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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by rocket4wheel, Jan 2, 2015.

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    Care packages plugin
    Drops preconfigured care packages with preconfigured items in preconfigured slots, forced, or randomly, or timed. Custom spawn location

    Plugin category: Fun, (Others)

    Suggested name: CarePackages

    What I want:

    This is what I think the config should have as options:
    enabled: true
    delay-time: 40 #Minutes
    TYPE: 2 #2 = Double Chest, 1 = Single.
    Buyable: true
    PRICE: 1000000000
    ID:'024' #Self Explanatory
    Name:'rek u m8' # Optional (for plugin)
    Lore:'super sword' #<<<^^^^^^^^^^
    POS-X:1 #Location X
    POS-Y:3 #Location Y
    ID:'513213' #Self Explanatory
    Name:'You get the jist' # Optional (for plugin)
    Lore:'ITS OVER 9000' #<<<^^^^^^^^^^
    POS-X:1 #Location X
    POS-Y:3 #Location Y

    Ideas for commands:
    /carepackage drop (Drops it at ur coords)*OP*
    /carepackage drop [x] [y] [z] (Specified Coords)*OP*
    /carepackage disable/enable*OP*
    /carepackage reload*OP*
    /carepackage buy
    /carepackage buy [PackageName] [User] (Auto drops for you,but can select other people.) (Drops at ur coords)

    Ideas for permissions:*

    When I'd like it by:
    No specified time.
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    I recently made a plugin that is similar, but it doesn't have a command for dropping at a specific location yet. If I add that, then you could use a plugin like AutoMessage to automatically run the command. Anyways, this plugin will allow you to create and configure care packages and then drop them in pods made of FallingBlock entities upon using a command.
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