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    Plugin Name: Emerald Cars

    What this plugin would do is allow you to ride a minecart on land and not just on rails and you could control it with w-a-s-d like a boat but on land and it could climb 1 block at a time and there is a fuel that is either charcoal or coal which allows you to ride for 5000 blocks and redstone which allows you to ride for 10000 blocks

    Thank you

    Edit: I know there are many plugins like this but they only allow you to do it on specific surface like wool i want it to go everywhere.
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    Cool Idea, but why is it called emerald cars?...
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    Look at his signature.
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    Ah that explains it...
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    Thanks for the support guys and yeah my server is Team-Emerald so i thought it will be cool to have the plugin named like the server :)
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    This can be done. I made flying boats for a quidditch plugin, but since Bukkit's flying is crappers right now I stopped working on it. You can easily add velocity to a boat and just tag it to not destroy/useonland function
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    So can you plz do it for me
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    That';s why I didn't make this, it was just a matter of time before someone linked it.
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    Carz only runs on boats... I'm new to java, but I can try decompiling and replace boat with minecart
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    I believe cars will be adding minecarts soon. Tho they are alot harder as you don't have any type of control
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    It is the same as boat, just though't I'd add that. (On a code level to make them move anyways) Obviously minecarts don't float on water.
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    I read through some comments on the plugin and the creator told of how he was having trouble controling minecarts, Boats can use wasd but mincarts cant. Unless your thinking of another way to control them I dont see how they are the same.
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    There was a perfectly working plugin for 1.2.5 called Minecars
    You should try messaging its developer because it was AWESOME and you could set specific blocks for roads
    and you could drive up and down HALF BLOCKS
    Seriously it was the bees knees cats elbows and dogs balls
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    Carz has a really bad bug..

    Player gets in boat, starts car up.

    Drives forward (real slow for player) real quick for other players
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    Im making this, im a bit of an amature coder though so it could take me some time. Well actually i have already set the controls of the car, i can drive forward and turn but theres still lots more to do. I am only able to make it turn using the mouse buttons, but that actually works pretty well. I cant drive across glass or slabs at the moment but plan to atleast make it work up the slabs soon.

    That would never work, minecarts and boats are completely different.

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    You'd need to do something about pitch and yaw, then work off that, it would be rather laggy

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