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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by iOnixS, Nov 2, 2015.

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    I need a plugin that does the following.

    First off, you will go in the cell, then you will make a section with world edit (worldedit 6.1) And do /cell create (name)
    Then you can place a sign anywhere within 30 blocks of the cell and write on the sign
    1st line. [Cell]
    2st line. [name]
    3rd line. [price]
    4th line. [duration]

    Duration formats to be like this 1d = 1 day we only want 3 day rents so you only need to add 3d

    Once the sign has been placed, it will look like this
    [Duration left]
    [Price to extend rent]

    Extend rent is very important! It should be capped to 3 days MAX! If the rent goes down 1 minute, you can extend it back to 3 days again.

    Duration left should be something like this: 2d:11h:14m

    Hey again, so i've decided to make a list of EVERYTHING That must go into this plugin.

    1. You start off by selecting a region with world edit.
    2. You then do /cell create (Name)
    3. You wil then recive a sign
    4. Placing the sign will auto fill out the first, second and fourth, you will fill in the price as you want it.
    5. The fourth line on the sign should be 3 days
    6. When the sign is clicked you will own that region and no one else can mine, place blocks in it or open chests and furnaces etc
    7. The player who owns the region should be able to: Build, break blocks and open chests and furnaces
    8. I've made an example vide on another server exactly how I want it to be.
    9. I've made another video also ;)
    10. Thats about it

    The cells shouls ONLY Be on a 3 DAY Timer, never more. Ignore the format of the signs as you can just use the ones above
    When the timer runs out, everything inside of the cell should be removed.
    Thats all I can think of really, thanks, Adam.

    E: PLEASE Do NOT suggest any other plugin. They do not do what I want.
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    I have something on at the moment so if someone wants to go ahead they can. If they don't I can do this in a couple days.
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    Can Some1 please try making this plugin asap. We really need a good cell plugin like this.. I think it was well explained.. but if needed please ask
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    This is a somewhat complex plugin, not many people will take it up at all.
    Especially given it has 2 separate plugin dependencies, and doesn't seem to do much at all
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    bwfcwalshy Retired Staff

    @mrCookieSlime has a nice cells plugin, it's a little different to this but is still really nice.
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    @iOnixS I have already suggested AreaShop before, but at that time you wanted that players could extend their rental back to full instead of only extending by a certain period. That feature just has been added, so that problem should not be the problem anymore. Since this is just added there is no update on BukkitDev yet, but you can download the latest version on Jenkins.

    Let me know if that suits your needs and if you have any problems.
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    Thanks, but I've got this done for me ;')
    @timtower lock or something?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Could you tell who made it and post a link of the made plugin? Maybe there are more people that need / want this.
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    It's a custom plugin, not releasing, sorry.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    In that case locked, first a public request and then you don't want to share...
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