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    First: Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Germany, the country with probably the worst English teachers in the world, but I hope you can understand the text.

    Maybe a few person will say that it's to modern for minecraft but I need it for my New York Server because it's an very big map and the people can't only move by foot and minecart, also it will be a very cool feature that not every server have.

    You can craft Cars with a recipe like:


    -When you crafted the car you can put it on the ground and get on with a right-click, like Minecarts
    and Boats
    -You control the car with WASD like Boats
    -When it gets dark the lights turn on automatically.
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    Well, it's a little bit modern for MineCraft, but I get your point. Although, I don't like the recipe. Maybe some dye to colour the car? Maybe glowstone (dust) for the lights? And what about a furnace?

    Btw, I understand you perfectly. (I am from Sweden though.)
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    Yeah, you are right I forgot the furnace as a engine and glowstone for the lights sounds good.
    Improved recipe:


    [sponge] Glowstone - Lights
    [arrow] Arow - Steering Wheel
    [iron] Iron - Chassis
    [furnace] Furnace - Engine
    [flint] Flint - Wheels

    Maybe one can port this mod which is for the standard Minecraft Server: (Look for the ATV)

    You can also submit a recipe which is maybe better than mine suggestion
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    You couldnt do that with bukkit, you could just speed up minecarts though and make it take like a coal per 100 blocks traveled, i could have a go at it if you want?
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    Yeah, would be nice if you can do this,
    but why is it not possible like in the mod i posted,
    because there is an similar mod called Movecraft?
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    english: it's not possible to add new objects throw a bukkit plugin,this would need a client side mod....movecraft makes you able to move objects, you build outta existing blocks,but it does't add new blocks.

    german:man kann mit einem bukkit plugin keine neuen objekte hinzufügen,da diese fest im klienten eingebaut und auf der festplatte des nutzers gespeichert sind, dafür müsste man denn minecraft klienten modifizieren....
    movecraf macht es so weit ich weiß möglich aus existierenden blöcken gebaute dinge zu bewegen,aber nicht sachen wi autos o.Ä. zu craften...
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    Yes what he said, i cant add new item, and it is not as smooth as using carts doing it how the other mod does it,Should i make my version,or are you going to use the other one?
    German translation:
    Ja, was er sagte, fügen i cant neuen Sache, und es ist nicht so glatt wie mit Karren tunes wie die anderen mod es tut, sollte ich meine Version, oder willst du das andereverwenden?
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    So if someone had installed the ATV Mod (from SDKS' Mod) in his Client he can use it on the Server?

    It would be great if you would make your Version.

    Is it possible to modificate MoveCraft so that the car will turn when you look in an other direction?
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    Yeah I have seen this, but in the moment i'm not interested in it, because i'm looking for a car mod not for a plan mod, but thanks anyway.
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    im going to make it so it goes in the direction you are looking if i can
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    Thank you very very much,
    i hope you get that.


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