Castle Defense with hiring Monsters

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    Hi at all!
    I am plugin developer but I think I need some help from other developers with the next bigger project. When needed, I could set up a VCS (version control system) for source codes where all developers can check in and out (for Open Source projects).

    My idea:
    1. Setting up the castle defense area (multiple areas on multiple worlds should be possible)
      • You define an area anywhere on any world (e.g. with the world edit selection tools/api) where the castle defense game will be served (battleground with pvp and block building/destruction, pvp and monster spawn permissions.
      • The castle defense battleground will have a custom name or a number assigned by the plugin (/cd create [battleground name])
    2. Players join any castle defense faction with the /cd join [battleground name] <name of the new/existant Faction> command so as many castle defense factions as the players whish are possible and can fight against the others (maybe needs some balancing so that not ten players can fight against only one ;))
    3. The inventories get securely saved and cleared before the battle begins and they will be restored after the end of the match. Players can't leave (game)/teleport out of the defined battleground while match (when they do, their faction will lose and the other one will win all the points the looser faction earned)
    4. When the battle has begun, factions will get points when a player of another faction has been killed and they will lose points when a player of the own faction got killed
    5. With these faction points players will be able to buy materials (like cobblestone, (iron) fences, wood, ... for building castles/castle walls/traps etc. on the battleground), armor (like leather, diamond and iron chestplates/helmets/leggings/boots), weapons and they will also be able to hire monsters for their own faction that they can get to follow to a specified place (these monsters will then help fighting against the other factions but not attack players of the faction from that they got hired) for defined prices (e.g. the stronger the monster is, the more points it will cost to hire, the more durable/stronger the weapon is, the more points will be needed etc.).
    6. Also players can fight against each other besides the npc monsters attacking enemy players/monsters
    7. To be continued
    So as you can see, this is a piece of a plan I would like to put into practice but I have some other plugins to develop and only very little time. It would be very nice if I could recrute a team of volunteers for helping me with development.
    Kind regards

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