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    Could someone please find or help make an UNDERSTANDABLE version of the NMS class 'WorldGenCaves'?
    I have tried multiple times in the past and got nowhere, so I abandoned it. But now I need it for something different, and don't want to just give up on trying to generate caves altogether.
    I intend to make it a block populator to use in my custom floating island generator.
    I know it sounds like I'm asking to be spoon-fed, but I honestly cannot make any sense of most of the NMS classes :p
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    The fact that you can't make any sense of nms classes is caused by obfuscation. Almost all variables there are named i,i1,i2,i3,...
    There's a project called MCP(Minecraft Coder Pack). It's used for modding minecraft and it gives you big part of source code even in de-obfuscated form(they probably do it by hand or something). Check it out here:
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