Castle Siege Plugin, a more fun way for claims.

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    Plugin category: Role Playing/Anti-griefing Tools/Fun

    Introduction: I always like to play on survival PvP servers, with factions and stuff, so I can claim land and my items are safe while I am offline or not at my base. I also play much with my RL friends on a server I host myself. Recently we came up with the idea to create a team-based PvP server just for ourselves. Of course we would need some kind of plugin to make the teams, like Factions, SimpleClans or something like that. But as I was searching for a good team/faction plugin I found out that you have very few choices for base-protection plugins. Of course we can just use the /claim commands, and this works great on many PvP servers, but as we are only with like 10 people that would take much of the fun away. This because there is no way to enter the base if its well protected using claims. Build a big castle as a base and defend it? Why? Just make an obsidian room and sit in it waiting for the attackers to leave..

    Then, let's take a look at the other options. Well, as far as I know, there are none. Or you can use claims, or you have to leave your base undefended. If you do the last it's way to easy to enter a base, and you can barely protect yourself(yes I know you can protect the chests using plugins, but not your base), so i don't think that's really fun either.

    My idea: I though about this for quite a long time, and the best solution I came up with is the following. Make a plugin which allows you to claim land for your faction/clan. A way this could be done might be using the SimpleClans plugin (or any other). Only the factions/clans leader could be able to do this, or maybe all members, I guess this could be set in the permission/config. The amount of claimable territory should depend on the amount of members the clan/factions had got. Of course this should be customizable further in the config file.

    So that would exactly work the same as normal claiming. The difference is the fact that these claims CAN actually be breached. It would just take some more time than an unprotected base. This would be done my making it take much longer to mine blocks inside other factions' claimed territory's.

    This would work the best at castles, or other bases above the ground, because underground you can't see the enemy. A plugin like this would make it possible to make castle's to defend, or lay siege on other people's castle's/bases. This would make it much more fun than current base sieges, where players just make tnt cannons, or stand outside waiting for the enemy to get out because they can't get in.

    An addition to this would be to make breaking of blocks only possible if a member of the clan/faction is online, this to prevent making it too easy, logging out in bases, or building in secret entrances to bases of others.

    How it would work: I already explained most of this. Blocks would take much longer to mine. This can be done in different ways, like:

    -Make all blocks X times harder to mine, like making it 50 times harder to mine cobblestone with a diamond pickaxe, from 0.4 seconds to 20 seconds. I don't really like this because this would create ridiculous mining times for obsidian, for instance.

    -Using a squared number(I think that's what it's called; I mean something like x²) for all blocks, so blocks that are easy to mine gain much extra mining time, and harder blocks to mine gain less mining time. This would make it totally automatic, if it would be possible.

    -Making all blocks X time harder to mine, different per block. So 50 times harder for cobble, 10 times harder for obsidian and so on. This would make it highly customizable, I like this option the most.

    Of course this are just examples, I'll leave it to the person who wants to make this how this would be done. But i think this should definitely be able to be configured by the server owner.

    Conclusion: This post might a bit vague, but I didn't really know how to write it down. I think a plugin like this would allow for soooo much fun and possibilities for PvP servers. I must admit that I don't really know if all of this is possible, but i think the faction/clan thingy doesn't need to be made, because this plugin can just be made like some add-on for an already existing clan/faction plugin. I might be a bit hard to make it work properly on bigger PvP servers, but on smaller servers it would definitely really nice. I have many more ideas for a plugin like this in my head, which I didn't all write down here but if someone would like to make this we can talk about that.

    Ideas for commands: Commands like /claim, /declaim and some more(if not already included in the faction/clan plugin). But the most stuff would have to be configured in the config file.

    Ideas for permissions: Permissions to be able to claim lands, to break blocks inside other people's claims(limited by the extended mining time of course), to break all blocks at a normal rate(admin) and possibly more.

    Note: Sorry for possible grammar errors, English is not my mother language.

    TLDR; I would like to have a faction/clan plugin , or probably even better, an add-on to such a plugin. You should be able to claim land, but it should stay possible for others to break blocks in claimed regions. It should just be a lot harder. Like, cobblestone should be 50 times harder to mine, so it would take 20 seconds with a normal diamond pickaxe(example). This would allow for some different and more fun faction pvp servers, because you CAN now siege other players bases(only when the sieged faction is online), but it's still hard if good defended.
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    Maybe request this to the devs of Factions or one of the many clan plugins? They may consider adding it as an optional feature?

    Also, I think you should try summarizing a tad more... The concept could have been easily expressed in a paragraph or two :)
    Best of luck!
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    Well, if any of them is willing to do that, that would also be a great option. And I added a short summary for those not wanting to read the whole wall of text :)
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    Might anyone be interested in helping me out? How hard is it to create this?
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    Im developing something like this with the same name but premade maps.
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    How would that work? Is there any chance that you will be able to create a separate version which makes sure this works only inside claimed regions? Because that's just all I want.
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    um no its a game mode im making. you would be looking for something like a base defence type deal where it puts players into a world and they have to defend their base against other players. So maby you would be looking to add on to factions like Fire_Feather said.
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