Inactive [CHAT/ADMN] BukkitLink 1.8.9 - Link to other servers, teleport, chat, and more. [1.2.5-R3.0]

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    What is your CPUMode, is it still 2? I believe the problem could be the engine working far too hard on your processors. Try setting it to 5, and then see if the same issue occurs. But only if your server is extremely professional and cannot have down-time. :)
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    how useful, i would like this


    i would like this plugin, but i dont know what it can do, nor what it can achive... can i enter other servers? if so, how? how do i talk with others? how iconfigure, i bad at theese things!
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    I will admit that this plugin is not easy to set up. It has plenty of features that require work to set up properly.

    Visit the devBukkit page for BukkitLink, located at, and scroll down to the tutorials section. If, after following those instructions, you can't get BukkitLink running, comment here again and let me know ^.^
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    Thank you for your bug reports and comments since BukkitLink 1.8.5. I've decided to open several positions for development, using the private Mercurial repository I've kept on BitBucket.

    I've fixed a few bugs in this patch release, including one with the /gift command.
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    I want to use a plugin what gives me the possibility to use a warp to warp to other server adresses is possible with this plugin? it doesn't matter if i have to install lots of plugins for this, if I have to i'll install 20.

    Thank you.
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    There is definitely a spout client needed for this mod. Right now, not a lot of people want to use spout, seeing as the new MineCraft API will be coming out sooner or later. When it is out, I expect the possibility for this type of functionality will be very large.

    BukkitLink does not support server-to-server teleportation as a feature. There are a few other plugins that are dedicated to this, so I don't want to go into their development realms and compete with their projects. It would be quite rude of me to do that :D

    I'm sure you could find some plugins that support this feature. Keep your eyes open!
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    I would love to test this server plugin out
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    Thank you ^.^ let me know if any errors come up for you.
  9. you should make it so like i could be on my server, walk through a portal and go straight into my friends server.:D
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    I'll quote what I stated before:

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    i can help you testing, i have 5 servers to test it on. and can i link more server together
    like all 5 of them
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    BukkitLink 1.8.6 release

    • Bug-fix for the black-list, which caused some issues with player bans.
    • Amended a security problem with BukkitLink's re-connecter module.
    • Made all BukkitLink threads require a low-priority system to increase performance.
    Due to the security bug-fix and performance update, I highly recommend everyone updates to this build as soon as possible.

    The Server authentication firewall had a potential exploitation in the accept procedure that could allow a remote attacker to compromise the performance of your server, and control your server remotely if you had installed the BLadmin. These issues have been fixed in BukkitLink 1.8.6.
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    since im good with testing .yml files and running servers, ill help with testing.
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    Can you comment on the main page of the Bukkit-dev project so I can add you as such?
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    BukkitLink 1.8.7 release

    • Added Spout server-to-server teleportation.
    • Added DNS support for all links.
    • Update to the front page.
    Thank you for your support on BukkitLink. We're nearing 1.9, and I'm excited to work on the next recommended build!

    See our release cycle:
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    ive seen your work. nicely done!! its Awesome!!!
    im here to ask you help to create a plugin really asked by minecraftians and terrarians!
    is the minerraria mod
    i have a .jar base with all adds of the mod but i cannot make him to work!
    ps: nice to meet you
    with all respect noobly_69
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    What do you mean, exactly?
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    i have the jar file.
    the problem is that the mod isnt working.i belive that the mod needs some kind of support program/plugin that we need to reate or install to make the mod work, or maybe it needs to be fixed and remade by somene with more experience than ive got.
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    BukkitLink 1.8.8 release
    • Updated to craftBukkit 1.2.5-R3.0.
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    I run two servers on the same machine. I have them both on seperate ports for bl. One will connect to the other but i cant get the one that it connected to, to connect back. any ideas?

    If it helps, cmd says it's state for that port is CLOSE_WAIT

    And yes the ports are open and both have both services started
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    This is an interesting error that I researched to find what was causing it. contains a definiton for CLOSE_WAIT: "CLOSE_WAIT Indicates passive close. Server just received first FIN from a client."

    When a socket is closed, it enters CLOSE_WAIT to send any remaining data in the stream while it expires.

    If both services are on the same machine, make sure you are using the correct syntax to link both services:

    /bl add [port] [password]

    You also said that one can connect to the other, while the other cannot link back to the first server. So if one is working correctly, the other should as well. Make sure both servers are restarted fully, and "/bl status" shows the correct port for each service.
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    They both show correct port and i tries using rather than my ip but it still only lets one connect to the otehr but no connecting the other way around
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    Are the two copies of the plugin trying to use the same port? Even if the servers use different ports, the plugins have to use different ports too... I think. otherwise, it will just be sending data to itself and getting itself all confused because the port is in use
    tell the second server plugin /bl port whateverportyouwant
    just make sure it isn't a reserved port...
    your best bet is a number from 49152 - 65535 if I'm not mistaken
    hope that helps..
    edit: Also, is port forwarding set up? if you are using a local address, shouldn't matter, just throwing it out there.
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    They are using different ports and yes its forwarded...
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    So the two plugins are running on different ports? not just the server? and are all four ports properly forwarded?
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    Does it lag the server? Because im trying this plugin
    but my friend says that it lags your server a lot.
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    is not working i type everything right but it said is connect failed
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    If you're having lagg issues, make sure you change the "CPUMode" YML setting to 5 in the config.yml file.

    Make sure your friend is running BukkitLink and has the correct port forwarded (TCP/IP protocol). Firewalls are also an issue with these types of plugins, so try opening a hole there, too.

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    i'll try open firewall and my friend are running bukkitlink

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