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    I need a plugin that will allow me to go at least twice as fast on rails. I have a train station on my server and I want to provide a high-speed rail line for a higher charge to the player. I saw several plugin like this, but they were not updated for 1.6.2. If anyone could give me a suggestion, it would be helpful.

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    A few questions. Would it work on _all_ rails?
    And also have you tried the other plugins? Most plugins don't need to be updated in order to work in 1.6.2.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    It doesn't have to be all rails, either powered only or all rails would work. All the plugins I saw had comments saying that it didn't work please update. Thanks for your assistance!

    Thanks, but I need it to work with only a single minecart.

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    Then you can stop the plugin from linking the carts, then you can modify everything you want with commands or signs
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    CraftBook has a mechanic that can be placed on a minecart rail, and any cart that travels over it has it's speed changed until it runs over another.

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