Change the colur of the Motd

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Phoenix901, Oct 27, 2012.

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    Wow, I come back to the thread and I see you guys already have a plugin going! This is great! I'll defiantly use it on my server!

    JayzaSapphire Do you think you could upload the source?
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    The '&' just removes the whole MOTD everytime I try to save the

    Really annoying.
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    note where he said "with MY PLUGIN its the & key"
    you need to use the /u00a7 unicode character, being the double S
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    You can make § sign by pressing ALT + 0 1 6 7

    Could you give me the link?
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    On a Mac it's Alt + 6
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    can you please explain how to use Unicodes?

    Or post a link for the colors?
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    Try using this:


    instead of & or
    §. It worked for me :)

    For example:

    motd:\u00A7aWelcome To My Server \u00A74:)
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    JayzaSapphire Nice plugin, just wondering if it would be easier if you made them put the color format as
    <red>Welcome to <green> MyServer
    You know for people who dont know how to use mc color codes

    Here the code if you want to add it
    2. public static String format(String string) {
    3. String s = string;
    4. for (ChatColor color : ChatColor.values()) {
    5. s = s.replaceAll("(?i)<" + + ">", "" + color);
    6. }
    7. return s;
    8. }
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