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    Hello, my name is Firepun and I am a server owner who runs a modern day role play server. My server's time zone is in the modern day, as stated above. For my server, I need a plugin that lets you drive Minecarts and boats on land. I have been using a plugin called MineKart, but the plugin has not been updated since 1.0.1-R1. My idea for the boats would be to hold a piece of coal in hand, type a command like /car start and another message would come up and it would say "Vroom Vroom" like MineKart. And the lights could be turned off and off by using a /car lights command and when the lights are on, the minecart/boat would glow, or a glowstone block would spawn 2 blocks infront of it. Because my server is modern day, I would also like a police feature, and the command would be /car police and the command would spawn a blue and red block 2 blocks in front and behind the car and the colours would alternate, and for the siren, I was thinking a noteblock spawn behind and make a bunch of noise.

    /car start - Starts the car when you have a piece of coal in hand
    /car lights - Spawns lights as stated above
    /car police - Spawns lights and a siren as stated above.

    Permission nodes:
    cars.* - All commands
    cars.use - Use a car
    cars.police Police use for a car
    (The light feature would be implemented in cars.use)

    When I would like it by: Meh, I guess ASAP? Or within a week? Whichever works better.

    Devs that might be interested: Rahazan (Update your plugin please! :D)

    Suggested Name: Cars! Or if Rahazan wants to update his plugin and implement these features, MineKart 1.5?

    Anyone interested?

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    Maybe you should release that as a full plugin as an alternative! Looks pretty awesome :D thanks!

    Edit: Hmm, I couldnt seem to find a plugin that has the lights and siren features. Would you mind putting it in when the under 50 code challenge is over? :D

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