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    Plugin Category: I Don't Actually Know What It Would Be Called.

    Suggested Name: Castle Wall

    What I Want: Well I enjoy building castles but there is absolutely no point in using them for war. The walls are expensive like pure stone brick and they do nothing all it takes is a pick to get through them or a shovel to go under them or even dirt to go over them. It is completely stupid the defender has no advantage right? So what it would do is number one make walls stronger. So when you would put stone bricks together you would get an obsidian sort of affect on the wall but it would still look like stone brick. Number two the wall must fight back. So if you put a lot of wholes in the wall i think it would be cool to give it a sand affect and make the wall fall down damaging the defenders and attackers would be a cool add like being able to crush them but that might be a long shot. Number two give a radius of protection to the wall where blocks cant be placed and if you try to come close to the wall on some floating long row of dirt it stops as soon as you hit the wall and falls down like another sand affect. If you would try and go under it similar thing would happen you would dig until you hit near the wall and it wouldn't let you go too much deeper and no farther into the wall. If you were to put lick a ladder on the wall it would slowly turn to sticks and fall down. Now the only way in is to really fight your way into the castle this would give a huge advantage to the defending team and wouldn't make raiding super easy.

    Ideas for Commands: Wouldn't Need Any. Hopefully This Could Be Automatic

    Ideas for Permissions: None I Would Hope

    When I Would Like It Done: I'm In No Rush

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