Inactive [CHAT/ADMN] BukkitLink 1.8.9 - Link to other servers, teleport, chat, and more. [1.2.5-R3.0]

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    Suggestion -- command to transport from one server to the other if enabled or given permissions for on both server ends.
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    Smidds: Thank you, I really appreciate it. :D

    Colin: I'll look into that; You should be able to view them.


    When I built the 1.7.1 version, I used the Bukkit API for MineCraft 1.1. Since the 1.0.1 to 1.1 change, there was a major tweak in the events system. Currently, BukkitLink only supports craftBukkit 1.1. I may have accidentally written 1.0.1/1.1 in the header. My bad!

    If you move to a craftBukkit 1.1 build, BukkitLink should work just fine. :D Thank you for reporting this issue!

    Good suggestion. It's the third comment I've received on the topic. That would require either A, a client spout plugin, or B, a way that one server could stream another server's map. You see, Bukkit plugins can only disconnect you from a server (Kick). I'll keep trying to find new ways to do this.

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    i updated the bukkit jar, it work now, thanks
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    lol_whut, You're welcome! Thank you for reporting this issue, and another thanks for using the plugin :D
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    When linking my regular bukkit server to my moddedbukkit that runs ic2/bc/redpower it completely changed the inventory of every player on the moddedbukkit it even took all the enchantments and put it on one item and every time i tried to message some one it would crash the server.
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    I've never seen the inventory error occur before, but it seems to be a conflicting issue with one of your plugins (Obviously, since the other server is not modded). Please understand that I can't guarantee that BukkitLink will function correctly with all plugins, though the ones you're using are fairly common. BukkitLink can not change the inventory of a player (Except in the event of gifting, which is only executed by using "/gift"), so I honestly don't think it was BL doing this, but another plugin on the server conflicting with the setup I have. As for messaging and crashing, I need to look further into it. I recommend you stop all running Bukkit servers and try using "/netstat" on Windows. I don't remember the Linux/Unix equivalent, but the effect will show you what ports are in use. If the BukkitLink server port (default 9878) is listed when it's not running, the engine may not be started, causing an error on the messaging system.


    I've finished the feature you earlier suggested. Thank you for attributing to the project!


    I did fix the forums. Thank you for letting me know about this issue. If it still does not allow you into the site, post back and I'll make sure I check the settings again.

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    I've released a patched version of BukkitLink 1.7.1, 171p. Get it!
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    woot woot thanks
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    Hello! For about three weeks BukkitLink has been rewritten from ground up. It now uses a services system (Client and Server are no longer inter graded together, but instead run as separate threads).

    Since it's a recode, it will be noted at BukkitLink 1.8.
    - Added client reconnection.
    - Much more advanced system and message features.
    - Message backlog (Spool for you techies) that sends messages one at a time.
    - Incredible news functionality, and the friends system now blocks private messages from those who aren't your friends.
    - CPU usage down to 13% on CPU mode 4, with almost no visible drag.
    CPU Mode now replaced LimitCPU, where this feature can run from modes 0-4, 4 being the most restricted.
    - Work spread onto 4 threads, which are all available to choking from the CPU mode
    - Starting and stopping of individual services (/bl stop [Service]) to make BukkitLink completely unused, function as a Server, Client, or both.

    Thank you everyone for reporting the bugs you found! BukkitLink 1.8 will be out very soon.

    Have fun,
    ~ Cicadia

    Oh! And you're welcome, f1337_m4573r!

    Hopefully more people will find this plugin in the near future.
    ~ Cicadia

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    Eh, nobody has commented on the new release. Is everything going well on the server boxes running this plugin? I guess this serves as a bump.
    ~ Cicadia
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    is it possible to make portals to other servers
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    I'm sorry, but as of now BukkitLink does not support server-to-server teleportation. In the future I plan on implementing a spout feature that will allow you to do this. Until then, I highly recommend searching for other plugins that allow this; I know that there are some out there for sure.
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    Thank you for your support and bugfix suggestions, everyone. BukkitLink 1.8.0p is released as a result, and fixes as many bugs as I could find on the project's page.

    This includes:
    • Fix for the "/bl password" command.
    • Fix for the LimitCPU feature. LimitCPU at level '5' is now available.
    • Addition of a version compatibility warning for versions older/newer than the current one.
    • Predicted bug-fixes, meaning in some places I found code that could cause a bug in the future.
    ... and if you're interested, you'll notice the package '' has been added to the JAR output. This much needed patch hit me right when I was writing the new BLSL feature, which is a secure, encrypted communication later. BLSL will be the only mode of linking and sending packets in the future releases of BukkitLink. It won't affect any server boxes or their performances, however all data will be encrypted instead of just the password being hashed.

    Thanks again,
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    Well! I've been hard at work lately, and here's the 1.8.1 release.
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    I hope everyone is running the plugin will on their servers, as BukkitLink 1.8.1 had an issue that caused message delay on some servers. This has been fixed, as far as I can reproduce the problem.
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    BukkitConnect does not have the features for gifting, administration, custom chatting, and a few other notable differences. I like the project, however if you compare the two projects you'll see.
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    Is this compatible with MuiltInventory and multiple worlds?
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    robot56: Actually, inventory switching used to be available on BukkitLink but is not any longer due to griefing issues, example being someone having an inventory full of TNT, and blowing it up on another server. As for multiple worlds, I don't know exactly what to hook into. Keep in mind that BukkitLink connects entire servers together, regardless of whichever map you're using.
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    Ok, I see why lol, but its an awesome plugin and I don't really know why its this quiet.
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    Thanks! I'd love to see growth in the plugin, and I hope more people can find it in the upcoming months. Right now I'm about to touch 3,000 downloads in total, which is a great milestone for the team.

    And I hope that everyone enjoys 1.8.2! I've done a ton of coding over the last few weeks, and here's the result.

    From the change log:
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    Bump! I'm very excited about the fixes performed in 1.8.2, and I'd like as many people as possible to try out BL182. If you have any errors, make sure you let me know.
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    i cant connect to my friends server :( it works fine on 1.2.5..... but how shall my config file look like :D
  27. Can you make a tutorial to set it up? That would be amazingly helpful
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    Hmmm... make sure you've correctly port forwarded the default port, 9878. What's the error you're receiving?

    Oh! And GameFreakWithPower, I can definitely put together a video to configure the plugin. The setup is fairly complicated to understand at first.

    Just as a precaution, I've updated BukkitLink 1.8.2 to craftBukkit 1.2.5-R1.0. No changes have been made to the plugin with this upload, so you'll find that either edition of the plugin functions perfectly with the other. Great time to link 1.2.4 servers to 1.2.5!

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  29. Cicadia Hey im gonna be try to be linking a 2.4 to a 2.5? Is that something you need tested? and have you made that tutorial yet? I'm not sure i would be able to set it up correctly without one. Sorry to bother yah
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    As long as the BukkitLink editions match, everything will work fine your you.

    And about the tutorial, I don't think I'll be able to finish it today, but perhaps within the next few. To link the two servers, use "bl add [Hostname of the server] [Port of the BukkitLink server, usually 9878] [BL Password to the server]". A good example is "/bl add 9878 password-here"

    Afterwards, you'll be linked to them. Your chats and messages will be sent to the other server, but the other server should run the same command pointing to your address, port, and password.

    And just now I've decived to go forward with an idea I've had for a while: adding public testing to the project.

    Really like BukkitLink? Have Java or Bukkit-dev experience? Own a server? Help me out with Official Testing.

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