Cartographer Mod Request (FORMATTED)

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  1. Suggested Name: Cartographer (Although I don't care what you prefer to name it. After all, it's your work.)

    General Functionality:

    Mainly, I want this mod to compensate for what Minecraft should already have. It should still have a vanilla feel to it, if that makes sense. I would like to be able to mark maps, so finding locations is much easier among the amorphous blobs of greens, blues and whites. I would also like some kind of map reproducing capability to be built in. I am aware that some mods have this, but most of them are outdated or include other functionality that is unwanted. The maps should have some kind of scaling mechanism that is chosen on creation and not after. It would be a good idea to have nameable maps as well. Lastly, I think placing maps on walls would be fantastic!

    Breakdown of Functionality:

    Map Marking
    • have multiple kinds of markings including X's, circles, boxes, (free-form shapes maybe?) and textual markings
    • it would be preferable to have these markings able to be placed and deleted in-game
    • different colors of the aforementioned markings would also be very convenient
    Map Reproducing
    • the most vanilla feel to this capability is to create a recipe which reproduces the map (several mods already include this ability, but their programming is outdated)
    • it should reproduce the markings, scale and name
    Map Scaling
    • the scale should be chosen by ratio of blocks to pixels
      • the average type of block in every x square of blocks determines one pixel's color
      • or in very close scales, every one block constitutes x squares of pixels
      • x will have to be a perfect square to maintain map uniformity
    • the scale should only be chosen at the creation of the map
      • have a window or box appear after creating a map with a slider that shows the scale ratio
    Map Naming
    • there should be a button or command which allows a player to rename a map
      • /renamemap <current name> <intended name>
    Map Placement
    • allow maps to be placed with the same behavior as paintings
      • must have blocks behind each part of the map
      • breaks off in one hit
    • they should be 2x2 sized
    • ensure that markings, name and scale are all visible and consistent with map item
    Last Word:
    I understand that programming can be difficult and that everything I am asking for is not necessarily possible. I would be thrilled if a mod was created exactly as I just defined, but I recognize that it is not so simple. I am very thankful and appreciative to anyone who even considers my idea! If I was unclear on any of my points of functionality, please tell me!
  2. Erm... Bump. Does anyone have interest in this or am I the only person dissatisfied with vanilla Minecraft's map functionality?
  3. Alright. One final bump before I give up. Even if you aren't a coder, but you're interested in this mod, give me a bump or something.
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    Definitely something I would put on my server.
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    Spout would definently be required if you are changing anything with the UI or new block items.
  6. Okay! So Spout will be needed. I will edit the details of the plugin now. We have some interest, but we still need a willing programmer. Any volunteers?
  7. Er... Bump?

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