Changing Player's Nametags in 1.4.7

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Bench3, Jan 17, 2013.

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    Hi! I see that they recently changed to 1.4.7 and removed CraftPlayer and EntityPlayer from the code.

    Is there any way to fix this and/or change players nametags now?

    Thanks in advance,
    Ben :D
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    Has that been updated?
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    Just changing players names and player name data. It dosent look like it has a 1.4.7 version yet?
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    d/w just use it if it doesnt work dont worry if it does good 4 u try b4 you ask.
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    Have you tested it yet? I think he did some fancy stuff to make it work across multiple versions since the refactoring commit
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    Ok awesome, thanks ill test it :)
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    It's waiting for approval. Unapproved version can be found here
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    You can wait for it up be updated. But it will work fine now if you also download ProtocolLib.
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