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    Broadcast Automated Messages The Easy Way!
    Version: v1.8.4
    Not everything here is up to date. Check the Bukkit Dev page to see all the new features!
    Automatically timed messages! You set the Interval!​
    Easy in game commands!​
    Simple and Easy Config!​
    Set Messages in a regular or random order!​
    Complete chat format customization!​
    Full Color Support!​
    Permissions Support!​
    And More!​
    Visit Bukkit Dev and View Files For Change Log.

    I'm always looking for new features to add to this plugin! If you have any ideas leave them below or send me a ticket on bukkitdev!

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    All features I wanted to add are added and all bugs squashed. Tell me if you find any bugs in version 1.5.1!

    EDIT: Which im still waiting on for approval on bukkit dev
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    Thanks for this, Great plugin, Props.
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    Thanks a lot :)!

    I have gotten some complaints of reloading simply resetting the messages. If so, please tell me! Thanks!

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    I would really appreciate more feedback on this thread and bukkit dev! Please feel free to post!

    Also 1.8 is out and we have 1.8.1 coming out within a few hours!
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    Looking forward to using this plugin.[diamondore] The previous plugin I used for this task was Scheduled Announcer, but it fell behind in the updates and isn't working with R6.
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    Exactly the same as me so is this as good/better?
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    Its about the same right now. As I continue to update, I feel it will only get better :D!
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    So far I am pleased with it. It seems to be very light weight, setting up the config file was very easy and it had tips at the top. It is also maintained, and updated which is more than I can say for the other.
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    Thanks for your comments :)
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    md_5 NuclearW Plague
    Do any of you guys mind approving this or if not telling me what to fix? This post has been up for over a week, so yeah any response would be great :D Thanks :)
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    AFAIK submissions are done through, this is quite obsolete.
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    I would still like it if it was approved :)
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    Very nice plugin.
    Is there a command to reload the messages ingame?
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    Yes, /automessager reload
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    No problem :D
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    Really Nice Plugin ;)
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    Sorry but it dosen't work with me. When i reload my server the messages does too!
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    Wonder if you could add Open-Link-Feature? :D
    Awesome plugin!
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    Open Link Feature?
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    good plug but your messages you put in are not going away i delete them and they come back ???
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    I think he means where you click the link and it opens, not sure if it's even possible with minecraft, doubt it.
    But gonna be testing this plugin, thanks!!
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    Awesome job here dude works perfectly!
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  26. I HAVE SUGGESTION: Can you make so Console DON'T Get the message it should be cool and can you make in config: Give-Console-Messages: False for exempel
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    Worked fine after i noticed symbols like ä, ö, ü or ß will make the plugin delete your cfg file and replace it with the default one ... (German) Haters gonna hate! xD

    i'd like to ask for a fix in this case ^^
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    I should include that. Thanks for the idea.
    I dont think minecraft supports those german characters, sorry I guess the only thing I can do it prevent it from replacing it with the default config.
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    Nice to see a plugin that keeps getting updated :)
    Could you make the command trigger a bit shorter or add another? Something like /am or /zam.
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    There is a shorter command already :p its /am

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