Change name color: But only some users can see the color

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    This is indeed possible, a server named Trouble in Mineville does it. Basically, only some users can see the color of other players' names.

    So, for example, I need the ability to color usernames with a command. This will ONLY change the name above their head, and not their name on the tablist, or in chat.

    Example: /colorname <player> <color>

    Next, I need the ability to clear all colors from all players who have a colored name.

    Example: /colorname clearall

    Finally, I need the ability to set what players can view what colors. Basically, this is the most important yet crucial piece. HERE is how it works:

    Example: I set player 1 and player 2 to the color red. I then use the command /colorname viewcolor <color> (player). This allows that player to view the color read over other players names. Players without this permission will just see the player's default color of white. Then, I need to be able to remove the colored name permission with /colorname removecolor <color> <player>


    PS. If you are going to keep track of names in a yml file etc, make sure they can only be added once, so the plugin actually works. Check if the name is already there, if it is, STOP.

    PM me, I will pay money ($25) but we can't really discuss that here.
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    I guess this is very, very easy to make.
    Also, other plugins should be able to do it already.. so there's no real need for a new plugin, right? And yeah, no monetary offers.
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    No one has managed to do it where only certain people can see a color.
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    Just do a feature request on one of those existing plugins.
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    Have you looked at the config?...
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    I just payed him to update it for me.

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