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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by chrisjon, Mar 9, 2012.

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    So i have been running the latest CB beta build for a few days now, and yesterday the server crashed twice, without writing anything to the server.log file however it produced 2 different hs_err_pid.log files.

    Which can be seen here:

    Is there anyone that have any idea why this is happening, normally with a server.log error you can easy pinpoint the plugin etc that is causing it.

    And for reference here is a list of the current plugins im running.
    and ofc CB 2034 beta
    WorldBorder      : 1.5.3
    LagMeter          : 1.7
    WorldEdit        : WorldEdit-1147-zml
    CommandBook      : CommandBook-446-zml
    Vault            : 1.2.12-b136
    xpShop            : 5.4
    Multiverse-Core  : 2.4-b514
    PermissionsEx    : 1.19
    Stargate          :
    DKLoginStats      : 0.0.1
    AutoRepair        : 1.2.4
    WorldGuard        : WorldGuard-740-zml
    HomeSpawnPlus    : 1.4.3
    dynmap            : 0.34-957
    Dynmap-WorldGuard : 0.15
    iConomy          : 6.0.9b
    CommandHelper    : 3.3.0
    ServerLogSaver    : 2.1.0
    NoCheat          : 3.5.0
    FalseBookCore    : 0.93alpha
    FalseBookCart    : 0.93alpha
    SimpleRegionMarket: 1.7.5
    MobCatcher        : 2.2 by Malikk
    ChatManager      : 1.19
    FalseBookBlock    : 0.93alpha
    Multiverse-Portals: 2.4-b522
    LWC              : 4.1.1 (b645-git-b24cc99e)
    FalseBookIC      : 0.93alpha
    ChestShop        : 3.37
    FalseBookExtra    : 0.93alpha
    Let me know if there is any further information needed that i havent posted here.
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    I have the same error. But no one answers me as to you :/
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    Same here. I have been looking through my own hs_err_pid#####.log files and found that its most likely caused by a library in the Java source code... sucks.
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