Inactive [CHAT/ADMIN] AdminPrivateChat v2.0 - Light weight admin/moderator only chat [1.3.1-R1.0]

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    Ammar Askar

    AdminPrivateChat - Light weight admin/moderator only chat:

    Version: v2.0
    A very simple, very lightweight plugin designed for admins/moderators/OPs to communicate with each
    other, privately. link
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  2. Update and download says version 0.6 but console says 0.5 :p

    Also the 'usealias: true' doesnt seem to do anything, /a <message> doesnt work

    Any chance you could add options for the adminchat format too? like being able to change the [AdminChat] prefix and the colour of them?
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    Ammar Askar

    Just tested out usealias, it works fine on my side. I'll implement the customizable format in the next version.
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    Could you add a messege like: "Your message has beed sent". when the message was sent?. If it's posible i would like to edit the message.
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    First I want to say: I love this plugin. The /atoggle is what made me choose this plugin over others!
    Secondly, can anyone confirm whether or not this works with the latest craftbukkit? R5 or R6, not really sure what they're calling it.
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    Ammar Askar

    This should work with R6, please do report if you're having any issues.
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    How are the code to add chat prefix from pex in this admin chat?
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    Ammar Askar

    Don't have any pex integration prefix wise nor do I intend to implement such a thing. This is meant to be a light weight solution without extra bloat.
  11. Please add a moderator channel aswell
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    Ammar Askar

    I don't plan on adding this to the plugin itself because fuck you it will create extra bloat.
    However since I hate you love you, I spent fifteen minutes re-factoring stuff tireless hours adding a moderator channel to the plugin:

    • amsg - normal admin chat channel
    • mmsg - moderator channel
    • atoggle - toggle admin chat so that when you speak it goes privately
    • mtoggle - same as above except for moderator channel
    • If "usealias: true" in config:
      • a - same as amsg
      • m - same as mmsg
    • usealias, true or false, enables the stuff above ^
    • adminformat - read first post
    • modformat - read first post
    • adminchat.mod.send
    • adminchat.mod.receive
    • adminchat.mod.toggle
    • adminchat.admin.send
    • adminchat.admin.receive
    • adminchat.admin.toggle
  13. So much love for this post and the special version!
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    can you pleasee add support for group manager?
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    lolol I love how you thought differently from how you 'talked'. I really like your plugin because it is very useful.

    What kind of support do you want? Have you read this line yet?
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    Can you make it so the console can use admin chat?
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    Ammar Askar

    It can be used from console currently.
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    I know this plugin isn't very popular, but i still use it ^-^
    Would love an update, even if it don't "need one".

    Maybe some new features :p
    Maybe i can have a Chat for Admins and one for Mods, Eh eh ;P?
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    Where did you get that 0.0
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    From the message 5 above your first one.
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    Lol derp.

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