quick question, do you use the player.hasPermission("node")", or do you port into a Permissions plugin?
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    Currently I'm using the player.hasPermission(); but 2.0 will have a "double take" permission system.
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    This is such a nice plugin but for spam its garbage! Words per minute? That allows a user to spam a lot before they get banned. I HIGHLY suggest making it words per second. I have mine set at 4 words per second.
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    Can you only count chat that isn't cancelled? My players are getting banned for typing short (Factions plugin) commands in quick succession, even though I set numOfMessages to 6 (I'm not even sure if it's reading the value correctly... people seem to be kicked/banned after 2+ messages in quick succession).
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    Oh, do continue to use player.hasperm! I hate it when people continue to do Permissions double ups. The system is there not to be ignored, therefore it should remain a standard. I'm using it.
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    Where the hell did you get words per minute? It uses seconds to track spam. Please get your facts straight. Thx.

    I agree completely.

    Ill be releasing v1.2.7 in like 3 hours, once I get home from school. v2.0 is coming along nicely. STAB logic has been pretty much completely re-written, and will be finishing up its new plugin system(yes you heard me correctly. STAB2.0 will be able to have it's own extensions)

    EDIT: Also forgot to mention, most features made it into 1.2.7... I also changed my algorithm for detecting/ticking commands and implemented a whitelist for commands that you wish to not be tracked by STAB. I also rewrote the way Bukkit handles commands. If a player starts spamming commands, STAB will warn the user and block the commands from being handled by the server any further.
  24. not sure if this has been mentioned but 1.26 seems to block private messaging in essentials via /msg
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    me and my admin has been doing some testing with this plugin. it doesnt block command spam =/
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    my server was gwettting spamed till this LOVE IT!
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    Right, I need some help w/ this. I'm CB #1550 and this does work but whenever I reload, the server crashes. I'd use it, but I change plugins alot, so please help me out here :(
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    Is it my plugin that is making your server crash?

    v1.2.6 only blocks certain commands. v1.2.7 will implement full command monitoring, with a whitelist to enable quick repetition of that command
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    Yes, It's your plugin. I removed it, and there were no crashes when I reloaded.
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    Post or PM me your server.log file so I can determine what the issue is.
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    cant wait for the update =)

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