Changing the policy on giving out information on the big milestone Bukkit updates

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by pilvimaa, Oct 27, 2013.

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    I cant believe the amount of entitlement there seems to be for something that is provided for free!! To read some of these posts, you would think they paid top dollar for Bukkit, and are entitled to prompt updates.

    I would love to have an ETA as much as the next guy, even if it is a moving target that keeps getting pushed back, but at the same time, I realize this is being provided for free, and even if the project was dropped completely, I would not expect to be entitled to any form of compensation. Get off your high horses, geez.
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    Seconded. Seriously, dafuq is wrong with those people? It's fine for 11 year olds to come here and bitch for their new toy to be made already but some of the bitching I've seen in this thread is far too well redacted for a fifth grader.
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    having any kind of ETA would dampen the utter excitement & elation when 2920 appears on the dev build list.
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    Thanks for your intelligent insight that contributes absolutely nothing to the thread... anyway...

    I'm tired of seeing the same "OMG ITS FREE" card... we run our communities for free too but you don't see us blaming our players for not updating our plugins or not telling them anything about what we're doing for weeks... BECAUSE WE CHOOSE TO DO IT FOR FREE. Anyway, I would pay for this if I was better informed (plus these guys are donation driven anyway? so technically not doing it for free?). If I start a project, release it for free, and thousands upon thousands of people used it, I'd do my very best to keep everyone in the know, but hey, I care about my community, some people just don't seem to care.

    Like I've said before, a couple of server admins asking for more information is small fry to the thousands of players constantly asking the admins when their server is updated.

    Sure, I may sound like I'm entitled, and this is a forum so I'll express my opinion (deal with it), I'm bored of this update process, it's a ridiculous circle that happens every few months, we'll be back here when 1.8 is out doing the exact same crap. What's the point of a pre-release if nobody looks at it? Why doesn't Mojang wake up and integrate Bukkit into it's multiplayer? We're keeping this game alive.

    I'm not here to bash bukkit itself or the effort that's put into the project, a lot of people depend on it, I'm bashing the way this particular update had been handled (is EvilSeph the only person working on this or something?), which appears to have gotten a lot better in recent days... it just took 2 weeks to get there. Let's hope there isn't a repeat of it next time (though I pretty much guarantee it will). It's pretty obvious that way too many people rely on this to be kept in the dark on what's happening based on an assumption.
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    Do you really think they can spend their whole day working on the bukkit API living from donations?
    I don't think so.. they are no childs, they have a life and daily job.

    And I honestly do not think they get enough donations to quit their daily job and start working on the API 24/7....
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    Why not just give us a list of things that need to be done before Bukkit can be released? I wish Mojang would do something like buy Bukkit or let Bukkit in on their code so that bukkit can be released as soon as a update is.
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    Fact of the matter is they've probably thought of everything we're suggesting and it didn't pan out for whatever reason. They are all-knowing gods, and we are just silly expendable humans coming up with relatively stupid ideas to explain their actions because they don't tell us squat. That's how it always has been, that's how it is and that's how it always will be.
    So let's stop bitching and start praying to the Bukkit Gods. LEARN YOUR PLACE, FELLOW MORTALS.
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    Mojang is working towards integrating a bukkit like system. Thats why they did a bunch of API work in this patch. It looks to me like their plan is to have a version of Minecraft out by mid 2014 that supports plugins without the need for bukkit.
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    Basically the TL;DR of bukkit and updates is simply this:

    We do this for free. We'll give ETA's and they'll be wildly inaccurate. We won't give ETA's and you'll deal with it. We'll tell everyone how frustrated we are with the process and how we're going to improve it next time, except next time its more or less the same. However, let's give credit where credit's due. They've been maintaining this pattern for quite some time and nothing has really gathered enough traction to really do what bukkit does better than how bukkit does it.


    Bukkit will update. It'll happen. It's more or less business as usual. Given the extreme volume (which you're all aware of) of the changes in 1.7.2, it's taking a ton of work. It's not like bukkit is taking much longer than other systems. All 1.7.2 'bukkit' builds that I've seen are not suitable for production and themselves have taken a large amount of time to integrate reasonable small elements (not touching the new worldgen for example).

    I'm not sure why the community wasn't warned, or the team wasn't prepared. Surely they must have seen the volume of updates (or heard from Grum or Dinnerbone as they remain friends with bukkit team members) in the snapshots and thought that this one was going to take a lot longer than previous ones.

    For me, the issue seems more to do with missing the target on expectations. People expected more of a 1.6 turnaround when that was never going to happen...
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    I'll believe it when I see it. See

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