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    I need a plugin where when you kill someone, depending on how many kills or how much damage you did to those range of people you killed you get cash, so lets say. There was 4 people killing 1 guy, and everyone did the same damage then everyone would get the same money out of that amount which would be $100 so each person would get $25. If you dont know any plugins like this, then just if it could be a range from like $25-$50 for each person you kill its a random number from those two. It would be great if there is a plugin like this! If there is please link it in the comments!!!!
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    Sure I'd like to try it! :) Just reply the specs
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    I also need this plugin! And feature to give amount of money as %. So if 2 people kill someone, and the guy dealt 40% of the damage he will receive the 40% of money bounty for killing that guys while the other guy gets 60%. Also maybe the whole money bounty amount is get higher for each level the target have if possible.
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    That is pretty much what I am wanting,

    There isn't really, just do it how you wish, although I would kindly like to make the Plugin post pretty and cleaned up if you do happen to create this plugin!

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    Do you want the money to be removed from the player killed? If not, I warn you of the danger to your economy that comes from generating money from nowhere. I'll start work on this, and make that an option in the config.
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    Having that as a config will be nice, and also have it so you can set which $ of the cash you want from killing a % of that player. So lets say, I did 50% damage on someone and the other person did 40% and someone else did 10% that player with 10% will get lets say 20$ the person with 40% will get 30$ and the player with 50% will get 50$, If this makes any since good :p Hope this isn't to hard!
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    Let me be more clear: should money given to killers be taken from the killed? I'd like to set a config value pay-per-death. Let's say pay-per-death is set to 100. When 3 people kill someone, the 100 is split between them like you said, but should 100 be taken from the guy who got killed?
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    You should make it configurable. But I prefer to make the victim's money stay same.
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    Nono lets say the person would like like $12 on every day which would add up if you sucked, but you gain like $45 or $25 on each kill. So no you do not lose the amount you gain from killing players. But these can also be a config.
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    So basically a plugin like on the server?
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    I dont know, never played on that server. But if it is, then yes. But I would like a recreate of it. But different.

    Has anyone started creating this plugin?

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    I appologize for not reading through this entire thread but you might be interested in my plugin PvPReward. it is highly configurable, but the main idea is that Player's still money from their victims.

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