Change user group with a sign?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by srsdude, Mar 16, 2011.

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    I saw a server with a plugin that teleports you AND changes your user group when you complete a maze.
    I cannot find a plugin that does that, and I'm getting really desperate.

    So, somebody please, help me find this, and I shall love you forever

    Basically here is how this goes:
    User steps on the sign, the user's group is changed from one pre-set group to another pre-set group that I set with the configuration file/sign, and then the user is teleported to the spawn or a warp, or anything that gets him/her out of that place.

    I will be using that at the end of my maze to change a newbie to a builder as a reward.
    Griefers really don't like having to go through a maze, so that will be a filter.

    The reason I want the user group to change is so users can't use "sethome" or other commands to help them go through the maze and I already took care of build protection.

    And some users will probably get angry if they can't get their group changed because a moderator is not online
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    Edward Hand

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    Is there any way to get the user's name, and change their user group?

    I can see that you are the plugin author, is there any way I can set it up so it automatically gets the name of the player clicking the sign?

    I could put the group change command on the sign, but the sign will not know the name of the player
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    Edward Hand

    If you put <NAME> anywhere in the sign it will run the command replacing that with the name of the player using it.
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    So let's say I do this:


    According to the syntax,
    it will.

    If it does, then you have officially saved my server

    I'm going to go test it out
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    This is an awesome idea, especially when running a user group based server, in our case, Guilds.
    In order to participate on the server you must be signed up to a guild itself. At the moment OPs & over must manually add the users to a group, however if we were to use this mod idea we could set up a quest area, then the players could choose & be added by themselves without an Op needing to be on.

    Player Milo signs in to the server 1st time, gets greeted by NPC which explains the process, Milo thinks "awesome, I wanna be a miner", heads over to the "miner" sign and clicks on it. Milo is then seen on the server as <Miner>Milo and activates a portal which sends him the Miners Guild hall to begin his journey.

    I'd also like the player to be rewarded with coins when he confirms his choice, say 250 iConomy, that goes to their iConomy account.

    System message: Congrats <Miner>Milo on becoming a Miner you have been rewarded 250 coins, please use the portal.

    Or, even have the sign activate the user group change, then activate the NPC?

    Milo right clicks the sign to become a Miner, [System message]<Miner>Milo is now a miner, congrats you've received 250 signup coins.
    NPC is activated by the sign and then activates a message explaining the portal system, so new <Miner>Milo knows to go through the portal.

    :D Will the plugin mentioned above by Edward Hand allow for this sort of customisation?!?

    Have a nice day, MW
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    Hmm, it seems to still not work.. Very sad

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