Inactive [CHAT/ADMN] BukkitLink 1.8.9 - Link to other servers, teleport, chat, and more. [1.2.5-R3.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Cicadia, Dec 22, 2011.

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    I have an Apple Time Machine so it isnt 9878 :( what shall i do? i cant find a port i can use?
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    I'm not very familiar with Apple PCs, however it wouldn't make sense not to use TCPIP (IP address, port) on a networked machine. So, assuming the Apple Time Machine can bind to ports, I would run "/bl status" on the hosting machine to determine what the setup BukkitLink has configured is.

    The YML configuration defines a "port" entry, where you can designate your own hosting port. You can also change the port to another using the command "/bl port [NEW]"
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    Hey Cicadia, I would like to signup to be a tester for your plugin. So talk to you later. :D
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    video please?
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    Absolutely! Can you sign up on, then comment on the project page so I can add you officially?

    Ah, right. I was beginning to forget. I'll get out a nice microphone and screen recording software and do it professionally. I hope I can get a nice video out today.
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    ok, thank you so much for youre time!:)
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    Yah sure I'll have it done soon. :D
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    Thanks, Hammerfell, for applying to be a tester!

    If anyone else would like to check out testing, you can find out more at the page I created.
  9. Cicadia
    What would you like to be done as a tester? Im up for anything really.
    And about that video?..
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    Yes, the video. I'm going to sit down and record it when I have a nice long hour or two to myself. I actually attempted to create one before, but it's very difficult to get everything I say and do absolutely professional.

    And as for testing, you can find out everything you need to know here.
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    Okay, Good news. Channels are almost done.

    I'll finish them tonight (April 11) and fix bugs (Argh, where are four more testers when you need them? Anyone is welcome to apply). Then, I'm going to publish an official video with my voice, not a silent movie.
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    Awesome! BukkitLink 1.8.3 is out. That video is coming sooner or later, but for now I need to find & fix all bugs reported.
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    I think a cool thing to add for clustered servers like what i have would be to make a text file on a web server and let it retrive server names like that
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    Finally, we've gotten to the BLa. I'm glad to announce that the BLa is functioning perfectly with it's whitelist, and utilizes the BL-API I wrote when BukkitLink 1.8 was written. If you'd like a quick link, see this:

    Download the BLa beta

    Please keep in mind that the BLa is beta, and to discourage public use there is no permission to use the "/bla" command at this time.
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    I would like to be a debug tester,please pm me...

    server ip:
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    If anyone would like to apply to be a tester, you can easily ask right on this forum topic.

    Thanks for checking out BukkitLink!
    ~ Cicadia
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    I have a bug with the plugin. Everything is perfect, until I reboot one of the 2 servers, when you restart the primary server for maintenance or to install a plugin, I can not see the secondary server chat. But the secondary server if you read what I write, why?
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    Hmmm. Here's a structure of the issue's trace:
    • Everything is just dandy with BukkitLink.
    • You restart server 1 for maintenance.
    • Server 1 doesn't see the chat from server 2.
    • Server 2 can still see server 1's chat.
    The problem looks to occur as soon as you restart the primary server, server 1. From this point, one link of the two, which make a complete connection, is broken.

    There's a special feature that is supposed to combat broken links, called "Recon". If recon isn't running, lost/"broken" links can't be re-established. Here is a checklist to make sure recon is working properly:

    1. Use the command "/bl status" and check that the "Workstation" is running.
    2. Restart the other server, server two, and see if a likewise problem occurs.
    3. Check the console to see if a connection is lost between the two servers. It would read as "/ Problem sending message" or "... lost connection to a link, BukkitLink will wait for it to become available again."
    Good luck! I'll try to reproduce this error on my end, and see if I can find if it's not just you experiencing the bug.
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    This looks like an awesome plugin and i would use it if i had 2 servers running.

    until that time i'm afraid i wont be using it sorry

    Lord Herobrine.png
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    Yes, that's fine. BukkitLink was intended for those with multiple servers, or friends who also run Bukkit servers as well.

    And to be honest, I don't see why you would want to post in a plugin thread about not using a plugin. It doesn't make sense :D
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    Excellent! BukkitLink 1.8.4p with a few important updates is out!
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    Hey man, great idea on the plugin, I'm having a lot of issues getting it to work though.

    As I am running 1.2.5 R0.1 across all 3 of my servers (2 locally on the same machine, and 1 in another city) I decided to check this out.

    I first tried to use 1.8.3p across them all, and I was able to get a connection between 2 of the servers, but once I added a third the connections broke down and would not reconnect themselves. I decided to try 1.8.4p and this one simply connects and disconnects randomly without a pattern. I did notice that both versions do not like when the server is reloaded, they lose connection and do not reconnect.

    - "bl reload" does not have any affect.
    - "bl status" will show an outgoing connection(s) or an incoming connection(s) or depending on the server, but never both.
    - I usually ran the servers at "CPUmode 2", I also tested with CPUmode 0 (as default) and this made no difference.

    All ports are forwarded correctly and I gave each server a unique port and enabled chat notifications, two of the servers use 30Mb-down/2Mb-up (6-core/16 GB ram) and the third is on 200Mb fibre (Quad core/2GB ram) so bandwidth and processing isn't an issue.

    I think a bug fix is in order for the re-connection component. When it was working between 2 of the servers, it was cool, I'd hate to not be able to use this.
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    The CPU mode feature is really for those machines who run a single core processor, and changing it for high-end processors really has no effect.

    With that aside, the "bl reload" bug was fixed, and I've really been focusing on the reconnector. There's a bug somewhere in that system that affects broken links, but deeper in the engine.

    For now, I beleive I've fixed these bugs (/bl reload and the reconnecter) with 1.8.5, and those who are having problems like Defiant should download BukkitLink 1.8.5
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    I had to use CPUmode 2, otherwise the 6-core goes to 55% and the quad core goes to almost 80%.

    I'm still having the same issue though. It works until I reload one server, this causes the other one to lose connection to it ("bl status" and "bl links" both show this).

    Can we have a way to manually force the servers to re-connect? Maybe some sort of heartbeat packets are needed between the servers so they know if they lose connection and to try to reconnect (Microsoft clusters use this).
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    I'm actually working on a heartbeat system right now, and I plan on implementing it in 1.8.5p.

    If you have larger issues with the CPU usage, try setting the CPU mode to three, maybe even four or five.

    And then with the reconnection issue: keep in mind that lost incoming links are not handled by the server that accepts them. If an incoming link is lost, right now there is no way for the server to know that a client lost connection. A new system I'll be writing will allow links to stay out-of-use for one minute, and afterwards it's up to the client to reconnect.

    Outgoing links, however, should always recover lost links. This happens when a message (anything from a chat message to gift) is sent, and fails. It adds the connection to a queue where it is kept dormant until the link is available to connect again.

    When an outgoing link is lost, the message "[BukkitLink] Lost connection to a link. BukkitLink will now wait for it to become available again." is displayed in the console. If you do not see this, BukkitLink is not detecting lost links, and is not functioning that system.

    Another key point to reconnection is that the "Workstation" server must be running. This is shown in the /bl status command. If it is not, then no links can be created, and no outgoing links can be recovered.

    What is strange is that I cannot reproduce this error. I did see a bug in 1.8.4p, and I thought it was fixed, after the reconnector linked two broken connections perfectly. I've also tried the same thing over the internet, and it also functions as it is supposed to. Even though it's much more difficult to work on these types of bugs, I'll keep trying to fix this.
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    Ok, it seems to be working between 2 of my servers now. I erased the entire bukkitlink folders and .jars and started fresh (I had done this when upgrading to 1.8.5). It loses connection and then re-connects. This is good.

    I'm going to try getting it working on the third server so all 3 have 2 links each.

    I have a suggestion for a future addition to your plugin. Some sort of "connection manager" server would be a good idea, it could be a dummy craftbukkit server with whitelist on and nobody allowed onto it. The Bukkit Link plugin there would be what every Bukkit Link client connects to (really useful for people with 3+ servers), it would manage the connections and monitor them. Any chat/status/otherwise sent to it would be replicated out to the others, they would only need one connection to this server. It could even monitor servers and somehow alert you when one goes down (using a browser like Dynmap?). You could call it "Bukkit Link Command" or something.
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    Definitely a good idea, I've been juggling the idea of a server of some sort for a long time now, and with the issues that have been occuring lately, I think BukkitLink should have a server soon. It would act much like a craftBukkit server, but not be a plugin itself.
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    there is a plugin called bukkitconnect, that has its own server... i have it on my own server, and it can cross-server talk, it also tells you when one server disconnects, however it is an unreliable plugin, with bad connection, you use a special bukkitconnect server, and, if you dont have your own, config is set do deafult, meaning you can often aciddentally be speaking to anyone in the world on any server!
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    Actually, the funny thing is that I used to not be able to make a server for BukkitLink without violating an agreement I made with Pyraetos a long time ago, that we would keep our systems separate.

    Now, I beleive the project was deleted, and he has discontinued work on BukkitConnect. Therefore, I can now create any system I would like to.
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    I managed to get it working on the 3 servers, somewhat (one of the servers repeated chat back to itself though which was odd). However all 3 servers had serious time out issues that cause Minecraft clients to crash upon joining. I had to remove the plugin completely from them which resolved that immediately. Maybe I'll give this a shot again in a few months.

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