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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Pantscake, Mar 20, 2021.

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    Hello, so I am looking for someone that can make a carry plugin where you carry another person
    as in the commands
    /carry "You will try and carry the person that is in front of you"
    /uncarry " you place the person down"

    When you do /carry and the person you are looking at will then get a notification in chat about accepting it saying
    "Do you [Accept] this carry request" And you will have to click the Accept in chat to accept it

    You can also uncarry your self just by shift-clicking
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    Someone already requested something similar in this post and got the plugin, might be what you need:

    This is the plugin given in that post

    These are the commands:

    /carry - Send an invite to the player that you are looking
    /carry accept - Accept carry invite
    /carry deny - Deny Carry invite
    /carry drop - To drop the person you are carrying

    The above commands have the permission: playercarry.cmds

    /carry reload - Reload the config - Permission: playercarry.reload
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    Would this be working for 1.16
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    Try it.
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